Moving from Los Alamos to Santa Fe – what you will leave behind

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    Driving from Los Alamos to Santa Fe takes only about 40 minutes. If you are taking a bus, the driving time is a bit longer. However, the bus ticket will cost you only $2. Regardless of so short distance when moving from Los Alamos to Santa Fe, you have to organize your move. This means that you have to make a good moving plan. Following it step-by-step, you will successfully prepare for the arrival of movers in Santa Fe NM. Making and following a good moving plan is essential. It will help you to complete all preparations on time. Also, you will not miss completing any preparation task.

    Preparing a good plan for moving from Los Alamos to Santa Fe is key

    Not everyone is ready to make a moving plan. Some people are of opinion that it is unnecessary. Or even that they are losing time doing it. This can’t be further from the truth. By making a plan, you are mentally preparing yourself for the move. Thus, it is also good to involve family members while you are drafting it. Not only they will better accept the idea of moving. They will also see how they can contribute. Also, they will realize what are their roles during the preparation time. And, having more people discussing the plan, the lesser are chances to forget something.

     Promenade of St. Francis you can enjoy after after moving from Los Alamos to Santa Fe -
    When moving to Santa Fe, make a moving plan.

    Making a good moving plan demands concentration and considering things in advance

    Basically, when planning, you will mentally go through all the preparation steps. And you will note those steps down. You can list all the steps on the piece of paper. Or you can use a cell phone or tablet. Whatever is more convenient for you. The point is that, in the end, you will have a moving checklist. Here is an example of what it should contain:

    • Moving date and time
    • Steps to finding affordable and reliable movers Los Alamos NM
    • How to organize decluttering
    • Reminder to make the inventory of items you are moving to Santa Fee
    • Note to make the inventory of items you are living behind
    • Calculate your moving budget
    • Check if all your utility bills are settled
    • Contact the utility companies in Los Alamos to cancel the contract
    • Contact the respective utility companies in Santa Fe (set the start date of their services – the best would be on your moving date)
    • Get enough quantity of the good moving supplies
    • Pack the essential moving bag
    • Check once again all your documents and keep the most important with you
    • Pack the valuable things and keep them in your car

    By following these steps, your preparations will be easier. And moving from Los Alamos to Santa Fe will be completed on time.

    Temperature-controlled storage units with upright hand truck.
    Choose a temperature-controlled storage unit in Santa Fe.

    What to leave behind when relocating from Los Alamos to Santa Fee?

    We already mentioned decluttering as a part of the moving preparations. So, all that you are not using anymore, you should leave behind. And this applies to clothes and shoes as well as furniture parts. Besides, you should do some measurements. This applies especially to your bulky items. Check the blueprint of your new Santa Fe home. Some furniture pieces will simply not match in. Such, you can sell, or donate. You can also store them for some time until you make the final decision.

    Storing items after Los Alamos to Santa Fe move

    Your bulky items might be brand new. Also, you might have less space in your new home. Thus, you will have to find a place for them. So, after moving them from Los Alamos to Santa Fe, you can keep them in a good storage facility. That way, you can get hold of those items any time you need them. However, when choosing the storage, be careful. Make sure that the storage facility and units are clean. Also, they have to be secure. And placing your things in temperature controlled storage Santa Fe NM, you can be sure that they will be well preserved.

    Regardless of the moving distance, movers will not accept some items on their trucks

    Moving companies are forbidden to load and move certain things. So, before you start to pack, discuss this issue with your movers. They will give you the list of the things forbidden for transport. It would be a pity to spend time packing things that you will have to leave behind. The moving companies are not moving any corrosive, hazardous, and flammable materials. Also, they will not accept:

    • Some yard tools and equipment that are prohibited for transport
    • Paint cans, fertilizer, and insecticides
    • Indoor or outdoor plants
    • Pets
    • Perishables
    Pot flowers and a summer hat on garden set.
    You can move pot flowers in your car when moving from Los Alamos to Santa Fe

    Why do you have to leave perishables when moving?

    Perishables are not dangerous. For sure, you can’t consider them as hazardous materials. Still, when you are moving long distances, no mover will accept them. As perishables, the moving companies consider the following:

    • Fresh foods
    • Frozen foods
    • Open food products
    • Refrigerated foods

    The main reason is that the food can easily be rotten. In such a case, the mover will have to do throughout cleaning of the truck. They will have to remove the remains of food. And especially, they will have to remove the unpleasant odor.

    However, in the case of local moving, moving services Santa Fe NM may accept to transport perishables. But, in such a case, you will have to follow their strict packing instructions.

    Fooling moving companies and packing hazardous items is not wise

    When you use the services of the moving company, all your items are subject to moving insurance. Nevertheless, misleading a moving company could fool you in the end. In case of an accident, you may lose some or even all your items. Also, the moving truck will probably sustain damages. So, you will be liable and will have to reimburse the damage to the moving company. Moreover, you will be responsible for any injury that movers sustain.

    At the same time, the moving insurance will not be applicable anymore. This means that no moving company or insurance company will cover your loss. So, it is better to dispose of hazardous items. The risk of smuggling them is too high.

    Since the trip from Los Alamos to Santa Fe is short, you can move some things yourself

    Moving from Los Alamos to Santa Fe, you will have to find alternative ways to transport your pets and potted plants. Or some other items that you want to keep, and the moving company couldn’t accept them. As the moving distance is short, you can make a few trips forth and back with your car. However, when you transport plants in a car, prepare them for the trip. And never drive them locked in the car trunk. Also, you can transport some other smaller items this way. But whatever you really don’t need, or can buy in Santa Fe, leave behind.

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