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Common mistakes when storing a flat-screen TV

Last Updated on: 6th July 2023, 06:02 am

Flat-screen TVs have brought a revolution in the technology department. The picture is much better and you can enjoy a better view. But, flat-screen TVs are usually more fragile. If you make a mistake, you can lose the picture forever. This is pretty common when storing them. If you need to store your TV, you should better know what mistakes to avoid. You do not want something bad to happen to your TV. So, you should know what are the most common mistakes when storing a flat-screen TV so that you could avoid them. The great thing is that all moving companies, including Pro-Move Logistics, know how to avoid them properly. So, be sure to follow so that you could understand how to preserve your flat-screen TVs in the same condition!

No cleaning

Most people hate cleaning. And we understand this completely. But, when it comes to making mistakes when storing your flat-screen TV, this is one of the worst ones. It is all because dust and debris that are located on the screen can make a lot of damage. They could make scratches that can eventually damage the picture. That means that you may end up with a much different picture than you know it. The good thing is that cleaning your TV will not consume a lot of your time so you do not have an official excuse to avoid it.

Always clean TV prior and avoid common mistakes when storing a flat-screen TV

The wrong packing supplies

If you want to store your TV properly, you will have to use adequate packing supplies. One thing, to be exact. When storing, you should use the original box your TV came in. It is something that creates a lot of problems for some people because they throw them away as soon as they unpack the TV. The reason why this is the best thing to store your TV in is that it is perfectly suited. Also, there is already some kind of materials that has the purpose to absorb the impacts. Your TV will not wiggle during the ride and you can be sure that it will stay safe in your storage unit.

Not storing the in right conditions

We could say that one of the most common mistakes when storing a flat-screen TV is not storing the TV in the proper conditions. What we mean is that TV is pretty sensitive to fluctuations and that could be the reason why your TV has stopped working. Many people store their TV in their own home but there are many disadvantages of in-home storage. The most important one is the fact that you do not have the right conditions.

You want a place where you can be sure that your TV will survive. There are many great movers Taos NM that offer climate-controlled storage units where the conditions will stay the same. Of course, you will have to check them first but it is the only way to avoid mistakes when storing your TVs.

Climate controlled storage unit is a saver in situations where you have to store a TV

Can you store it in other types of storage units?

There are many types of storage. That is why you will see that people often store their TV in some other type of storage unit. Let’s take RV storage Santa Fe NM for example. It is a great place where you will put your RV until you are ready to use it again. But, the most important question is whether it has the optimal conditions for your TV. If the answer is not, and it usually is, you should put this idea to rest and get a proper storage unit where you can be sure that your TV will survive.

Placing the TV on its side

We all know how TVs should be places in our homes. There is a good reason for this. It is the only way that will preserve your TVs from damage. In order to get more room in the storage unit, many people decide to turn over the TV on its side and store it like that. If you store your TV for a longer period of time, it can lead to damage that you can no longer repair. So, if you want to store your flat-screen TV the proper way, be sure to place it adequately.

Leaving the TV on the ground

Placing the TV on the ground is one of the most common mistakes when storing a flat-screen TV. People think that it does not matter whether you do it like this or not. But, if you opt for a regular storage unit, you will see that the conditions may fluctuate. Moisture is quite common in these types of units. Since it is mostly located on the grounds, you can see why it is a big mistake to store your TV like this. You need to elevate the TV and place it on some higher ground. There are various ways to achieve this like placing them on:

  • dressers
  • cupboards
  • pallets
  • shelves

Our pick would be plastic or wooden pallets because you will get the most space with them. Placing your TV on the shelves can turn into a mistake if the shelves are not strong. Also, you can knock the TV over the cupboard and damage it. But, no matter which way you choose, it is important that you distance your TV from anything else in the storage unit.

Elevate the TV before storing and potential avoid damages

Avoid these common mistakes when storing a flat-screen TV!

Electronics are usually pretty fragile and they require conditions where they can survive. You should avoid making these common mistakes when storing a flat-screen TV because there is nothing good that can come out of them. It is vital that you understand all of them because you will be able to save your TV and use it again if you need it. This is the time where you do not want to learn from your mistakes because TVs can be pretty expensive. Our goal was to help you with this and now that you know what mistakes you should keep your eye on, you can do all the things that you need to!


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