Moving back to Santa Fe after college: 6 useful tips

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    Is returning to your roots a safe haven or a place where nostalgia kicks in and mixes with reality? Going back to your hometown and being surrounded by everything you know and love is a comforting feeling. Returning home from across the country after years away and reconnecting with your old ways does sound appealing. For a variety of reasons, many people are returning to their hometowns following the pandemic and these difficult times. Many of us have times in our lives when we feel like we need to return home because of the end of a job or graduation. Or perhaps because of the breakup of a long-term relationship. No matter the reason, our Santa Fe packers and movers are here to share with you six useful tips for moving back to Santa Fe after college.

    6 Useful Tips for Moving Back to Santa Fe after college

    Moving back to Santa Fe after college may be a difficult period for you. While you might be excited to move out of your college dorm and enjoy a bigger space, you won’t enjoy dealing with rent, utilities, finding a roommate, and so on. To help you through this important period of your life, we at Pro-Move Logistics New Mexico have come up with these six useful tips. Read on to find out more.

    a girls smiling because she is moving back to Santa Fe after college
    Moving back to your hometown is sometimes the best possible choice.

    1. Be wary of nostalgia

    Our sentimental feelings towards our childhood home may arise from a carefree, adventurous time when we had no worries or responsibilities. We sometimes tend to believe that our hometowns won’t change, no matter how the rest of the world changes. And that this will restore our sense of safety, hope, familiarity, and belonging. Our old friends and relatives live the same way, so we’ll fit in, right? Your community, its residents, and you will all have changed in the time you’ve been away. Old friends may have families or occupations. You will notice once you come back that something feels off. Don’t expect to find everything as it was.

    There may be no more restaurants, clubs, or taverns. Housing projects and shifting demographics may have changed the town. More importantly, you will perceive your childhood home differently. You’ve traveled, acquired new knowledge, and met people from different cultures. Memory triggers may be unlocked. Some not-so-happy recollections may surface. Consider your reputation in your hometown. If it wasn’t that great, this might not be the smartest idea.

    2. Consider staying at your parents’ house for a few months

    Living with your parents does not imply that you have failed in your professional pursuits. With the high cost of living, student loan debt, and other costs associated with establishing your own life, returning to your parent’s home for a period is a typical alternative. According to surveys, more than half of millennials want to return to their parents’ homes after graduation. With almost a third planning to remain for at least two years. Furthermore, when the new coronavirus epidemic impacts students’ post-college job search or employment plans, the number of people deciding to return home may grow. By moving back in with your parents, you’ll save money, get a jump start on your next move, and restrict your job search.

    mother and daughter video chatting
    Before moving back to Santa Fe after college, check with your parents if they could take you in for a while.

    3. Set aside a fund for a security deposit and a few month’s worth of rent

    Most apartments require a deposit when you move in, which can be as much as one month’s rent or more in some areas. Determine what you can afford based on your career prospects and estimated salary and keep a copy of this list in your wallet. A month or two of rent should also be saved in case of emergencies or a sudden loss of employment.  You never know what could happen. So, take every precaution.

    4. Start planning your budget

    Rent is only one part of your monthly budget; you also need to account for other necessities like food, electricity, phone service, and other monthly bills, including any student loan or credit card debt you may have. The lack of a budget to align your savings goals makes it impossible to predict how much money you’ll need each month to meet essential needs, save, and deal with unforeseen expenses. Use a budget planner to get started. You can find many of them on the internet. Take a look at Santa Fe moving services and figure out what you need and how much it will cost.

    5. Start looking for a roommate

    Roommates not only help you save money on rent and other living costs, but they may also introduce you to people in your town and help you feel less alone. Finding a roommate does not have to be difficult. Contact your relatives or old friends to see if they know someone who’s also in need of a roommate. Or simply publish an ad on Craigslist site, or join some local Facebook housing groups.

    two roommates drinking and eating pizza
    Having a roommate is sometimes better than living alone.

    6. Hire dependable movers and packers

    Once you’ve found your roommate and your new apartment, you’ve signed the contract, and paid down your deposit, it’s time to start looking for a dependable moving company. Our local movers Santa Fe NM can help you move to your new home in no time. They have all the tools and expertise to pack you up and move all of your possessions in just a matter of hours. Since they know the area very well, they’ll have no trouble finding you. Rest assured that with Santa Fe movers your possessions will get delivered without a single scratch. Let moving back to Santa Fe after college be a pleasant experience with our help. Happy relocating!






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