7 Things you should leave behind when moving

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    Every move is a story for itself. We all have different reasons for moving, different things to move. But, the problem can occur if the moving company does not move the particular thing that you want to move. Many people make the mistake of not informing themselves about this matter. Most moving companies Santa Fe NM will move almost anything, but not all. That is the reason you need to know what things you should leave behind when moving. Find out in the rest of the article and prevent having big headaches because of the move!

    What are the 7 things you should leave behind when moving?

    • Flammable and hazardous materials
    • Houseplants
    • High price and sentimental items
    • Equipment with fuel engines
    • Perishable food
    • Unused items

    Pets must move with you and not with the movers

    One of the most important things that you need to be careful about is moving pets. No moving company will even try to do something like this. The reason is simple. Your pets are your responsibility and they should stay like that for the duration of the move. No one should take care of them because there could be a lot of problems for them. One of them is the case where something happens to your pet. No one wants to have this kind of responsibility for something that belongs to other people. You need to take care of your pet and transfer it with yourself. In order to move your pet to a new home, you will have to prepare it as well as see whether there are some restrictions about pets in the building where you will live. If you will live in a house, you can relax!

    A cat on a couch
    Pets are your responsibility. They are not things, and especially not things you should leave behind when moving. Take care of them properly.

    Things you should leave behind when moving include flammable and hazardous materials

    These two items you should leave behind when relocating. The problem with them is that they can cause a lot of health problems. That is one of the main reasons why all movers Taos NM do not want to deal with this kind of thing. The problem with moving your items can be the fact that you do not know the full list of the items that your movers do not want to move. Be sure to ask them about it and avoid anything that is on the list!


    Moving houseplants is a thing that can become a burden. Most moving companies avoid relocating them because moving houseplants usually require a set of permits. No one wants to have any trouble during the transport, especially if you are having a long-distance move. Also, some states have their own policies where they require special papers that you need to have. It is sometimes just easier to leave them behind and get new plants after the move ends.

    Green plants in pots
    Consider giving plants to someone before moving.

    High price and sentimental items

    Moving things that have high value is always a risk. If something happens to them, you can’t get them back. Even though there are moving insurances issued by the moving company, there is a catch. You can get the current value of the damaged item in the market. That means that even though the item is much more expensive, you are not going to get fully compensated. That is the reason why moving companies usually avoid moving these things with them. If you have to move them, you need to move them with yourself. The same goes for sentimental items. They are just priceless!

    Equipment with fuel engines

    Another one of the things you should leave behind when moving is equipment that needs fuel to work. It is pretty hard to move such items because there is a big risk of fire. If it contains fuel and you are moving in summer when days are pretty hot, there is a potential problem that you ruin your entire move. The only way your movers will accept to move this equipment is if you drain all the fuel. This needs to be done 24 hours before the move so be sure to respect your moving company.

    A fuel sign on a fuel cap
    Be careful with equipment that works on fuel!

    Perishable food

    There is no point in moving perishable food. Besides the fact that moving companies will not allow it, you should not do it yourself either. Just imagine the long-distance move with perishable food in the back. It is a disaster just waiting to happen. You should always avoid doing this so be sure to consume or give food to someone.

    Unused items are also some of the things you should leave behind when moving

    Should you move things that you have not used for a long time? That is the question you need to ask yourself if you are wondering whether you should move them or not. There are things you should leave behind when moving and some that you must take care of yourself. You should not try to move everything that you own. It is a mistake that could raise the price up. It is in your best interest to be careful about what you want to move and what to leave. 

    What about big items?

    One of the biggest dilemmas is whether and how to move big items. It can be anything from a piano to a pool table. It may seem like a drag and many people decide to sell them and buy new ones if they want. But, the good thing is that there are a lot of great piano movers Santa Fe that are eager to move you. Even though it may seem that the movers will avoid moving items like this, you are wrong.

    But, you want to have the best ones so that you could be relaxed. That is actually the importance of reviewing moving companies, to find what company is the best for your kind of move. Review movers and pick ones that you find suitable!


    As you can see, there are many things you should leave behind when moving. You should leave most of them because the movers will not move them. But, in order to know what to leave, you should communicate with your movers at all times and see what contraband you have to leave behind.

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