Moving from Grants to Las Vegas NM: last-minute tips and tricks

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    Have you decided to move? There are many reasons why people move. First of all, people want to buy a house that might not be available or affordable in their city. Then, they can move because they find a better job or their job will transfer them to the new office. Another reason would be because their partner is living in this new city. Whatever the reason might be, it is time to organize your relocation. Every relocation should start by getting to know your new city before hiring Grants NM movers. Therefore, here are all the things you should know when moving from Grants to Las Vegas NM.  

    Get to know Las Vegas NM 

    When you hear Las Vegas, most people would think about Las Vegas in Nevada. Few people actually know about the second, much smaller Las Vegas located in New Mexico. Unlike its much larger and more popular namesake, Las Vegas in New Mexico is a small city in the country of San Miguel. There are around 13 350 people living here and the number is decreasing every year. As you can imagine, it is not very popular to move to a small city when you have Santa Fe close by. However, some people are not happy living in a large city, especially if they want to raise a family so they move with movers Las Vegas NM. It is better to raise kids in a smaller community. Furthermore, it is more expensive to live in a large city. This is often not the case with small cities like Las Vegas. 

    Moving from Grants to Las Vegas NM to see a girl on the buidling
    Many movies were filmed in Las Vegas NM

    Living costs in Las Vegas 

    Since Las Vegas is quite small, it is also pretty affordable. For example, the average home value is around $111,700 which is much cheaper than houses in Santa Fe or some other larger city. Then, if you plan to buy a house, the average mortgage is around $1,064. Again, if both partners are working, you can easily afford to pay the mortgage on time. In addition to this, Las Vegas has a suburban feel. It is suitable for larger families that need more space that they cannot find in bigger densely populated cities, especially for this price. For this reason, since you are moving to Las Vegas, you should hire New Mexico movers on time. Since you can reach Las Vegas from Grants in less than 3 hours, you do not have to hurry with hiring movers. One month or less is more than enough. 

    Pros of living in Las Vegas 

    Before you hire local movers New Mexico, you should also read about all the pros of living in Las Vegas. Here are some of them. 

    • Livability – as mentioned, Las Vegas is small, so the overall livability score is above average. Usually, this score is calculated based on education, cost of living, crime, and residents’ happiness. As you can see, residents are quite happy to live here. 
    • Cost of living – it is worth mentioning again that it is quite affordable to live in Las Vegas. The average cost of living in Las Vegas is lower than the national average. This includes housing costs, transportation, health care, grocery, services, etc. 
    • Education – even though it is a small town, education is good and ranks pretty high on national and statewide levels. Factors such as graduation rates, enrollment rates, parents’ reviews, and teacher-to-student ratios are considered. 
    an empty street
    It is quite affordable to live in Las Vegas so moving from Grants to Las Vegas NM is a smart idea

    Cons of moving from Grants to Las Vegas NM 

    Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to Las Vegas as well. You need to consider these aspects before you move. Here are all the most important ones. 

    • CrimeLas Vegas’ crime rate is higher than other suburban areas both nationally and statewide. This is a huge problem, especially if you are living alone or have small children. However, things have been better recently and if you search for the newest statistics, you will see improvement. 
    • Population – a small number of people living here might be a disadvantage if you are not used to living in a small city. 
    • Declining population – as mentioned, the population in Las Vegas has been declining in the past 5 years. The reasons are various. People usually list pandemics, low birth rate, migration, lack of opportunities, etc.  
    • High poverty rate – more than 25% of residents live in poverty and the average poverty rate is around 12%. 

    How to prepare a last-minute relocation? 

    Now that you know a lot about the city, it is time to see how to prepare for your relocation. If you do not have enough time, do not worry too much. Since Grants is pretty close to Las Vegas, you can easily organize a last-minute relocation. First of all, hire a moving company or rent a moving truck. Then, you should see about all the items you plan to move. It would be better if you can declutter all the items you no longer need. You can sell or donate them to make some money. However, if you do not have time, then, just do it when packing. Then, you should get packing supplies. Focus on cardboard boxes since you will need them the most. After this, try to be organized when packing. You can pack room by room so you will avoid losing or misplacing items. 

    a white moving truck to help moving from Grants to Las Vegas NM
    You can also rent a moving truck for your relocation

    Should you move?  

    As you can see, these would all the things you should know about moving from Grants to Las Vegas NM. Generally speaking, Las Vegas is a good place to live if you like a small town. You will feel like you belong to a small community where everyone knows everyone. This is not a necessarily bad thing. Just on contrary, there are many benefits of living in a small community. You will know all the people so you can check whether your kids are spending their time in good company or not. It is also safer to live in a small city which is an important aspect to consider. 


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