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Guide to packing oil paintings for transport

Last Updated on: 6th July 2023, 06:37 am

If you are packing oil paintings for transport, you will need to be extra careful. After all, oil paintings are some of the most fragile items one can possess. Thus, you will need to make sure that nothing happens to them during your move. Moreover, you will have to create a perfect moving plan in order to make it. Of course, there are other factors that can influence your relocation as well. For starters, it is important to acquire some professional moving and packing supplies. Because of all these and other things, we have created a short guide. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Packing oil paintings – how to start this process?

There are some ways you can start your packing process for your paintings. However, it is really important to understand that this is not as easy as moving plants in New Mexico, for example – it is much harder. Moreover, if you make even a small mistake, you might lose a fortune. So, you should make sure that you start your process well.

Paintings can be quite valuable so protect them properly.

Make sure that you contact professional art movers. Having a professional moving company helping you out with your move is never a bad idea. However, having professional fine art movers is even more important. For this reason, you can always find the most reliable art delivery service Santa Fe NM offers. That way, you will not have to worry about anything happening to your fine art. Moreover, you can read some guides about how to make this work out properly as well. There is nothing stopping you from attempting to pack and move your paintings alone. However, make sure that you can do it properly.

Get adequate supplies. Not having good supplies is the worst nightmare that can happen to you. Unfortunately, your paintings will “demand” that you have only the best supplies ever. So, what you want to do is to call a moving company to take care of this for you, or you can do some research and find what you need online. The more you think about it, the better it will be in this case (surprisingly). This being said, you should always make sure to think about everything carefully and on time.

Things you should be worried about

There are some things you should be worried about when you are planning to relocate your fine art collections. However, there are also some downsides of DIY relocation you should have on your mind at all times as well. Here are both of them:

Not knowing how to do the job properly. One of the worst things that could happen to you is not knowing how to do your job properly when it comes to packing paintings. Some people might even get the idea to stack the paintings one on top of another. This will only ensure that each and every one of them gets ruined by the end of your move. Please, do not make such mistakes. If you are not sure about how to move paintings, you can always find one of the best moving companies Santa Fe NM offers.

It takes a lot of time and effort to paint something and it would be a waste if a painting was ruined.

Not having good supplies. As we have mentioned before, there are some things you need to do with your paintings before you can move them. If you simply stack them up one on top of another, it will never work properly. Moreover, if you do not have some of the best supplies to help you out, you will also never be able to make it work as well. For this reason, you can either contact some of the most professional Rio Rancho movers, or you can learn how to do it on your own. In any case, make sure that you always have adequate supplies ready at hand.

The proper way of packing oil paintings

There is a proper method to complete everything. The same can be said for packing oil paintings. However, you should know that packing and storing paintings is different than packing and storing household appliances. There is a method you need to utilize and it goes like the following:

  • Remove the painting from the frame. It is really important to remove the painting from the frame before you pack your paintings. That way, the painting cannot get damaged much, while if it is framed, the smallest mistake might rip it or ruin it. Keep this in mind at all times.
  • Clean the paintings. Use special tools and cleaning supplies to clean your paintings before you pack them. Paintings do not like dirt, so you should keep that in mind at all times.
  • Use the proper supplies. The better the supplies, the easier this will be for you. Thus, make sure to use everything you should for this job.
  • Pay attention to detail. Do not ruin or rip your paintings by any chance. Pay attention to all details and you should be fine.

Some really important information

Since packing and moving your paintings is not as simple as it might seem at the first glance, you might need to call someone to help you out. It is much better to pay a moving company to help you out than to ruin your paintings on your own. This is especially true if you have no idea about how to do it properly. Simply pay the professionals and you can rest assured that they will take good care of your items for you.

It is not easy to create a good painting.

Packing oil paintings – conclusion

Overall, packing oil paintings is really hard. Thus, you might want to make sure that you have someone helping you do that. However, if you do not wish to pay someone, you can learn to do it properly yourself. Just be extra careful and perhaps you can manage to do it perfectly on your first try. Good luck!


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