Best small towns for retirees in New Mexico

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    Did you ever think about retiring to a city in New Mexico? New Mexico might not be a popular place for retirement as California or Florida, but it’s certainly worth mentioning it. Usually, the perfect places for retirees are small towns with warm weather and tight community. Also, many retirees don’t have a big pension, so a state like California might not be the ideal place for them. For this reason, if you are one of the future retirees that are looking for a new home after retirement, you should add New Mexico to your list of choices. Also, you will have to prepare for a move as well in near future. Therefore, you should also start looking for the right moving company. You will need to book New Mexico movers in advance for your relocation to one of the best small towns for retirees in New Mexico. 

    What are the best small towns for retirees in New Mexico? 

    First, you should know some information about New Mexico as a state. You might not know that New Mexico is the fifth-largest state in the US. However, the state has only about 2.1 million residents, so it’s considered a smaller state based on the number of residents. Therefore, it takes 36th place in population and 46th place in population density respectively. Additionally, the climate and geography of New Mexico range from deserts to mountains. So, if you like colder climates with mountains views, you should relocate to the northern and eastern regions of the state. On the other hand, if you are looking for warm weather, you should book your move with movers Las Vegas NM to the west and south regions. As for the best cities for retirement in New Mexico, you should consider the following ones: 

    • Taos 
    • Placitas 
    • Silver City 
    • Los Alamos 
    • Corrales 
    trees under gray sky
    New Mexico has a diverse climate and geography

    Why Taos could be the right city for you? 

    According to the latest studies, Taos ranks as the best city in New Mexico for retirement. The study was based on a couple of factors such as availability of medical care, social opportunities for seniors, and tax friendliness. All these factors are very important for retirees and Taos excels in all fields. So, you don’t really have a good reason not to move to Taos with movers Taos NM. But, before your relocation to this city, here is some information that you should know about. The population of Taos is really small with nearly 6 000 residents. But, Taos residents get to enjoy a suburban lifestyle and relatively affordable homes. The median home value is around $280 000 which is slightly higher than the national median home value. For this reason, almost 60% of the population are homeowners and less than 40% are renters. 

    What should you know about Placitas? 

    Placitas is another small town in New Mexico with almost 5 000 residents. Placitas offers a more rural lifestyle and its residents are mostly retirees. So, you will be able to adjust very easily after your relocation with Raton NM movers. Also, Placitas has good senior care communities where you can get different types of services such as assisted living, home care, adult daycare, and skilled nursing. Additionally, there will be many organized activities for retirees where you can meet new people and spend your free time. The only downside of Placitas is the higher median home value than in Taos. The median home value is around $365 000 which is about $150 000 higher than the national value. But, even with this fact, almost 90% of the population are homeowners.  

    Placitas is one of the best small towns for retirees in New Mexico
    You should consider retiring in Placitas

    Can you see yourself living in Corrales? 

    Corrales is a slightly larger city than the two previous ones mentioned. The city has almost 9 000 residents and it’s located in Sandoval County. Corrales is more suited for young professionals as this area is a center for the high-tech industry. However, Corrales offers a good lifestyle for retirees. The climate in Corrales is suitable, it’s mostly warm with long and hot summer and short but cold winters. You can find much-needed refreshments from hot temperatures during summer at local mountain hiking trails. The best time to move to Corrales with Corrales NM movers would be from May to September when the weather is warm. The biggest benefit of retiring in Corrales is a good number of medical centers. The only downside would be the cost of living as it’s up to 25% higher than on the national range.  

    Why Silver City is a good city for retirees? 

    Another city on this list is Silver City. It’s also a relatively small city with almost 10 000 residents. The city is in the third place of best cities in New Mexico for retirees. This says a lot about this city and you should definitely strongly consider moving here. The city has a rich history and art scene. You will get to enjoy a comfortable and active lifestyle with many festivals and events happening the whole year. The climate is also nice with low humidity and warm temperatures. Another advantage of retiring in Silver City is low crime rates. You will have a safe and relaxed lifestyle with enough activities to stay in good physical and mental health. The cost of living is good as the median home value is around $135 000 which is much less than the national average.

    brown and green mountains
    Silver City is one of the best small towns for retirees in New Mexico

    What city should you choose for your retirement? 

    As you can see, there is a good choice of the best small towns for retirees in New Mexico. Now, it’s up to you to decide where you want to move. You should make a choice based on your preference of climate, budget, lifestyle, etc. New Mexico offers many possibilities and benefits. For this reason, you should expand your search for a retirement home in New Mexico as well. Don’t limit your search only to California and Florida. Also, you should start thinking about moving preparation and the finding right moving company.



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