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    You are moving to Espanola, and you have to pack your clothes. Maybe you have never moved before. Or you are looking for better ways to pack clothes for moving. The thing is that even the Pro-Move Logistics New Mexico will not be able to protect the lousy packed clothes. So, the main issue when packing clothes is to avoid getting them wrinkled. You would also like to protect your clothes properly from getting dirty or torn. And you want it to stay organized. So, you will easily find things once you move into your new home.  Therefore, we decided to share some clothes packing tricks with you.

    Sort your clothes before you start to pack them for moving

    Sorting your clothes is the first thing to successfully organize the packing. This is rather simple. Just separate the clothes which you are using from the ones you don’t. This will save you time, as you will have to pack less. It will also save you money, as you will have less weight to transport.

    T-shirts flat-folded on the shop racks
    Flat folding is one of the ways to pack clothes for moving to Espanola.

    How to decide which clothes to leave behind?

    You can apply several criteria to help you decide what to do with excess clothes. Here is a short overview of the most common criteria that people are applying:

    • When you are moving to a different climate, some clothes you will not need anymore. Say, you are going to a place where is always warm – you won’t need heavy winter things.
    • All the clothes which you are not using because it is out of fashion.
    • The clothes that your kids have outgrown.
    • All clothes that are torn or worn out.
    • Clothes that you dislike as they don’t suit your style anymore.

    What should you do with the excess clothes before moving?

    Usually, there are three recommendations on what to do with the excess clothes. Following those recommendations, you could:

    • Bring the torn or spoiled pieces to the textile recycling center (if it is available in the area). You can also use them as fillers in the moving boxes that moving companies in Espanola will transport for you.
    • Clothes that are still good, you can offer to charities.
    • You can sell the good clothes, online or organize a yard sale. However, do this only if it is worthwhile. Moving preparation period is time-consuming. And, selling clothes can take you too much time and energy.

    Always label the moving boxes properly

    There are various ways to pack the clothes. You can use suitcases, vacuum bags, or various kinds of moving boxes. Regardless of what you use, put a label with contents on each of them. It is recommended to write on the label:

    • What type of clothes is inside (T-shirts, trousers, skirts, etc.)
    • To whom do the clothes belong
    • Always put a clear tape over the label, to make sure it would not tear off during transport

    During packing, try to separate out-of-season clothes. That one you will not need immediately upon arrival. So, when it is well packed, you can keep it in boxes until it is needed. Also, pack similar clothes together. The gym clothes you can pair with jogging clothes. So, don’t mix them up with clothes you use for going to work. Or with clothes for gardening. This will also help you later on, during unpacking.


    Woman packing clothes in a suitcase.
    You can use a suitcase for packing clothes when moving.

    Always pack clean and dry clothes

    Regardless of what you will use to pack clothes for moving, make sure is it clean and well dried. Closed for some time in the vacuum bags or suitcases, your clothes can easily get smelly. Or it can even get unremovable stains if it was not dried well out before packing. So, when packing, do it carefully.

    Before you pack clothes, put aside what you will wear during the move

    During the move, you will need some clothes to change. So, put it in your personal moving essential bag. Also, don’t forget to add underwear and pajamas. You will also need some towels and basic toiletries. Keep in mind that the moving truck of Santa Fe packers and movers may need a day or two to reach your new home. Once you have prepared the essential beg, you can start with packing.

    Techniques that you can use to fold clothes for packing

    Generally, there are several techniques for folding clothes for packing. However, the two of them are the most popular:

    Flat folding

    This is the simplest and most traditional way to fold clothes for moving. Most of the clothes you see on the shop racks are folded this way. Applying this technique carefully, you will prevent wrinkles on your clothes.

    Military rolling method

    Although it is not traditional, this technique gained popularity. Rolled the military way, you will be able to pack more clothes in the boxes. Also, applies properly, the technique will save your clothes from getting wrinkled.

    The additional tips to safely move clothes to Espanola

    We already noted that you can pack clothes in several ways. Will you keep the clothes in drawers, or put them into moving boxes, will depend on their type. Keeping your clothes in drawers and packing them in suitcases, you will save on space in the truck of the local movers NM, plus it will make the unpacking easier.

    Keep the clothes in drawers

    This is an excellent method to save space inside the moving truck. Also, it is easy for packing and unpacking. Basically, at your new home in Espanola, you will just have to remove the wrapping. And to put the drawer back in its place. However, when applying this method, consult with movers. They will give you advice on how to pack the drawers in the right way.

    Using suitcases to carry clothes

    This is yet another economical way of transporting clothes. Otherwise, you will be transporting a lot of air in the suitcase. Moreover, you will be charged for it.  Packing clothes for suitcases you can use the flat or military method of folding.


    Textiles rolled in a military way is how you can pack clothes for moving
    Rolled the military way, you will be able to pack more clothes in the boxes.

    Using the moving boxes for transportation

    You can actually use two types of moving boxes. In the ordinary one, you can pack the clothes flat or apply the military style. The other type of cardboard box is the one that comes with a rod across the top. So, simply take hanging clothes out of your closet and hang them on the metal rod in the wardrobe box.

    Using the plastic containers for packing

    In case you decide to use plastic containers, make sure they are clean inside. The rest of the packing is the same as when you are using the cardboard boxes.

    Vacuum bags

    Many people recommend using garbage bags to pack clothes. However, they are weak and can break open easily. Also, they are very slippery. So, they will easily slide from the pile. The better option is to use vacuum bags. The plastic is more tick, and the contents will be better preserved inside. And, by taking the air out after packing clothes, they will take less space in the moving truck.

    Few more tips on how to pack clothes for moving to Espanola

    So, you can pack clothes for moving to Espanola in several ways. You will decide what is the best way of packing for you. However, there are some additional tips that we would like to share. When packing, always put the heavier clothes to the bottom. Also, don’t put jewelry, or handbags in the same box with clothes. They are having some sharp parts and can easily damage your belongings. As well, before putting the clothes inside cardboard boxes or plastic containers, line them with clean packing paper. That way, you will keep the clothes clean. Applying the presented methods of packing, you will for sure move your clothes to Espanola successfully.



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