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Best packing tips from packing experts

Last Updated on: 6th July 2023, 05:50 am

Packing is the main reason why moving is so difficult. You never know what to take with you, how to properly pack certain items, etc. The good thing about packing for relocation is that you can hire professional movers to do the packing for you. You can hire movers only to pack your items while you take care of the other parts of the move. But, you can also hire Santa Fe packers and movers to do the moving for you. A very useful step in moving preparation is to make a moving plan. Doing things without prior planning is not the smart choice when it comes to relocation. You should always plan at least one or two steps forward. Therefore, here are the best packing tips from packing experts that will be very useful for your move. 

What are the best packing tips from packing experts? 

As you might already know, moving can be divided into a couple of stages. These stages usually are making a moving plan, packing, loading a moving truck, transporting, and unpacking in the end. So, if you don’t know what the first step in moving is, making a moving plan is a very good start. You should plan the date of your move, when to hire one of the New Mexico moving companies, moving budget, etc. The first two things you need to decide are your moving date and budget. Your next decisions will greatly depend on your budget and moving date. As packing is the hardest part of moving, you will need a few useful tips from professionals to help you such as the following ones: 

  • Declutter 
  • Make an inventory 
  • Get quality packing supplies 
  • Create a packing system 
  • Get help 
You can pack easily with these best packing tips from packing experts

Why should you make an inventory before you start packing? 

Making an inventory of your belongings is a less-known step in moving preparation and is often skipped for this reason. But, making an inventory is a very useful step that will help you and your office movers Santa Fe later. While making an inventory of your belongings, you can find out how many exactly items you have. Additionally, you can start decluttering at the same time. You should declutter items that you didn’t use for a long time. The general rule is that if you didn’t use a specific item for at least one year, you should declutter it. This also applies to damaged or broken items, expired make-up, outgrown clothes, etc. Only after you finish an inventory and declutter, you should get packing supplies. This way, you will know the approximate size of your belongings and get the required size of packing supplies. 

Where can you get packing supplies for your relocation? 

Many people don’t understand the importance of quality moving supplies. It’s a common practice to use borrowed packing supplies or from a previous move. However, while this practice is less expensive, it’s not really cost-effective. Already used packing supplies are usually damaged to some degree and can’t offer the same level of protection as the new ones. It’s the same case as when you are using the art delivery service Santa Fe to ship your precious items. You should only use quality packing supplies for your belongings during relocation or shipping. For this reason, if you want to get quality packing supplies, your most reliable source will be a moving company. You can get a moving service where professional movers will bring packing supplies with them. Also, if you don’t want to buy them and create waste after relocation, there is an option to rent packing supplies. 

Get quality packing supplies from the moving company

You should have a packing system 

Going into packing blind without making packing and planning strategies is not a good choice. It will only create confusion which will lead to panicking and a lot of stress in the end. To avoid this unnecessary and unpleasant situation, you should make a packing plan. There are a couple of packing strategies that you can use. The easiest one would be room-by-room packing. You should start packing the least used room in your home and progress to the most used one. Additionally, you should start packing the least used items in a room. The moving boxes that have these rarely used items should be put at the back of the moving truck. Another step you shouldn’t skip is to pack your essential box. You should pack all important and necessary items for the travel in one place and keep them near you during travel. 

Don’t forget to label your moving boxes 

The most used packing supplies are cardboard boxes for many reasons such as their durability, accessibility, recyclability, etc. While cardboard boxes are very good, they are not unfortunately see-through. When you have a pile of sealed cardboard boxes in front of you, you certainly can’t know what each box contains. For this reason, labeling is also an important step in the packing process. You will only need a couple of black markers and you can start labeling moving boxes. You can write down what you are going to pack in certain cardboard boxes before packing or after you finish putting items in that box. The order is not that important as long as you do it. You can simply write in which room these items belong or a more specific description. Also, don’t forget to write “Fragile” on the boxes that have these types of items. 

You must label your moving boxes

You should always get help 

One of the best packing tips from packing experts is to get help. Of course, professional help is always more welcomed than from amateurs. But, if you didn’t hire professional movers for some reason, help from your family and friends is also very appreciated. As you can see, packing doesn’t have to be hard or scary. You only need good preparation and good packing supplies. Of course, hiring professional movers is the only packing tip you will ever need.


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