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Best spots to settle in New Mexico as a young professional

Last Updated on: 30th October 2023, 12:55 pm

So, you have decided to settle in New Mexico as a young professional. If so, you will have to decide in which town to live. And, to make the right decision, you will have to consider several factors. Such factors are job opportunities and availability of free time activities. You will also have to know how much of your income will go towards rent. Although New Mexico is a large country, it is sparsely populated. And it doesn’t have many big cities. Besides, about two-thirds of the country are government-owned. Actually, the most attractive jobs are available in government agencies. So, you can check for jobs at National Park Services, military bases, and federal research facilities. Finding the right job will help you to choose the town to settle in. And one of the best Santa Fe movers will help you to move to your new home.

Where to settle in New Mexico as a young professional?

Before deciding which of the New Mexico towns are best for you, it is good to learn a bit about the state economy. So, New Mexico is considered a poor country. Most of the employment opportunities are available in the service sector. However, a lot of people are also finding employment in mining and oil production companies.

Besides, the Federal government is also an important driver of the NM economy. The government is devising ways to help develop New Mexico’s economy. They are promoting job growth and business investment. They are also supporting the new technologies development. Regarding the young professionals, they usually choose to settle in cities where their profession is in demand.

The NM places which are attractive to young professionals

New Mexico is known for its art colonies. Moreover, the NM art communities are open to emerging artists. So, no wonder they are settling in. Also, there are numerous art galleries where they can exhibit their works. Besides the artists, the young professionals of various vocations are coming to New Mexico. They are usually looking for jobs in the oil and natural gas industries. Also, there are available posts in various laboratories. Some of them belong to the army and some to oil companies.

According to some studies, young professionals are often looking for accommodations in:

  • Santa Fe
  • Albuquerque
  • North Valley
  • Espanola
  • Corrales

Why is Santa Fe a good place for young professionals to settle in?

The economy of Santa Fe is mostly based on tourism and state government institutions. Basically, the NM government is the main employer in the area. Also, many jobs are available in the retail industry. Besides, the young professionals can find good jobs in the nearby Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Santa Fe is one of the good places to settle in New Mexico as a young professional.

The average income in Santa Fe is $66,665 a year, which is much higher than the NM average. Besides, qualified workers in some industries are getting as much as $133,952/ year. The median home price is $539,924. Overall, Santa Fe’s cost of living index is 115.4. However, due to higher salaries, living in Santa Fe for young professionals is affordable.

Why Albuquerque could be a good spot for young professionals?

Moving to Albuquerque, the young professionals will find all they need for a decent living. ABQ is rather an affordable place for living. The reason for that is high employment rates. Also, it is the largest NM town. And, it offers a lot of opportunities for social life.

The median home price in ABQis  $367,566, and the median household income is  $72,265. So, it will be easy to cover the living costs. In general, Albuquerque has a rich job market. And, the companies that are most attractive to young professionals in ABQ are:

  • New Mexico State Government
  • The University of New Mexico
  • Central New Mexico Community College
  • SunBridge Healthcare
  • Khi nursing care facilities
  • SUMCO Corporation
  • Lovelace Health System
  • Ernest Health
  • The Eclipse Aviation Corporation
  • New Mexico Gas Intermediate

If you decide that the ABQ is the right place for you to settle down, Albuquerque moving and storage could be the right mover to choose. You will be very satisfied with their knowledge of the area and their affordable prices.

North Valley is another attractive spot for young professionals to settle down

Located alongside the Rio Grande River, the North Valley is one of the spots which is attractive to young professionals. The most famous industry in this place is wine production. So, in case your profession is related to viticulture, this is the perfect spot for you. Besides, by moving to North Valley with the help of movers North Valley NM, you can easily find employment in:

  • Health Care & Social Assistance
  • Accommodation & Food Services
  • Public Administration
  • Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services

The median income in North Valley is $57,838. At the same time, the median home price is $357,250. Besides, living costs are very affordable. So, moving in here could be a good start for young professionals.

Espanola could be one of the good spots to settle in New Mexico as a young professional

In case you are considering moving to Espanola, it is good to learn a bit about it. Espanola is famous for being the first settlement in New Mexico. It is also famous for its cultural diversity. The atmosphere in the town is pleasant and welcoming, like in most other NM towns. So, soon one of the best moving companies in Espanola brings you to Espanola, you will start feeling at home.

The median income in Espanola is $57,476, and the median home price is $369.500. So, in case you decide to buy a home, it will be easy. Affordable costs of utilities, healthcare, groceries, etc., are also very attractive to young professionals. Living in Espanola, you will be able to find good employment. Here is a list of the main employers in the town and vicinity:

  • City of Espanola
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Northern New Mexico College
  • Española Public Schools
  • Presbyterian Healthcare Services
  • Akal Security
  • Northern Pueblos Gaming Council
  • Rio Arriba County
In case your profession is related to viticulture, North Valley could be the right place for you.

Corrales is yet another nice spot for young professionals to settle in NM

Located alongside the Rio Grande River, Corrales is a charming NM town. Also, being just in between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, it offers a lot of possibilities to young professionals. After coming in there with Corrales NM movers and settling down, they can check the available jobs. And, with a rich job market in ABQ and Santa Fe, they will easily find good employment. Besides, coming to Corrales after work will help them to rest. They will also enjoy the town’s leisure lifestyle.

The average home price in Corrales is $730, 000, and the average income is $120,363. So, this is a rather high income for the area. And, an additional reason to consider settling down in Corrales. With such an income, the young professionals will be able to easily buy their own property.

New Mexico has many spots which are good for young professionals to settle in

Although considered a poor country, New Mexico can offer its residents excellent living conditions. First, they can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. Also, by moving to New Mexico, the young professionals have the possibility to visit many beautiful spots. And, although at the beginning of their careers, they will have a possibility to find very attractive jobs. Further on, that will enable them to buy their own property, in case they stay in NM. So, there are many good spots to settle in New Mexico as a young professional. Which spot they will choose for living, will largely depend on their vocation and job offers. So, although considered poor, NM has surprisingly good job offers.


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