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    Are you bored with small-town living and thinking about moving from Taos to Santa Fe? Even though you are not crossing a significant distance, you need to prepare well if you want your relocation to go as easily as possible. To help you with your task, professional moving companies Santa Fe have prepared this small guide. Read it and learn how to organize a smooth and stress-free transition to Santa Fe.

    Hiring movers, DIY move, or something in between?

    When you decide to move, you have a few options on how to organize it. You can do everything on your own, you can hire a full service moving company to do everything, or you can do certain combinations of the two. Therefore that is your first task. To decide how you will do this. Every option has its pros and cons. Moving on your own can be the cheapest option, but you will have to invest a lot of time and effort into it. Hiring full-service movers Taos NM is the most convenient and safest option for your items but it doesn’t always come easy on the budget.

    If you combine, do some of the work on your own and hire movers to do some part, you can probably feel most benefits. But there are too many combinations therefore the pros and cons can differ depending on what you decide to do. Once you decide how you will do your relocation it is time to start planning.

    a woman biting pen and thinking
    Think well before you start preparing your move

    Plan your relocation if you want a smooth experience

    Planning is a crucial part of every successful relocation process. No matter whether you are moving across the street or across the state, you need to have some sort of plan that will guide you through the process and ensure that you do not skip some important part. If you do not have any experience in moving, take some time and research. Your plan should contain things like budgeting, decluttering, hiring local movers Santa Fe NM, packing. Make a precise schedule about what will you do and when and stick to it. That is the best way to ensure a smooth move.

    Create a budget to control your spending

    As we already mentioned, moving doesn’t always come easy on the budget, especially if you do not have too much experience in moving. However, if you prepare a budget, you will have better control over the spending. It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate and at this point, it cannot be, but try to sum up what you have and how much are you willing to spend. Once get all the facts, prices, and decide exactly what will you do, you will have more accurate calculations.

    Get rid of the junk before you call movers

    One of the things that you need to do before the move, and one of the things that will affect your budget, is your moving inventory. How will you deal with your items will make the greatest effect on how much this move will cost you. First, it is good to know that weight of your moving inventory is one of the decisive factors when it comes to your moving price. So every item that you throw out of your inventory is lowering the price of your move.

    Secondly, how you get rid of those items can affect the balance on your account. So the first thing to do is to decide what items you can get rid of. Look for the heaviest items like furniture. Those are the most difficult and most expensive items to move. Also, consider the space in your new home. Some items may not fit there. The more items you can remove the better.

    cluttered room
    Remove the junk before calling movers

    How to get rid of excess items before moving from Taos to Santa Fe

    Now let’s take a look at what you can do with your items. Of course, if you have items that you do not want to get rid of completely, the only option is to find storage Santa Fe. Renting a storage unit is a good way to preserve your items. But make sure that you really need them. If you gathered a lot of items that you want to get rid of completely you can organize a yard sale. That should bring you a significant profit. Still, a yard sale is difficult to organize properly.

    You can find used furniture retailers in your area, and sell your items quickly before moving from Taos to Santa Fe. Naturally, you can donate your items. Charity organizations that will take mostly everything and they will come to you to take the stuff. Finally, if you are removing mostly junk, you need to hire a professional junk removal service and pay for your items to be removed.

    Make a list of items that you are planning to carry to Santa Fe

    Once you are definitive about what items are going with you, you should make a list. This list will allow you to get a precise moving estimate from movers and you can use it later to check your items once they are delivered to your new home. You can download a moving inventory app or you can use a good old pen and paper. Whatever works for you.

    a woman using phone
    Use an app to make a moving inventory list

    It is important to find reliable movers

    Armed with your moving inventory list, you have come to the final chapter of your move. And that is finding reliable movers. If you find reliable movers, they will do your complete relocation and you will not have to think about it at all. If you fail and hire movers just because they were the cheapest option, relocating from Taos to Santa Fe will look like a cross-country relocation with a bad outcome. Therefore, invest quality time into finding good movers and everything will be ok.

    This move can be simple if you prepare well

    As you can see, moving from Taos to Santa Fe is not a complicated process. But there are a few things that you need to do in order to ensure a smooth transition. Just follow the advice you just read and you should be fine.

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