Items you should not pack on a moving truck

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    People often make a mistake when they underestimate the difficulty of the move. It is not all just about preparing and packing your stuff. You have to inform yourself about everything that may cause you trouble. One of the common things that people have problems with is the stuff that you can’t move. We do not mean physically. This is not a problem if you have good movers, like Pro-Move Logistics New Mexico, by your side. It is about moving items you should not pack on a moving truck. You can’t pack and move everything that comes to your mind. So, before you make a mistake and prepare something you should not, educate yourself about what those items are!


    It may not seem like people move food every day but it is a common mistake that they make. Of course, we need to be more clear about what food. Canned and properly sealed spices can be moved and movers will not cause any trouble. But if you want to put on the moving truck something like refrigerated and frozen food, or perishables, you will hit an obstacle. Throw it away or give it to charity before making a mistake like this. It is all because it can attract pests, and insects and that can cause a lot of problems for you, especially if you are moving long-distance!

    vegetables are among items you should not pack on a moving truck
    Perishables are on the list of items you should not pack on a moving truck.


    Moving plants and other greenery can cause you a lot of problems. Moving companies do not like to transport this because plants require special conditions in order to survive. This is a big problem when moving long distance. However, you may think that moving locally will change something. Most local movers Albuquerque do not like to do this and the best way to handle the move of your plants is to do it yourself. After all, you will not cover too many miles in order to relocate them.

    Hazardous items should not be packed on the moving truck

    Among the items you should not pack on a moving truck are hazardous items. These are a big no and not just because movers do not want to move them. They are prohibited and you would be breaking the law. But, what are the most common hazardous items people consider moving:

    • Corrosive chemicals
    • Flammable items
    • Explosive items
    • Toxic items

    You must know that they can cause a lot of damage, and not just to your items in the moving truck. It could hurt people or there could be even more serious consequences.

    a sign for danger
    Do not even consider moving hazardous items!

    Personal items

    Another stuff that you should not pack on a moving truck is personal items. It could be anything from passports to medical records. Even though there is not that high of a chance that something will happen to them if you go with reliable movers Albuquerque, it is always advisable to keep them to yourself. It is all because accidents happen, no matter how good and professional someone is. If you lose them this way, you may have a lot of problems in the future. Always keep personal records and documents to yourself since it is the most secure for you!

    Expensive items

    Moving expensive items can be quite hard. It is all because there is always a chance that something will go wrong. If that happens, you may lose a lot of money. Even though we could put this under personal items, there is an obvious difference. There is a lot of money involved and you do not want something bad to happen. Make sure to consider these as crucial items you should not pack on a moving truck. Better to be safe and handle high valuable items by yourself than to be sorry and lose them in transport!

    rings of various colors
    Always keep expensive items with you.

    But, what if you have the best movers that can move those items?

    The key thing here to remember is that this is not about restrictions from moving companies. Except for hazardous items. This is all because the move would be much more complicated if you pack everything from this list on the moving truck. It is much easier to move a piano than to move food or personal documents. It is all because you can find piano movers Albuquerque that will handle this for you. But, when talking about other things, you are on your own. You are doing this at your own risk and you should be aware of this before making any mistakes!

    Always ask yourself questions before moving

    When you ask yourself crucial questions, you will make better decisions. If you ask yourself whether you would be devastated to lose something, you have your answer. You should keep that item to yourself instead of packing it on the moving track. Also, do you need the specific paper that you want to move? Do you need documents with you or not? You need to understand that once you place everything in the truck, it is sealed. Your movers will stop only at your new place.

    Is this a final list of items you should not pack on a moving truck?

    These are the most common items that people consider putting on the moving truck. It is not everything nor you should look at it like that. When you look at it more closely, you will see that there is much other stuff that you should not put on the truck. But, these items will not make you a problem. So, if you are thinking about any item from this list, make sure you think again. Do not make your relocation harder than it already is!


    You now know all about items you should not pack on a moving truck. Do not make any excuses now. You know everything and you should make sure that you find alternative solutions for each and every item on this list. Trust us, you do not want to fall into problems you can’t get out of!


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