Moving from Los Lunas to Albuquerque on short-notice

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    Moving on short notice is never fun. Usually, you’ll need at least four to six weeks in order to prepare everything properly. It takes time to find appropriate Albuquerque moving companies, organize your items, pack everything, and finally transport it. However, it is not the end of the world if you have to move in a shorter period of time. Since you are currently living in Los Lunas and want to move to Albuquerque, this should not be such a problem. Since you can reach Albuquerque in less than 30 minutes, organizing the entire relocation should be fairly simple. For this reason, here is everything you should know when you are moving from Los Lunas to Albuquerque. 

    The reasons why people are moving to Albuquerque 

    When you are living in Los Lunas, you probably have been to Albuquerque multiple times. Since your current home is quite small when compared to Albuquerque, it is more interesting to live in a bigger city. Albuquerque is New Mexico’s biggest city and also the highest metropolitan city when looking at altitude. In addition to this, Albuquerque covers a large metropolitan area that includes the following. 

    • Rio Rancho 
    • Placitas 
    • Bernalillo 
    • Los Lunas 
    • Corrales 
    • Belen 
    • Bosque Farms 

    Usually, people would hire movers Los Lunas NM to relocate to Albuquerque, the reason is quite simple. Since Albuquerque is much larger than Los Lunas, there are more employment options, better schools, entertainment options, and so on. Therefore, if you have to move on short notice to Albuquerque, it is not a huge problem since they are only 30 minutes apart. It would be more challenging if the distance was bigger. 

    Albuquerque during the night
    Moving from Los Lunas to Albuquerque means living in a huge city.

    The cost of living in Albuquerque is reasonable 

    Since Albuquerque is much bigger than Los Lunas, you can expect higher living costs. However, this is not anything drastic. Alburquerque is the 60th largest metropolitan area in the country. Still, the cost of living in this city is almost 2.8% lower than the national average. This means you will have enough money to hire New Mexico movers, buy or rent a house or apartment, and move into your new home. You can easily find a one-bedroom apartment for around $740. This is very affordable considering how expensive it is to rent. Additionally, the median household income is a bit over $52,000. The median home price is over $210,000. Since the money will not be a problem, you can easily organize a relocation on short notice when moving from Los Lunas to Albuquerque. It should be important to mention that both median household income and home price are ever so increasing each year. 

    The area around Albuquerque is beautiful 

    Since you live in Los Lunas, you probably know that area around this city is simply stunning.  First, it is surrounded by the Sandia mountains. Then, it has the Rio Grande that flows right through the city. This means that you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities according to the location in the city. If you like to hike, then you should head over to the mountains. On the other hand, if you prefer spending your time fishing and relaxing, then going to the river would be the right choice for you. You can even relax if you go to the mountain. You can take the 2.7-mile aerial tramway to Sandia Crest. They’re offering food and drinks during the ride while you can take a look at the mountain. When you go back home, you can play your piano that piano movers Albuquerque transported for you.

    mountain in the distance
    Albuquerque is located right next to the mountains.

    Moving from Los Lunas to Albuquerque to enjoy the city 

    It is a huge advantage when you can live in a city it has a lot of green space. Parks make up over 26% of the entire city. Finding a park in Albuquerque that is near you is extremely easy. When talking about parks, the first one would be Petroglyph National Monument Park. It is 17 miles long and it got its name because petroglyphs were found here. If you visit this park, you can learn more about the petroglyphs, join audio tours, and even take scenic hikes. In addition to this, there are many pictures and images carved by Native Americans and Spanish settlers. This is not the only place where you can see Native American culture influencing Albuquerque’s identity. New Mexico is home to 22 different Native American tribes. There are three separate reservations around Albuquerque. 

    You have unlimited entertainment options in Albuquerque 

    There are many festivals and cultural events happening every year in Albuquerque. For example, the Annual International Balloon Fiesta is usually held in early October. You can expect more than hundreds of hot air balloons to take off during this festival. It is something that every resident of New Mexico should see at least once in their life. Then, the New Mexico State Fair is held every September in Albuquerque. You can watch a lot of interesting performances or exhibitions such as Native American or Spanish art demonstrations to horse racing. Lastly, Old Town is always hosting the San Felipe Fiesta every year in the late spring. This Fiesta is always honoring the San Felipe Church that was built back in 1706. You can experience the best that Alburquerque has to offer when it comes to entertainment during this Fiesta. 

    a balloon festival
    You should visit the Annual International Balloon Fiesta.

    Should you move to Alburquerque? 

    The last question to answer would be if it is worth moving from Los Lunas to Albuquerque. As you can see, there are many advantages of living in this city. First of all, it is much bigger than Los Lunas which automatically means more opportunities for everything. Then, if you have to move on short notice, you don’t have to worry too much since the distance between these two places is quite small. You can easily reach Albuquerque in less than 30 minutes from Los Lunas. This means that you only need to hire good movers and let them take care of everything which is not going to be expensive considering the distance. 


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