How to pack light for Rio Rancho to Bernalillo move?

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    Rio Rancho and Bernalillo are two beautiful American cities in New Mexico, USA. If you plan on moving from one place to another, you might be wondering: How to pack light for Rio Rancho to Bernalillo move? Don’t worry! We at Pro-Move Logistics Santa Fe will help you pack and move as seamlessly as possible! We have also prepared some advice for you on this topic, so keep on reading.

    Pack essential items for Rio Rancho to Bernalillo move

    To pack light, you will need to decide which items are essential and which ones are not. Choose essential items and separate them from the rest of your stuff. Essential items vary from person to person. For example, the important items can be a laptop, clothes, a toothbrush, a pillow… If you are a student, crucial items will probably be your study books and your laptop. While the rest of the stuff can be transported by using moving services Santa Fe NM, you can transport the essentials via your car, taxi, or bus.


    a girl taping a box
    Using your supplies will reduce the moving price.

    Try using free wrapping supplies to pack light for a Rio Rancho to Bernalillo move

    If you don’t have enough time to find wrapping supplies, you can always ask Santa Fe packers and movers to help you with this. However, if you want to reduce the price of transportation, you should use your wrapping supplies. You can buy wrapping tape in almost every supermarket. As for boxes, you can even get them for free. Just ask any store clerk for a free box. However, if you cannot get free boxes, you can buy them at a very low price. It’s best if you choose boxes of different dimensions. Also, use a marker and label every box.

    Before you move from Rio Rancho to Bernalillo with the help of  Rio Ranchos movers, you should divide your boxes into different categories. By doing this you will save yourself more time when packing and unpacking. However, if you are not sure how to differentiate your boxes, don’t worry. There are many techniques, and we will help you choose the one that suits you the most.

    person labeling a box
    Learning how to pack light for Rio Rancho to Bernalillo move can be very useful.

    Avoid some common mistakes when packing furnishing

    To avoid packing mistakes a tip that can help you pack light when moving to the town of Bernalillo is to sort your boxes by categories. This will also help you easily locate your items once you arrive at your new home:

    • The materials from which they are made of
    • Sort them by their size
    • Sort them by their color
    • By the type of items -fragile and non-fragile items

    If you have many fragile, easily broken items, do not put them all in one box. Instead, put some non-fragile items below and above them. For example, you can put towels under and above glasses, cups, or mirrors. If you are worried about some specific item that you value a lot, you can always hire movers Bernalillo NM and ask them to handle it with special care. If you are packing and moving plants, do not close and seal the box. Cut some holes, which will help plants breathe. However, if you want to pack light for Rio Rancho to Bernalillo move, the best option is to gift plants to a family member or a friend.


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