How to prepare an RV for storage

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    Owning an RV gives you the freedom of having a home anywhere you go. It allows you to travel the country in the comfort of your own home on wheels. But, when the camping season is over, or when you simply don’t have time for camping it’s time to prepare an RV for storage. So, if you want to keep it safe and in good condition read on. As we will discuss what you need to do to ensure the safety of your beloved RV while you are away.

    Reasons for putting an RV in storage

    rv representing why you need to prepare an rv for storage
    There are many situations when you’ll need to put an RV in storage

    Before we start talking about how to prepare an RV for storage, it’s important to talk about the reasons for it. They don’t directly dictate how to prepare your RV. But can influence some of the decisions later on. So, there might be many reasons why you would want to rent RV storage in Santa Fe:

    • Non RV travel: You might decide to go on a vacation to a place that you can’t reach with your RV. Or even take a cruise or visit another country. In those situations, you’ll need to safely store your RV.
    • Work conferences: Our job often takes us places. And that’s great. But, when you have a job obligation that is going to last a long time, it’s time to park your RV for that period.
    • Not the right time for camping: Sometimes it’s just not the right moment for camping. There can be many reasons for it. But, no matter what the reason is, you need to keep your RV safe until a time for camping comes again.
    • Winter storage: This is one of the most common reasons why people decide to store their RVs. Winter is simply not an appropriate time for camping for the majority of people. And winter RV storage requires good preparation if you want to properly maintain your RV.

    The situation dictates how you prepare an RV for storage

    Putting an RV in storage can mean many things. But, what’s important is that you properly prepare it for your unique situation. And to give it the protection it needs to remain in a top-notch condition. It can influence which Santa Fe storage services you choose. And how you prepare your RV for storage. So, think about:

    • How long you are going to be away?
    • What’s the weather going to be like?
    • Will someone be able to check up on your RV?

    Steps that you need to take to prepare an RV for storage

    Camping in your RV is awesome. We all know that. But, eventually, a time comes when you have to take a break from camping. Planning a road trip is no longer a priority. Now, it’s time to focus on keeping your RV safe. Many people make the mistake of thinking that simply parking is the only thing they need to do to prepare an RV for storage. But, there’s much more to it. From finding a storage company to making sure that their RV is safely tucked away. Here are some of the steps that you need to take to ensure its safety and longevity.

    Find quality storage for your RV

    miniature representing storing an rv
    It’s important to prepare an RV for storage

    One of the first things that you need to do when preparing an RV for storage is to find a good storage solution. It needs to be easily accessible, has a good reputation, and be able to keep your pet on wheels safe. So, look for a quality New Mexico moving company that can offer the features that you need. It might seem that there isn’t much to outdoor RV storage. But, there are many factors that you should consider. From accessibility to security, storage for your RV needs to meet all your standards.

    Throw away any leftover food

    If you want to keep your RV in good condition, then you need to maintain it. But, that goes beyond taking care of the engine and tires. The interior is quite vulnerable if you leave it dirty for a long time. Food that remains in the RV can be an invitation for all sorts of insects to go buzzing in. And that’s not something you want. Not to mention that it can get smelly in there pretty quickly. So, make sure you empty all of your food cabinets and clean them. The same goes for the medicine cabinet. You don’t want to leave behind anything that can spoil.

    Clean the interior

    poorly prepared rv for storage
    It’s a good idea to get a custom made RV cover to avoid water damage

    Once all the food is out of the way it’s cleaning time. You will want to vacuum the entire interior. And make sure you do it thoroughly. Vacuum every corner, every cabinet, seat, and bed. After that, it’s time to wipe all the surfaces and make sure to disinfect them. Empty the fridge and give it a good cleaning. Making sure everything is nice and tidy is a great way to prepare an RV for storage. And when the time for camping arrives again, your RV will be clean and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

    Get a custom RV cover if you truly want to prepare an RV for storage

    There’s a big debate on whether or not to get a cover when you prepare an RV for storage. But, in the end, the gains outweigh the risks. The biggest problem with RV covers is that they can cause rainwater to the pool and cause damage. But, if you don’t cover it, its color can quickly begin to fade.

    Not to mention that birds and other animals can cause a mess on top of it. A great solution for this is to get a custom RV cover. Tailor-made for your RV. That way you’ll be able to properly cover an entire RV with minimal risk of water pooling on top of it. Also, if you can, make sure you visit it every couple of weeks to check up on it. Or at least after heavy rain. Shake the cover slightly to get any leftover water and that’s it.

    Prepare an RV for next season

    If you’ve done everything correctly your RV should be in great condition. Ready for all the adventures you’ll have next year. So, start planning the next camping season. And make sure you enjoy every moment of it. Because before you know it, it will be time to prepare an RV for storage again. And you know you’ll miss it. Just as you do now.

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