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3 practical storage options during a home renovation

Last Updated on: 6th July 2023, 05:27 am

Occasionally, your home will need remodeling. You may just need to paint the walls. Or you are planning some construction projects. For example, you may want to change the wooden carpentry on the windows and doors. Changing them with the PVC carpentry will take time. And a lot of work too. As well, you could decide to tear down some interior walls to get more space. For such a volume of work, you will need to take furniture out of the rooms. That is exactly where the moving companies Santa Fe NM can help you. Having skilled staff and good moving equipment, they will empty the rooms fast. You can choose among three storage options during a home renovation. So, they will store the furniture in accordance with your decision.

You may choose among three practical storage options during a home renovation

You may wonder which solution is the best one for you. Well, that will depend on the size of the renovation. And the time that you will need to complete it. So, the important is to move the furniture. First, it will not obstruct the workers. Secondly, it will not get damaged by chance. Also, you will need to move out some other things. Construction works create a large amount of dust in the room. So, moving the clothes or dishware out of the room will save them from the dust.

PVC carpentry is more durable and seals the hose better.

Usually, people consider the following storage options during a home renovation:

  • Renting the portable storage (like RV units)
  • Storing the belongings in the unused parts of the home (some spare room, basement, garage)
  • Using the classic storage solutions (the best is to use the climate-controlled storage units)

So, you may also check those solutions. You can opt for one of them. Sometimes, combining rental storage and some unused space can also show as a good solution.

When renting, check the storage company thoroughly

You may have many storage facilities at your disposal. However, in case you decide to rent the RV or the storage unit, check the company first. The best is to choose several closest companies. Start your check by reading reviews on their websites. In case they don’t have websites, disregard them. Nowadays, any serious company will have an online presence. After that, you can check reviews on some online platforms. That will give you further information about companies’ reliability.

Meet the storage facility managers

Once you are done with the review check, choose two or three best companies. Give them a call and ask to meet the managers in the storage facility office. That way, you will see the storage for yourself. The impression you get when visiting is also very important. You will immediately notice the facility conditions and security. Also, by meeting the managers, you will be able to discuss renting conditions.

When you are using the RV unit as one of the storage options during a home renovation, keep it well secured and close to the house.

Eventually, you will see which of the storage facilities is the best one for your needs. You may decide to rent the storage unit within the facility. In that case, residential movers Santa Fe NM will help you to transport your goods to the storage. They can also help you when you decide to store things in your house.

1. Renting RV units while renovating a home

This solution can be convenient when renovating an apartment. You can arrange with the building management to keep the RV in a parking lot for some time. It is also very handy when you are renovating a house, but don’t have some spare place to move the things in. In this way, your possessions will be close to you. And you can go and fetch the things you need at any time.

When renting the RV storage Santa Fe NM make sure the lock on it is good. In case you are renovating an apartment, arrange to have the RV parked at the well-illuminated part of the parking lot. In case you are renovating a house, you may park it close to the entrance door and keep the outside light switched on during the night. If necessary, you may add an additional lock to have the RV storage better secured.

2. Storing your belongings in spare premises in your home

You may have some unused rooms or premises in your home. Sometimes, it will be enough to move things out into the corridor. Of course, if it is wide enough. Or you can use the garage, basement, or some rooms that you are not using very often. A guest room or the ironing room are good places to temporarily store the goods during a home renovation.

When you are placing the things in your home on the unused premises, make sure they are well packed. Like with moving, you will have to take all your things out of the wardrobes. However, you can’t just throw them in those rooms. You will have to pack them properly. Once you are done, label and seal the boxes. That way, when the work is completed, you will easily find the things. And all your things will be clean and in good condition.

It is best to store temperature-sensitive items in climate-controlled storage units.

3. Renting a storage unit within the storage facility

For some people, renting a storage unit is the best solution. Maybe you will decide to do it also, especially in case the facility is close by. That way, you will be able to quickly visit your storage unit and take what you need. Also, in case you are storing some sensitive items, like electronics, you have to know that are temperature-sensitive. So, temperature controlled storage Santa Fe NM could be the right solution for you.

When you are placing the moving boxes inside the storage unit, place the least used things to the back. Also, while placing the boxes in, check if each of them has a label. One more thick to find boxes easy is to write a number on them. At the same time, use a pen and a piece of paper. Write on it a number from the box and the contents on the label. That paper will be your storage unit plan. Hang it somewhere close to the entrance. It will help you to easily locate the box which you need. Also, make the aisle between the boxes. So, you will be able to move between them. Although you will need the storage just for some time, it is good to organize it well.

One more solution is to store your belongings with friends or family

Besides 3 practical storage options during a home renovation, you could also ask for the help of your friends and family. They might have some unused space where you can store your stuff during remodeling. So, you can move your belongings in there. However, make sure you will not disturb them coming in too often. Also, check if they were planning vacations during that period. And keep in mind that construction works are often taking longer time than planned. So, they will need to have their home at your disposal for a longer period. Consider that very carefully. Maybe they can help you with the things that you will not need during the renovation. The rest, that you might need daily, you can place in an RV. The benefit is that you will need a smaller and less costly RV using this combined storage solution.


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