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    Everyone needs just a little bit more storage space in their home or office. Unfortunately, your home can’t get any bigger than it already is. You have a couple of options. You can move to a bigger home with moving companies Santa Fe NM which is not exactly a solution. Again, you will accumulate items and you will have not enough storage space in your home. Another solution is to declutter your items which is usually hard for sentimental reasons. So, your only option that is left is to rent a storage unit. Storage units are very convenient in many situations such as during relocation, for extra belongings, etc. But before you rent a storage unit, you should know a couple of facts. For this reason, here are the most common FAQ about storage. 

    Why is renting a unit useful? – a common FAQ about storage everyone wants to know

    As you already know, there are many reasons to rent a storage unit. The most common one is when you don’t have enough storage space in your home. Additionally, storage units are very useful if you own or rent a small office. Moving is another case when renting a storage unit comes in handy. You can keep some items that you don’t want to move right away with residential movers Santa Fe NM temporarily in a storage unit. But now the problem is how to decide on what type of storage unit to get. There are a few types of storage units. Which one you should get will depend on what you are going to store and for how long. The price also plays a big role in this decision as it will depend on the following: 

    • Location 
    • Insurance 
    • Additional services 
    • Security
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    There are a few things you should know about storage before you rent it.

    What documents you will need to rent a storage unit? 

    One of the easiest storage units to rent is RV storage Santa Fe NM has to offer. You will only need a valid government-issued form of ID such as a driver’s license, passport, state ID, etc. The bigger problem is to decide what kind of storage unit to rent. First, there are outdoor and indoor storage units. Outdoor units are easily accessible by car which makes it very convenient to transfer your items from the car to the storage unit. However, the outdoor storage unit doesn’t offer enough protection from different weather.

    The feature of indoor storage unit is opposite of an outdoor one. Your items will be more protected from different weather such as rain, snow, direct sunlight, etc. The only downside is more difficult accessibility as won’t be able to come close with your car. So, an indoor storage unit is more suited for smaller items that you can easily carry.

    When should you get climate-controlled storage units? 

    Well, this is a tricky question as you should always get temperature controlled storage Santa Fe NM. However, this type of storage is more expensive than the others. Now, you are probably wondering what’s so special about temperature-controlled storage. The answer is pretty simple when you have controlled temperature and humidity levels in a storage unit, you are preventing moisture from creating. Moisture is the main cause of mold and different pests from producing. Also, certain materials and items don’t do well in places with drastic climate changes. For this reason, if you are going to store items made from wood or leather, you should then rent a temperature-controlled storage unit. Art pieces are should be kept in this type of storage unit.  

    white thermostat on white wall
    The important FAQ about storage is if a temperature-controlled storage unit is necessary.

    How to choose the right size of a storage unit? 

    A common FAQ about storage and one of the hardest parts of renting a storage unit is picking the right size. In the perfect world, you would measure the size of your belongings, multiply the length and width, and then choose the right size. However, it’s almost impossible to measure the exact length and width of your belongings. The only option is to put all your belongings in one pile or to measure each item individually. For this reason, you should estimate the needed size of the storage unit based on how many rooms can fit in a certain storage unit. For example, in small storage unit fits one room while in large one fits up to five rooms. But before you rent a storage unit, you should declutter your belongings and do an inventory.

    What items you shouldn’t keep in storage units?  

    Unfortunately, you can’t keep certain items in storage units. It’s the same case as with moving companies. Some items are just forbidden to move and store. The most common forbidden items are flammable or combustible items, hazardous materials, food, plants, etc. You probably understand why you can’t store flammable items in storage units. These items can cause an explosion or fire that can destroy other items or even the whole company. Hazardous materials are substances that could harm the environment or human health. For this reason, you shouldn’t keep these items in a storage unit with other items. The most common hazardous materials are chemicals used for cleaning, radioactive, gases, etc. Food and plants will attract bugs and rodents which will destroy your other items as well. So, you can’t keep any perishable food such as vegetables, fruit, meat, milk, etc. Only canned food is allowed on storage units. 

    small brown rat
    Plants or food will attract rodents in storage units.

    Do you need insurance for the storage unit? 

    The answer to this question is pretty simple as the answer is that you should get insurance. Now, the insurance will differ from storage companies. Most companies offer insurance that covers damages from smoke or fire, vandalism, theft, etc. You can also get additional insurance if you want. Also, you can get a lock for your storage unit for extra protection. But most storage companies offer security gates, and video or in-person surveillance. Now the most common FAQ about storage is how long you can rent a storage unit. Well, this depends on the storage company. Most companies require at least one month’s contract, but you should first check with your company. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions to your storage company before you rent a storage unit. 


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