How to pest-proof your storage unit in Santa Fe

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    People have started to rent storage units more often. The reason is that it brings you are lot of space that you can use for an affordable price. The prices are quite good nowadays and you should not have any problems with renting one. There are so many Rio Rancho movers that you can try your luck and rent one. But, renting is one thing, and maintaining it is another. You need to be careful in order to protect your items from pests. There are many good ideas on how to pest-proof your storage unit in Santa Fe and we are here to deliver some of them to you!

    Check with the company about pest control

    Before you even start doing things on your own, it is important that you ask a company you are renting a storage unit from several important questions like:

    • what kind of pest control they have?
    • which company is handling that matter?
    • how often they clean storage units?
    • what condition is the unit in?

    Of course, there are more questions but everything depends on the duration of your rent. If you are planning to rent for a longer period of time, then you have to be thorough and ask everything that you find important. Pests are a bad thing that can ruin your items so be sure to handle this matter properly.

    people packing - pest-proof your storage unit in Santa Fe
    Plastic boxes are better for storing if you want to avoid pests

    Use proper supplies for storing your items

    If you want to handle the pest problem in the best way possible, you have to make sure that you use the right storing materials. For example, storing your items in cardboard boxes would not be a great idea. Pests can easily penetrate the surface and ruin your items. Instead of using a cardboard one, you should use plastic moving boxes. There is not that big of a difference in the price so it should not be a reason not to use them. Plastic is tougher and pests can’t penetrate the surface. Also, plastic boxes can sustain a bigger weight and you can store more items in each one.

    Elevate items above the ground

    The ground is your enemy if you want to pest-proof your storage unit in Santa Fe. Elevating is all about disabling pests to hide inside your items. Just imagine having to use something from the box and find out that there is a pest there. It is not a pleasant situation. In order to do this, you can use more wood crates. You can usually find them everywhere you turn so it should not be too hard to find them.

    Avoid storing food

    Storing food is the best way to attract pests to your storage unit. All New Mexico moving companies will tell you that you can’t do this because you will not only make a problem for yourself but for other people. Food can’t be stored inside a storage unit because it will most likely go bad, no matter what kind you want to store. But, you could bring food the other way too. You may want to store some kitchen appliances. Well, if you did not clean them properly, there could be crumbles of food. They will be enough for pests to come and start making problems. Before storing your appliances, be sure to clean them thoroughly and get rid of any food particles!

    Never store food in your storage unit!

    Pest-proof your storage unit in Santa Fe by using adequate pests repellers and deterrents

    All the previous tips are not directly connected to the pests themselves. What we mean is that they are just a way of avoiding them. But, the best course of action is certainly destroying them or prevent them from coming. In order to prevent them from coming to your storage unit, you should use cotton balls soaked in lavender or peppermint. Believe it or not, they are great pests repellents and you can use them. But, if you want to make sure that pests are destroyed, you can use regular pest sprays or traps. They should certainly be enough for you to get rid of these creatures!

    Use climate-controlled storage units

    One of the best solutions out there for this kind of problem is the use of adequate storage units. Yes, you can find regular ones but that is not a good idea. You want to use storages that have a constant temperature, humidity, and other factors. A temperature-controlled storage Santa Fe NM is a great solution because it will maintain the constant conditions inside the unit. The lower temperatures usually attract more pests. Also, places with this kind of storage are usually much better equipped and have better pest control.

    There are many items that need climate-controlled storage. For example, wooden furniture. If you store your furniture inside a regular storage unit, there is a big chance that the wood will change. Fabric too. It is the best way to attract pests. But, when having a proper unit where the humidity is constant, you have fewer chances to attract them and have problems later.

    storage door
    Climate-controlled storage is a better option

    Use professional help for the pest problem!

    Of course, if you want to avoid handling things on your own, there is always a different solution. You can simply call the professionals that will make sure to eradicate all pests in your unit. If they are reliable, you should not have this kind of problem any more any time soon. Before giving them the job, check them out, ask your friends and family about them and you should be okay!


    There is not one piece of advice that should cover everything and get rid of pests forever. But, there are pretty good tips that you can and should use if you want to handle this problem properly. It can be easy to pest-proof your storage unit in Santa Fe if you know how to do things. Now that you know some things on how to approach this matter, you should not have too many problems eradicating the pests.

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