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    It seems like you made a decision on moving from Taos to Rio Rancho. This relocation will be an adventure, and like every other great adventure, it all starts with an idea, and then with a good plan. And even it all can seem overwhelming at the start, know that you don’t have to plan it all by yourself.  Find one of the New Mexico moving companies to partner with and your relocation will flow smoothly. Have in mind that it will ask for some time, so start as soon as possible.

    Relocatating from Taos to Rio Rancho out of convenience

    Taos is actually not that far from Rio Rancho. The distance is 126 miles, and you can get there in about an hour and a half by car. That is good news, so you can hire Rio Rancho movers who will be able to help you with your relocation. You can choose a moving company from where you are leaving or where you are going to and that would be the most convenient.

    movers holding boxes - moving from Taos to Rio Rancho
    Partner up with movers when you’re moving from Taos to Rio Rancho.

    As we said, the other option is to partner with movers Taos NM. It can be a better option for you because they are located just where you live already. It would be easy for you to go and meet them so that you make an arrangement that suits both sides. They will listen to your wishes and then give you some ideas on how it could work on, so you can choose what you like the best.

    Think about all the things you need to pack

    It looks like you’ve done with some first steps. You will have to think now about all thing you have to pack. Our advice would be to divide it all into categories. You can make a list of the categories based on the rooms where items belong to. And have a one specialized for those items that need some special care. In there will come all your artwork. Did you know that you can use a service of art delivery service Santa Fe based? Yes, you can. And we would cheer you on that. Their professionals will pack and transfer all your art, with skill and experience on how to do it.

    family packing and preparing for moving from taos to rio rancho
    Make a list of categories when you are moving.

    Think of using storage space when moving from Taos to Rio Rancho

    This one you will find so convenient. There are so many reasons why you could use storage space. Whether you don’t want to transfer all your things at once, or you want to declutter and give away some of your possessions, but you are not able to complete is before moving. Renting a storage unit will be so helpful. Just ask us at Pro-Move Logistics and tell us the size of the unit you need. You can rent it for the short or long term, as it suits you the best. You are the one who makes all the choices.

    Learn more about The City of Vision

    We completely get you when you chose to move to the place called the City of Vision. The legend tells those early families who started to live in Rio Rancho couldn’t claim that they are coming from a generation of native New Mexicans. Instead, they have chosen to be residents of a young city that emerged. They wanted a new community and that’s the reason that Rio Rancho is called the City of Vision.

    Is Rio Rancho a good place to live?

    Rio Rancho is a small suburb of Albuquerque. It is a good town with fine schools and neighborhoods. We have to mention that some parts could use some refurbishing but do not be afraid. There are so many banks, stores, and food options to choose from. The thing that its residents love, and they are right, is that this is a safe and pretty quiet neighborhood. So we can say that it is better for living in many other cities in New Mexico. You should also know that since the year 2000, this city is growing by 72 percent each year. This is so promising for all those people who are about to start their lives in this place.

    Should people retire in Rio Rancho?

    We have to answer this question with some hard yes. For sure that people who retire find there some much-needed peace and good days. It is actually the perfect place for them. The city is safe and quiet and they will have many opportunities to volunteer. That way they will have the way to spend their time bringing back. And they will get involved in the community which is something they all kind of crave.

    old couple in a hug
    Retired people will find peace in Rio Rancho.

    Looking for fun after moving to Rio Rancho

    You really shouldn’t be worried if you’ll be able to find some fun in Rio Rancho From outdoor activities to going to Spaceship UFO house, some off-road adventures to visiting Old Town Albuquerque, there is plenty to do. So don’t hesitate on moving there, because one thing is sure: your life won’t be boring there. Even more, you will find some new places to visit and new people to hang up with.

    Moving from Taos to Rio Rancho when the time is wight

    Now that you have some more information, we hope that you will find joy in moving from Taos to Rio Rancho. We all know that perspective is everything, so start with a positive attitude and just go with the flow. Even if some unexpected thing occurs, your movers will know how to handle it. So leave that to them and do your part of the work. Stay focused and organized. Make a timeline and skip on procrastination. Maybe the moving process is not the most fun thing in the world, but it is a necessity to step. You will soon start your new life in a new place. Have that goal in mind and do everything you can to make it happen as fast as possible. You are about to start a new chapter of your life. Enjoy every step.


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