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How to handle disputes with movers

Last Updated on: 6th July 2023, 07:00 am

You can never know what can happen while planning a relocation. All you know is that the moving date is in the near future and you must prepare for it. You should organize, pack, declutter, calculate costs, and find local movers Santa Fe NM to make it all ten times easier. But along the way, you can encounter an unpleasant situation that you weren’t prepared for. So, we will provide all the tips we know on how to handle disputes with movers. It is a common issue that can happen to everyone. Let us prepare you adequately.

You won’t have to handle disputes with movers if you find a reliable moving company

Now, a key to avoid the unpleasant situations altogether is to find proper residential movers Santa Fe NM. With a few tricks and smart research, you will at least lower chances for unpleasantries to a minimum. Therefore, you should start with thorough research via the internet. You will find many companies and what is important, is not to pick the first one you find. Give yourself some time to evaluate enough companies so you can paint a picture of how it should look like. Maybe you never knew anything about the moving industry before. And this would be the right moment to do your homework and secure yourself and your precious cargo.

Browse online and search for a reliable moving company.

Hence, check out a few highly rated moving companies. Compare prices, services, and read reviews. Try to find enough external sources about the moving company you like. And finally, give them a call and ask if they have all the tools, equipment, permits, licenses, proper vehicle, enough manpower, etc. All those things you wish to know. And do not forget to ask about the estimates and the payment method. With this tactic, in a matter of hours, you’ll find a match. Although, if you want a proper moving team by your side but you have no time to research, we can recommend checking out Pro-Move Logistics. It is the best local choice with top ratings and the affordable one as well. Check out their services and prices, you’ll be amazed and most satisfied.

What is the most common reason for filing a claim?

Ok, we handled the preemptive strike but now we should shift our focus toward the possible unpleasant situations. What if something simply happens while moving and you must act on it? Firstly, you must know which situations are common and where you can file a complaint. You will handle disputes with movers easily if you know that you are right from the start. Therefore, the first common issue is late delivery or a pickup. Time is money and your time is no different. If movers are late more than half an hour, you can win the dispute easily. The next one is obvious and it is the damage to your belongings or property. If you packed yourself, your movers can wiggle around a bit if those boxes are damaged. But if your movers covered it all and they damaged something, you should be compensated in full.

Most of the disputes come from wrongly calculated or misrepresented estimates. Do the math right!

Now, the last one is overpaying for a certain service or for the whole deal. Here you can shield yourself if you pay with a credit card. This way you have a day or two to stop the payment if the numbers are not right. But all we mentioned above should be detailed in your moving contract. All services you purchased, the final moving price, and how much responsibility your movers take. Check this before you sign anything. You must know if you will be compensated in full or partially and in which situation certain rules apply. So, read your moving contract several times and if you do not understand something, ask!

If you’re lucky, your movers will take responsibility

The research for a reliable and legit moving company is extremely important. If you find a decent company, you will handle any disputes calmly and without further problems. The legit moving crew should have a moving representative that will communicate and work closely with you toward a solution. If you have a problem, you will take care of it together. It is the customer dedication we all are looking for and a legit moving company should pay attention to it. And they do. In this day and age, reviews matter greatly. Moving companies can’t afford to lose business because of a minor conflict or a bad review. A reliable moving company has a well-mannered crew handling the whole operation with style and respect. And because your movers are polite and friendly, you should repay the same way.

And what to do if they won’t?

Ok, some moving companies take full responsibility, some take partial, and some would take none. Usually, it is a sketchy and fraudulent moving company that does not care for its reputation. They attract their customers with lower prices and unrealistic promises. Hence, do not fall for it for a second. You must have a moving contract that will shield you from such a scam. List down the services you are buying and the level of safety you are getting. But even if you have it all written down, maybe you’ll still have to handle disputes with movers. You think you are right, so do they. In such a situation, you must seek help from a higher instance.

How to file a claim and handle disputes with movers

If this situation occurs, you can file a complaint against movers at your local regulatory agency. Or you can contact the Better Business Bureau or AMSA. Provide all the moving documentation you have and they will do the legwork instead. The whole dispute should be over within a month. The same goes if something is missing, or if they damaged your cargo and/or property. But in this situation, you have from 6-9 months to file a claim. And you must have proof that the items in question were on the moving truck in the first place. So, a moving checklist and an inventory list is something you should have. Make several copies and provide one to your movers. After all, once your movers see that you are serious and meticulous about the whole relocation process, they might be extra careful to follow through.

Do not worry, you can file a claim online in a matter of seconds.

Moving insurance can help a bit

Finally, you can always secure everything from the start and purchase moving insurance. Yes, it will cost a bit extra but if you do it, you won’t have to think about any disputes whatsoever. You will simply get your money worth in case something goes south. And you can purchase your insurance from a moving company, or if you have expensive items, from a moving insurance company. You figure out this one guided by your situation. But keep in mind you have this option on the table and ask your movers which kind of insurance they offer. Some companies do not offer moving insurance at all, but they have other restrictions or perks to compensate for it. Communicate with movers and find out.

And this was it, a simple guide on how to handle disputes with movers. If you review moving companies the right way and find a reliable moving crew, you won’t have to deal with any moving mishaps. And in the end, if something bad happens, you will sort it out with the right moving company by your side. Good luck.


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