Common moving injuries and how to avoid them

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    Moving is usually a complicated process. It is not just placing all the things in the boxes and sealing them with tape. It is much more than that, especially if you have some big items to move. These items can lead to injuries and that is something that can ruin the entire move and maybe postpone it! That is the reason you should know about common moving injuries and ways on how to prevent them. One of the biggest ways to avoid them completely is to avoid doing the move yourself. You can just hire moving companies Santa Fe NM and finish with it. No matter what path you choose, it is important for you to be informed on why the injuries happen and what you can do to avoid them.

    Common moving injuries – avoid them at all costs!

    When it comes to moving injuries, there are many of them. You can injure almost any part of your body if you are not careful. But, here are some of the common ones that happen more frequently.

    • Back injury
    • Fingers and toes
    • Knee injuries
    • Ankle injuries
    • Cuts

    These might sound as if they are not too bad but trust us that there is nothing worse and more serious than a back or knee injury.

    a woman touching her back - Common moving injuries
    Back injuries are quite common when moving.

    Back injury

    These are usually the most common ones. Even though the back is strong and vital for our posture, it is more prone to injuries. This is all due to the lack of experience and wrong technique. What we mean is that there are ways that you can use in order to minimize the risk of injuring your back. Most people will try to lift things with their backs. They will bend and it is a vital moment when the disk could herniate. In order to avoid this problem, you should always lift with your legs. You should not bend your back and therefore, your back will always stay in the same position. Most relocations have a lot of heavy stuff that needs to be moved so be sure to use this advice when moving them.

    Fingers and toes

    Fingers and toes are two things that are in the ‘open’ and therefore, there is a great chance of injuring them. It is all because you do not protect them. Most people do not use anything when they move things around their homes. That means that something could fall and injure them. You can see that all movers Taos NM wear protective gloves once they have to move heavy things. It is a small but important part of protection. Even though it may not seem that protective gloves are enough to protect you, you will see that they will make a difference.

    Knee injuries

    One of the most typical moving injuries is knee injuries. This is something that some people have a problem with and they know how weak the knee can be. One small movement is enough for you to injure yourself and therefore incapacitate for some time. Naturally, it will also make an impact on your move.

    Since you want to avoid anything that could make an impact on the move itself, you should be careful. If you already have some knee problems, then it is not that smart to handle everything with classic lifting. You should use moving dollies that will make everything much simpler. Of course, you can’t use them for every heavy item in your house but it is enough for most of them!

    a knee
    Protect your knees when moving.

    Ankle injuries

    These injuries are also very common moving injuries and they can be enough to immobilize you and therefore, make you less useful. Ankle injuries usually happen when the path you are walking through is not clear. It usually happens when you move certain items and you can’t see what is in front of you. The best way to avoid this is to clear the path before you start moving items. That means that you should remove anything that could you to trip and hurt yourself.


    Cuts are probably the most common injuries that happen during this time. The good thing is that they are usually the least dangerous and you will not have any problems after the move ends. But, it is also important to avoid them because they can be quite annoying and could disrupt your concentration. If you are doing the packing by yourself, you should be very careful with packing sharp objects. You should always disassemble and move in smaller parts if you can. If not, proper consideration should be enough to see what is the best way to avoid getting cuts and scrapes.

    A person putting a band aid on an elbow
    Cuts and scrapes can easily be avoided.

    Hire experienced movers to handle your relocation

    The best way to avoid any moving injury is to hire reliable and experienced movers. You can always get help from your close ones to help you out but that is not always the best option. Hiring movers is better than moving with friends because they know how to handle everything from top to bottom. That means that they know all about precautions and you will not have any problems during this time.

    Also, it is better to have movers by your side if you have bulky and heavy items to move like furniture, pool tables, pianos, etc. All of these require experienced people that know how to do all of this without damages or injuries. Pianos are usually the harder to move so you will need reliable piano movers Santa Fe to do the job. Your only job would be to pack less complicated items, essentials and that is it!


    There are many more injuries that could happen when moving. Almost any injury that comes to your mind could happen. The good thing is that most of them are not that common. We have presented the most common moving injuries because we wanted to inform you about the things that could happen during the move. Also, you should learn how to protect yourself and how to avoid all of them. It is vital that you take this seriously because some of them could disrupt your entire relocation process. Be wise and do everything that you can to avoid them.

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