How to pack a pet terrarium for moving

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    People who have pets know that they are a part of the family. Moreover, some consider them to be family members. There are many types of pets, from more exotic to less exotic ones. If you have a pet in a terrarium, you probably have an exotic pet such as a gecko or a frog. It can be a bit of a problem if you decide to relocate. Since you can not transport these pets the same way as cats or dogs, one of the best Santa Fe packers and movers offers you a guide on how to pack a pet terrarium!

    A terrarium

    What is a terrarium exactly? It is a sealed glass container with soil, plants, and some animals. The plants that live in terrariums produce oxygen. Therefore, terrariums are perfect for more exotic pets. Even though it is shut, you can still open it for feeding and cleaning. If you have a pet that lives in a terrarium, hiring New Mexico moving companies is crucial for the safe relocation of your pet. The pets that live in a terrarium are:

    • Geckos
    • Frogs
    • Spiders
    • Ants
    • Mantis
    A leopard gecko
    If you have an exotic pet, you need to learn how to pack a pet terrarium for a relocation.

    How to pack a pet terrarium?

    Before you opt for using Santa Fe moving services, you need to learn how to pack a pet terrarium. By learning how to do so, you will make sure it is safe for transportation. Even though it seems tricky, terrariums are easy to pack. It is harder to transport pets in terrariums than cats, bunnies, or dogs. Whether you have a big or a small terrarium, it’s best to put it in a special box. Since terrariums have to be sealed shut, it’s best to transport your animal with a different transporter. You mustn’t relocate pets in sealed boxes since they need air.

    It needs to provide light, warmth, and oxygen. If you have a small pet, you or your companion can hold the transporter during the relocation. Therefore, both you and the pet will feel safe. On the other hand, you must highly secure your terrarium. If they are not packed properly, they might damage. Since pet terrariums are not so cheap, we advise you to handle them safely. You will need a box, wrapping supplies, and some fabric. Wrap the terrarium with bubble wrap. Put it in the box, and wrap it with some soft fabric. You can use towels, old shirts, sheets, etc. After securing it, seal the box shut by using wrapping tape. Only then can you call residential movers Santa Fe NM you have already hired.

    A girl surrounded by boxes thinking about how to pack a pet terrarium
    Choose a box slightly bigger than your terrarium.

    To sum it up, it’s easy to learn how to pack a pet terrarium. You need to make sure you packed your pet terrarium safely by using good packing supplies and some soft fabric that will help loosen up the commotion during the relocation. By following these steps, you will make sure your exotic pet and its terrarium will be transported securely!



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