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Ryan Goodman

Ryan Goodman

Benefits of retiring in New Mexico

Last Updated on: 9th February 2023, 07:33 pm

Have you been considering to retire in New Mexico? Seniors planning a residential move to New Mexico have realized that the benefits of retiring there are diverse. What makes this state so desirable? Is it the picturesque landscapes? The beautiful weather? A vibrant culture? The top-notch restaurants? The answer is simple. All of these things make this state a wonderful place to spend retirement. In this article, we will look into what the Land of Enchantment has to offer more closely.

During the recent years, the benefits of retiring in New Mexico have become obvious for many retirees.

The benefits of retiring to New Mexico started to attract seniors from all over the country

A study by United Van Lines finds that this state is the top destination among retirees. Namely, 43% of moves to New Mexico was retirement-related. For starters, the state is working hard to attract young professionals and entrepreneurs of all ages. However, some leaders realized the substantial impact retirees can have on a state’s economy. Therefore, they have put in a considerable effort to publicize all of the benefits of retiring to New Mexico and bring the retirees here. As a result, this state became No. 1. in the survey for retirement popularity. But, what’s so striking about it that elderly residents can’t wait to pack up their bags, contact moving companies in Santa Fe, NM and move there? Let’s find out!

Let’s examine the benefits of retiring in New Mexico

To slowly start bringing the perks of retirement in New Mexico to your attention, we’ll start with the basics. So, what are the primary reasons for which retirees started flocking to this state? They are, of course, affordability, safety, and health. Let’s go over each of these three things.

It’s great for those who are budget-conscious

The first on our list of benefits of retiring to New Mexico is the affordability. New Mexico’s cost of living is about 3.1% lower than the national average. Housing is the largest factor in the cost of living. Therefore, it’s important to mention that the average house price in the state at $195,400. This is well below the national average of $219,700. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment comes out to $693 a month, less than the U.S. average of $930. New Mexico also has a relatively low state income tax, making it a great place for retirees to make their hard-earned income last longer. Moreover, in some parts of the state, elderly residents can live only off their Social Security income. This makes New Mexico an excellent option for those who may make less.

You might be less concerned about the safety on a daily basis

One of the advantages of retiring in the Land of Enchantment is the possibility to put your worries aside and enjoy safe communities. Farmington, Los Alamos, North Valley, and Rio Rancho have the lowest crime rates.  Los Alamos has a crime rate of 1,620 crimes per 100,000 people, and North Valley’s crime rate is more than 50% lower than the rest of New Mexico. In light of this, they are generally held the most desirable areas to live in the state. However, the property crime rate is not ideal in New Mexico. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to protect your property. For instance, if you have an RV, it’s best that you find a safe RV storage in Santa Fe to store your vehicle.

You will have easy access to a quality healthcare

When you or a loved one needs medical care, of course, you want to find the best hospital in your area. Luckily, New Mexico provides a wide range of medical facilities to its residents. Moreover, some of the best hospitals within the country are located in this state. For instance, Mountain View Regional Medical Center in Las Cruces is one of the best-ranking hospitals. It is a 168-bed facility that employs more than 600 health care professionals across 35 medical specialties. Next, Lovelace Women’s Hospital in Albuquerque has received two Women’s Choice Awards – one for patient safety and another for breast health.

Best retirement communities in New Mexico

New Mexico has some of the top retirement towns in the U.S. It also has many planned retirement communities. We give you a list of some of the most prominent ones:

  • The artists’ community of Santa Fe. Located high in the mountains, it gives you all of the benefits of retiring in New Mexico – both a flourishing environment for the arts and outdoor activities.
  • The small-town feel of Las Cruces. This is another charming but much less expensive option in southern New Mexico.
  • The livability of Albuquerque. This city has some big-city amenities for those who crave them. There are museums and cultural centers, historic districts, theaters, and more. What is more, this livable town is host to the University of New Mexico and some of the top-notch senior centers.
  • The ski resort of Taos. Taos is another interesting retirement town in the mountains, ideal for hiking and skiing activities.
For those who crave a bit more urban lifestyle, joining one of the communities in Albuquerque is the right choice.

What are some other benefits of retiring in New Mexico?

Temperate climate

The residents of New Mexico enjoy more than 300 sunny days per year on average. Yes, there is plenty of sunshine. Enough to make you wish to pack your home in a day and start living your best retirement life. Yet, it still gives its residents a good taste of each season rather than a perpetual summer.

Rich culture

Speaking of the advantages of spending your retirement days in New Mexico, both its culture and history are worthy of mention. Few places on earth offer the rich history and cultural diversity found in New Mexico. Native American culture has been present in the state for more than 2,500 years. Moreover, it is home to 22 Native American tribes. Therefore, history buffs will love touring through this state. A great place to begin your trip is the Bandelier National Monument. There you can witness signs of human habitation from 11,000 years ago. Also, petroglyphs and cliff dwellings from the 12th century will give you an insight into the stories of some of New Mexico’s very first residents.

Outdoor adventures

Once a year you have an opportunity to see the Alburquerque sky colorized by hot air balloons. Moreover, you can even fly in one yourself.

The vibrant culture and breathtaking natural beauty combine in New Mexico. For instance, festivals are a great way to experience the culture of New Mexico. The Alburquerque International Balloon Fiesta is an event that New Mexico hosts annually. What’s so special about it, you may ask? Well, it includes a competition, a Balloon Cam, and special performances. But the most special part would be the view. Not only the sight of the fleets of colorful balloons against the sky, but also the view from a hot air balloon. And, of course, not to forget the natural beauties. Most people think that the landscape of New Mexico is quite boring. However, the truth is different. The state has mountains, lakes, rivers. It also has plenty of green spaces for camping, hiking, and fishing, and even skiing. New Mexico’s landscape has inspired some great art.

Are you ready to spend your retirement days in New Mexico?

Every state has a number of features that either attract people or discourage them from moving to it. New Mexico is not an exception. The main thing is – New Mexico has character. New Mexico can proudly claim one of the most diverse landscapes in the world — with a range of incredible outdoor adventures to match.


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