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    Apart from being known for its diverse landscape New Mexico is also known as a popular place for artists. It has more than 250 galleries. It is a true paradise for art lovers! If you have an art collection, you will need to be careful when moving it. Perhaps you are moving to a new home. Or maybe you are an artist. And you may need to transport your artwork for some exhibition. The thing is that you will want to keep each piece of artwork in perfect and pristine condition. When you are moving art in New Mexico, you can always rely on the professional help of New Mexico movers. With artwork, you need to be extra careful, to avoid irreparable damages. So, you have to prepare and move artwork in certain ways. And here we give some tips and tricks on how to do it properly.

    Head of Buddha sculpture packed for moving art in New Mexico.
    All artworks must be packed carefully.

    Get the right packing material for moving art in New Mexico

    When you are packing art pieces for moving, there are two important rules:

    • pick suitable moving boxes for transporting your artwork
    • make sure that each art piece is fully secured within the moving box

    You may have art pieces in different sizes and shapes. Thus, they will all need different types of moving boxes. Usually, prints and paintings are packed in mirror boxes, or flattened boxes. If you don’t have some at home, you can easily purchase them. Heavier and larger items, like sculptures, need different packing. It is best to pack them in wooden crates.

    In order to secure your artwork inside the moving boxes, use adequate padding. The important is to choose the right packing materials. Some materials can scratch the artwork’s surface and cause irreparable damage. For example, instead of using ordinary wrapping paper, you can use glassine. It is smooth paper resistant to air, water, and grease. So, it is an excellent solution for protecting sensitive surfaces.

    Secure the framed artwork for transportation

    Also, use enough packing materials. The properly prepared artwork will be safe during transportation. When packing framed artwork, a flat picture box is an excellent option. However, make sure that the box is a bit bigger than the frame. That will give you the possibility to use enough padding. The point is to make the art piece immobilized. So, it will not bounce around inside the box. In that way, you will prevent it from breaking, or sustaining damages.

    Additionally, before you continue with wrapping, secure the frame corners. They are sharp, and they can easily tear the moving box. So, add additional protection to them. The professionals from the art delivery service Santa Fe recommend using styrofoam corner protectors. Or, if you can’t find them, you can simply make cardboard corner protectors.

    Woman in red hat wrapping candles.
    Proper packing materials are important.

    Protect the glass covering

    In case your piece of art has a glass covering, the additional protection is a good idea. After wrapping the artwork with a layer of glassine, make an “X” across the glass with the masking tape. Don’t put it directly on the glass. You may damage the glass with the adhesive material from the tape. This small trick will prevent your glass to shatter in case of an accidental break. You can only imagine the freely moving pieces of shattered glass over the canvas.

    Use bubble wrap for additional protection when moving your art

    After securing the corners and the glass, use the bubble wrapping to secure your artwork additionally. Don’t use newspaper for wrapping. It may leave stains on both frames and artwork.

    When packing small frames or photos, you can pack them together in one moving box. Wrap each piece separately as described. After they are well secured, place them in the moving box. In case you are moving your art for an expo outside the country, consult with international movers New Mexico. They can help you with transport and additional packing advice.

    Pack, label, and seal the moving box

    Before placing artwork inside the moving box, first secure the bottom well. Make sure it will not accidentally open up. After that, place some wadded papers or bubble wrap layers at the bottom. This way, you will have a soft and protecting layer underneath your artwork. In case you are packing several pieces into one moving box, separate them. You can add some more packing material or other kinds of separators between them.

    Also, always make sure that the moving box is a bit wider than your pieces. That way, you will be able to add additional soft packing materials between the artwork and box sides. Before closing the box, shake it a bit. If you notice that the pieces inside are moving, add some more padding. Once you are satisfied, label the box. Write on it what it contains. Also, not that the contents are fragile. What remains is to seal the box with packing tape.

    Artist painting on canvas.
    Artists understand how important moving art in New Mexico is.

    Packing sculptures for moving

    Packing the sculptures for moving requires a bit different approach. Usually, they are packed into wooden crates. But, before packing, you have to wrap them properly. In general, sculptures are more delicate than frames and paintings. So, you will have first to wrap them with some soft material.  Regardless of the material used for making sculptures, their surface is very sensitive. So, don’t skip on protecting every single nook on them.

    Over the first protective layer, you can add bubble wrap. And, don’t save on it. Once you are finished, the sculpture should look like a sphere shape. Only then, you can place it in the box. Also, make sure to fill up all the hollow places with additional wrapping. Once the sculpture is safely packed, seal and label the box. In the same way, you should pack your sculptures and artwork when moving them to the safe and temperature controlled storage Santa Fe NM facility.

    New Mexico is a land of artists and galleries

    New Mexico is the land of artists, the perfect place to showcase your art and find new clients.  As an artist, you understand how important it is to pack well when moving art in New Mexico is. Whenever you need to exhibit your artwork in one of the galleries, you will have to pack and transport it. Therefore learning how to do it properly is key. Moreover, you can always ask professional movers for help if you are not sure that you will do the job correctly. After all, they are experts when it comes to moving and packing delicate art pieces.



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