Best ways to spend Christmas in New Mexico

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    Celebrating Christmas is going to be different this year. Of course, we are all aware of the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic. So if you are moving to New Mexico around the holidays, you will not have so many options available. However, not everything is shut down. There are many covid-19 safe Christmas events in New Mexico that you will certainly find a place to enjoy. Of course, first, you need to make sure that your relocation goes well and that you settle in before you start going out. To show you the best ways to spend Christmas in New Mexico this year, Santa Fe movers have created this small guide. Read it and pick the option for you.

    Moving companies managed to adapt to the new situation – relocations are perfectly safe even during the pandemic

    Moving during a pandemic seems like an impossible task. However, moving companies quickly adapted to this new situation and introduced new measures and procedures that made relocation processes safe even in the time of the worst pandemic of our lives. However, it is not all about your local movers Taos NM. You need to adapt to the new situation as well. And one of the things that you will have to accept is that there will not be a Christmas celebration this year like we used to.  That is why, if you are moving during the holidays it is important to settle in as quickly as possible. Because, maybe you will decide to spend the holidays in your new home, enjoying yourself with your family.

    a moving truck on the snow
    Safe relocations are possible even during the pandemic. Still, you will need to find good movers.

    Prepare your home as soon as possible, you might want to spend Christmas at home this year

    When you are moving, especially during the pandemic and holidays, you want to prepare your home, unpack, and settle in as soon as possible. That is why we recommend that you hire a full-service moving company. This includes professional movers, art delivery service Santa Fe, and most importantly packing service that will greatly ease the whole process. If you find and hire such a company, you will certainly be ready for a holiday celebration in your home.

    Make sure that you do not clutter your new home

    Another important thing that you need to consider before you move is the size of your new home and the number of items that you have in your moving inventory. You do not want to end up in a cluttered home with excess items taking up your precious space. That is why you need to consider renting a self storage Santa Fe that you can load up with all the items that cannot fit in your new home.

    Unpack your items, arrange the furniture, and decorate your home

    Once you arrive in your new home, start unpacking as soon as possible. This is probably the most difficult part of the moving process but as a home celebration is one of the safest ways to celebrate Christmas in New Mexico this year, you need to do it quickly. Unpack the boxes, arrange your furniture, throw out the unpacking debris, hang the decorations, and you are ready to celebrate.

    A Christmas tree with decorations.
    Hang some decorations and enjoy Christmas in your new home this year

    One of the best ways to spend Christmas in New Mexico this year is at your home

    As you probably noticed, we recommend that you spend your holidays at your home this year. Yes, this might look a little bit harsh, but safety must be your primary concern this year. Hopefully, you will have many more Christmases that you will be able to spend as you used to. Somewhere out with your friends and family. So stack up with food, drinks, good mood, and you are good to go.

    The list of the best coronavirus-safe Christmas events in New Mexico

    Naturally, not everyone is ready to spend a Christmas indoors. If you are thinking the same, you have many covid-safe events that will be happening all around New Mexico. Here are some proposals:

    • Photos with Santa at Coronado Center, Cottonwood Mall, and Daniel Fernandez Center
    • The Twelve Dates of Christmas
    • A Very Merry Community Christmas
    • Artrageous: A Very Colourful Christmas
    • River of Lights & Shop and Glow
    • Lights of Enchantment
    • Los Lunas Holiday Drive-Thru
    • New Mexico’s Winter Wonderland Drive Thru
    • El Paso Ringing of the Bells
    • A Magical Mesa Xmas

    Take photos with Santa at three different locations but remember to wear masks!

    This year you can take photos with Santa at three different locations. At Coronado Center, Cottonwood Mall, and Daniel Fernandez Center, you can see Santa and get your memory until Dec. 24. Be aware, though that child and Santa are obliged to wear a facemask even in photos. So if you do not mind that detail, you are more than welcome to visit.

    A Santa Claus toy.
    There are many covid-safe events in New Mexico this Christmas but we recommend staying at home.

    There are many ways to spend Christmas in New Mexico this year but it is better to stay at home

    As you can see, there are many interesting ways to spend Christmas in New Mexico this year. Unfortunately, the pandemic is dictating our lives and so every event will need to be in compliance with new health guidelines, which can ruin the overall experience. That is why we recommend that you spend your Christmas this year inside your home. It is a much safer option, you will not miss much, and since you just moved in, you will not feel bored.

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