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    You are planning on moving from New Mexico to Nevada and there are many things to do before the moving day. You must calculate costs, search for New Mexico moving companies, pack, and finally relocate. It will be an interesting journey for sure. Relocating home can be expensive, time-consuming, stressful, and unpleasant at times. Therefore, you should make sure everything runs smoothly and that you will relocate successfully and in good spirit. To do it, you should check out our moving guide and secure a victorious relocation for you and your family.

    Calculate costs and prepare for moving from New Mexico to Nevada

    Start by calculating moving costs. To do it right, you should figure out all those moving stages that will cost you. So, you should create a moving checklist and list down all steps ahead. Make a few columns, one that requires funds and others that will ask for your time and dedication. And the best way to obtain all this info is to inspect your home thoroughly. Check out the garage, attic, basement, yard, and all rooms inside the house. Figure out how much stuff you have and how much packing materials you need to pack adequately.

    Calculator and a pile of money
    Calculate your moving costs and dedicate your moving budget adequately.

    Once you have done your part and you have all the basic info required, then you can start searching for New Mexico long distance movers. Finding a reliable moving company is important for any moving project. Hence, start looking for one as soon as you know your moving date and you have begun your moving preparations.

    Find reliable movers

    Now, let us search together for a moving company that will cover moving from New Mexico to Nevada. Many people do not know how to distinguish a legit company from a fraudulent one. And this means you should conduct a proper search guided by your preset requisites. Start by browsing online. In a matter of seconds, you will find hundreds of moving companies. Narrow down your search by comparing prices, services, and reading reviews. Once you spend an hour or two and obtain all the information, you will find a perfect residential movers Santa Fe NM for you.

    Boxes to use when moving from New Mexico to Nevada
    Find a moving company that will take special care of your personal items.

    You should know that you can search your movers through ads in papers as well but know that choices are much bigger online. Also, if you know someone that had a great experience with a certain company, talk to them and use the opportunity to check the company in question. Word of mouth would be the best choice in the end. But whatever you choose, make sure you dedicate a bit of your precious time to research and find an adequate moving company.

    Ensure your choice is legit

    If you find a trustworthy moving company, you are already halfway done. Hence, let us make sure your choice is the right one. Inspect your movers before hiring them simply by following a few steps:

    • Inspect your movers – Anyone can post an ad online. What you want to know is if your movers possess an official website with the logo of the company, physical address, and contact info displayed. If you want you can even check if your movers are listed online in the US Movers Association. Check all the external sources you can find to be sure that your company is legit.
    • Ask questions – Simply ask your movers have all the permits and licenses required for work in the moving industry. Ensure you are relocating legally and avoid any potential shady business.
    • Equipment – Your moving company should have all the tools, equipment, manpower, vehicles, and knowledge required to undertake your moving project. Communicate this one with your movers as well.
    • Services – Because you are moving from New Mexico to Nevada which is a long-distance move, you must be sure that the services you purchased are the real deal. Ask your movers to explain what the package includes and the prices of it.

    Onsite estimates

    Ok, now when you have a reliable moving company by your side, you should utilize the free onsite estimates most of the moving companies provide. This means a moving representative should pay a visit and evaluate the whole situation. Mostly they are interested in the number of boxes and the weight of the cargo. This will provide valuable insight into the number of movers required along with the hours that should be invested. Moreover, movers will inspect the environment and pinpoint the possible hardships. Overall, onsite estimates are the best way of realizing the complexity of the move and the moving costs. Use it well.

    How to pack efficiently when moving from New Mexico to Nevada?

    Now when you found a moving company, you can start packing. But firstly, you should obtain all the packing materials required. The easiest way is to visit your local hardware store and buy everything there. But you can order all of it online as well or purchase the complete set from your movers. Whatever you prefer better. Now, know that this would be the best moment to declutter and clean your home as well. You are shuffling through all your belongings anyway and you should set aside anything you do not need anymore. Later you can donate, sell, or throw away.

    A woman holding a moving box
    Obtain all the packing materials on time and pack like a boss!

    The basic packing material set includes around 20-30 moving boxes, packing tape, packing paper, blister packs, and labels. You can add more boxes, depending on the size of your move. Once you have it all, start packing. You can always opt for packing services. Take an appropriately sized box and make a cushion at the bottom. Then fill your box with items and fill the gaps with packing paper or crumpled newspaper. Fragile items should be wrapped individually for extra protection. Then close your box, apply a few layers of tape, and label it right. Labels will help you a lot when you begin your unpacking process. Also, note down that cushion for your box can be a blister pack or anything else you already have at home. Those can be blankets, sheets, shirts, etc. Finalize your packing at least a few days before the move and be ready.

    Take care of the legalities and paperwork

    Finally, we must cover the legalities and documents. You can do this one whenever you like but we must suggest that a month before the move is the ideal time for it. So, you must gather all your important moving documents and make sure everything is in place. Also, you should check up on all your personal documents, bank records, medical records, school papers, etc. Ensure that everything is up to date and ready to be transferred to your new address. Note that some of the hard copies take a longer time to transfer and you should do it in due time. Reroute your bills, mail, and set up a PO box as soon as possible.

    Now you know all the mandatory steps you should take when moving from New Mexico to Nevada. As long as you have a proper moving team by your side, you won’t have to worry for a second. And we wish you to find one and have a pleasant and successful relocation. Take care!

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