How to store your boat in the off-season in Santa Fe

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    Having a boat is not that common nowadays. It is a nice way to relax. But, it is also a big responsibility because you need to take good care of your boat. Summer is the season when you are going to use the boat. But, what about other seasons? You will have to protect your boat in order to use it again. There are many options to store your boat in the off-season in Santa Fe. You should contact some New Mexico moving companies and find the best solution. Here is how to you do it, step by step.

    Why is it important to store your boat in the off-season in Santa Fe?

    Even though it may seem that this is not necessary, it is quite important to do it. First of all, boats are expensive. Yes, you can find some good deals but that does not mean that you will pay it cheap. Second of all, you want to protect it from nature. You want to avoid unnecessary rains, snows, winds, etc. All of this is enough to make damage to your boat. You will have to spend money in order to repair it and that is not ideal. The best course of action is to store your boat when you do not need it and protect it. There are various solutions for this and you should pick the right one.

    docks - store your boat in the off-season in Santa Fe
    Never leave your boat on the docks in the off-season.

    Do not leave your boat on the docks

    Even though it may seem like the easiest thing to do, you should avoid leaving your boat on the docks. There is no point in doing so. You will just have to spend more money in order to keep your boat on the docks. Also, when you are in the off-season, you can’t use the boat every time you want. You have to wait for the right weather in order to use it. This is not a great option and you should not consider it!

    Where should you store your boat?

    One of the best options for storing your boat in the off-season is the storage unit. There are many Rio Rancho movers that are offering their storage services. You can easily find a storage unit that will perfectly fit your needs. Of course, you will have to do a thorough search because you do not want to make the wrong decision. Besides that, you want a facility that is offering great security coverage so that you could be sure that your boat is safe.

    storage units
    Consider a storage unit for storing your boat.

    Worried about the price?

    Many people avoid storing in storage units because they think that it is too expensive. The good thing is that storage units are quite affordable nowadays and you should not have any major problem with money. There are many things that determine how much it costs to rent a storage unit. You should think about:

    • location,
    • size,
    • duration of renting,
    • insurance,
    • items stored,
    • level of service etc.

    Should you store at your home?

    Some people prefer to store at their homes. But, when it comes to boats, it can be a problem. You need to have a room big enough to place your boat. A garage can be used for this but not too many people have that big garage. You will have to improvise and that can lead to a number of problems. Also, if you store your boat inside your home, you will not have room for anything else. You will have to park your car outside the garage. Be sure to think it through before dragging the boat to your home just to see that it can’t fit.

    Clean the boat before storing

    Before you try to store the boat, you have to clean it. It is not a popular idea because your boat can be so dirty. But, before you think that it can wait until the next season to clean the boat, you should know that it can become harder to clean it then. The best thing to do is to clean it now and store it. When the season comes, you will not have any job to do besides placing it in the water.

    Rustproof metal parts of the boat

    Rust is the worst enemy to the boat. Humidity is the biggest problem here and you have to address it correctly. Rustproofing is necessary if you want to protect it properly. But, you can even try and rent temperature-controlled storage Santa Fe NM where you will not have additional humidity make damage to the boat. Rustproofing and temperature-controlled storage units are the best solutions for the rust problem!

    Rust is the biggest problem with boats.

    Empty the oil and gas tanks

    Before you store your boat in the off-season in Santa Fe, you need to empty the oil and gas tanks. The reason is simple, they can get stuck during the storing time. That means that once you want to use the boat again, you will have many problems with starting it. It is vital that you handle this matter because it could make you lose some money trying to fix the problem later. Once you do this on time, you will just have to fill the oil and gas again and you are ready to sail!


    Storing a boat is a delicate matter which you need to address adequately. If you are not careful and do not do all the things, you will have problems later that could make you lose a lot of money. In order to store your boat in the off-season in Santa Fe, you will have to find a proper place for storing it. You will have to pick the right size storage unit, find a good location, prepare and fix your boat before storing, etc. Never try to avoid some of these things because you could have more problems later. Handle these things on time and you should be able to use the boat in the same condition the next season.

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