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    As one of the most dedicated art delivery service Santa Fe, we offer a variety of fine art moving and handling services, including special courier service tailored to meet all your needs. Pro-Move Logistics is here to serve any galleries, museums, curators, antique dealers, auction houses, art collectors, or any other who require professional handling of high-value art. Call us today and learn how we can help you move, transport, ship, or pack your valuables.

    exhibition-art delivery service Santa Fe
    Being one of the best art delivery service Santa Fe, we offer a variety of fine art delivery and handling services.

    The best art delivery service Santa Fe has to offer

    When you need to change your address with art, it’s normal to be worried about how to safely move the assets you own to a new location, especially in Santa Fe area. But with us, you have no reason to worry! We know how to get your art to the desired address without any stress. Our art delivery service Santa Fe is professional, safe, and efficient – so all the items you own, that are often priceless, will arrive at the new address in the same condition as we found them.

    But the delivery and moving aren’t all we can do for you. Our services also include temperature-controlled storage Santa Fe. With this, our storage units will make sure that any item of artistic value remains in good condition.

    Our art delivery service Santa Fe can help you move:

    • works of art, such as paintings and sculptures,
    • various antique and unique items,
    • valuable musical instruments,
    • stylish furniture, etc.

    White glove art delivery service – and white glove pickup!

    When it comes to art delivery, we always handle any art with the utmost care and attention. Our professional Santa Fe team is very well aware that moving artistic items is very demanding. Still, each member of our team knows the correct steps regarding the packaging and transport of such items. As professionals, we know that such items can be very fragile and expensive, so we will handle them very carefully on each step of the way.

    We always handle any art with the utmost care and attention.

    The art of packing art

    When it comes to moving art, ie furniture and objects of great artistic value, moving becomes a completely different experience. Due to age, value, fragility, and sometimes dimensions and weight, our team takes special care in preparing the move, as well as handling, carrying, and transporting art. But not only that. The basis or great art delivery service is to know how to pack art. And our experience, technique, quality protection materials, and means for carrying and transport all create a safe environment for art relocation. Each and every item will be professionally packed in order to arrive safely to its destination.

    Here’s how we help you!

    When it comes to our services, we offer door-to-door service where your art stays intact throughout the whole relocation or shipment. Our office movers Santa Fe can also directly pick up your auction items and help you with:

    • Artwork insurance
    • Delivery at the time and day that suits you the most with shipping across the US
    • Providing brand new vehicles. This will keep your artwork in the condition it should be in, with extra protection and safety.

    Reliable and secure art delivery service

    Our art delivery process is done in several stages, and each must be done flawlessly to safely relocate your valuables:

    Art protection and packaging

    Any smaller item is protected with protective foil and packed in boxes. Furniture and larger items are protected, depending on the need and circumstances, with stretch foil and protective material, wrapped with cardboard and blankets, as well as sponges for corner protection. Once everything is safe and protected, the objects are ready for the next phase – carrying.

    Carrying art

    As art objects can be very sensitive, and sometimes larger in size and weight, it takes experience, technique and appropriate equipment to carry it safely from one place to the transport vehicle and vice versa. Of course, nothing should ever be done in a rush when dealing with art. Respecting all the rules about art handling, there is no unsolvable task for our team. Also, our workers have a lot of experience when it comes to carrying sensitive and heavy things on high floors when there is no possibility to use the elevator.

    We serve any galleries, museums, curators, antique dealers, auction houses, art collectors… Or any other who require professional handling of high-value art.

    Transporting art

    All our vehicles have an upholstered interior and a sufficient amount of means of protection (blankets, cardboard, sponges, etc). Transport of art can be done as part of the relocation of your apartment or as an individual transport from one location to another.

    How do we take care of your artistic items

    When handling art moving and delivery, our team takes every move with a great deal of attention and caution, not to mention expertise. That is why we carefully choose people who will do such sensitive relocation, and we guarantee that they are top professionals in their field of work.

    Also, we will treat each item with the utmost care. The packaging, protection, and transport of every piece will be at the highest level, in order to avoid any possible damage. Before we start packing and transporting things, we will first look at what these items are and what we can do to protect them the best. Our goal is to gain your trust since such valuables are not given to everyone. We especially emphasize our knowledge of the roads, which are of crucial importance for moving to Santa Fe.

    You can rely on us

    If you are in search of the best art delivery service Santa Fe, give us a call! We promise that Santa Fa Storage and Moving is a professional moving company that will handle your art with care. In any case, you can always contact us for a free estimate. This will give you an idea of the future budget… And we guarantee our prices are more than reasonable. Schedule your art delivery today!

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