Moving from Rio Rancho to Los Alamos: what is there to know

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    Relocation is the time when you have a lot of responsibilities. But, that is not all. It is also the time you have to be very careful about the decisions that you are making. One of those is about the new place. Moving from Rio Rancho to Los Alamos is the same. It is much easier to move since you can use New Mexico moving companies but there is another thing you should know. What are you getting by moving to Los Alamos? Is it a great place to live? Find everything that you need to know in the rest of the article!

    The best schools in New Mexico should get you to move to Los Alamos from Rio Rancho!

    Most people have different reasons they want to move out of Rio Rancho. Even though it is a great place, there is something better that Los Alamos has to offer. The school system was named the number 1 school district in the whole country. And we all know how big the state of New Mexico is. Of course, it is not all just about elementary and high schools. If you need a great place where you will get a higher education, you will be pleased with the University of New Mexico. It is one of the best places to go and get a higher degree.

    So, the point is that you do not have to think anymore if education is the reason why you want to move. Just make sure to find movers Rio Rancho that will be able to transfer everything you put at them to Los Alamos. After that, make sure you use everything the education in Los Alamos has to offer!

    books in different colors
    After moving from Rio Rancho to Los Alamos you will have great educational options.

    Outdoor activities right in front of you

    Los Alamos is a great place to relocate to if you are fond of outdoor activities. There are many things and places you can enjoy like:

    • Valles Caldera National Preserve
    • Pajarito Mountain Ski Area
    • Bandelier National Monument
    • Los Alamos Golf Course

    Also, hikers will be very pleased because they will be quite close to hiker trails they can use all year long, no matter where you are at the moment in Los Alamos!

    The history of Los Alamos will amaze you

    The rich history of Los Alamos will be enough for anyone to be amazed. There are a ton of great places to visit if you decide to move to Los Alamos from Rio Rancho. However, we have to mention something that many people forget. Los Alamos was a crucial place during World War 2. It is all because the secret laboratory, called Project Y, was placed in this great city. It was a top attraction and the main place of work for many people, including physicists, metallurgists, and chemists. Due to the nature of the job, the military was also a big thing at Los Alamos in those days. The great thing is that you can revisit all of this because this great place has made museums and even a national part devoted to its rich history!

    The artistic paradise

    If you are all of the art and want to enjoy it, then find movers Los Alamos NM and move to Los Alamos! The only creative district in New Mexico is located in Los Alamos. You can just imagine what that means for the state that is one of the biggest in the US. That makes Los Alamos a great attraction for people with artistic capabilities. Or, people that just want to enjoy art in their place of living. Live entertainment can be found in Los Alamos Little Theatre. The best thing is that due to the work of the Los Alamos Concert Association musicians all over the world come here to present their new music. Also, when talking about the ‘classic’ art of painting and sculpture, there are around 100 installations over the course of one year.

    an art gallery
    The great art scene in Los Alamos will blow you away.

    The restaurant scene will be more than enough to blow you away

    Even though Rio Rancho has some pretty great places to go and enjoy some delicious food, Los Alamos is one step above. That means that relocating from Rio Rancho to Los Alamos will give you plenty of opportunities. The best thing is that there is diversity among the places. What we mean to say is that you will not enjoy only one cuisine here. Naturally, the Mexican one will be the main one but you can also enjoy pizza places, sushi places, Mediterranean restaurants, and much more. So, if you are up for enjoying a wide specter of cuisine, make sure you look for movers that will take you there.

    a great restaurant to enjoy after moving from Rio Rancho to Los Alamos
    Diverse culture will make you fall in love with food.

    Will moving from Rio Rancho to Los Alamos be hard? How to pull it off?

    In order to enjoy everything from this list, you will first need to make a big step and think about the ways of moving from Rio Rancho to Los Alamos. It will not be easy since there are around 90 miles between the places. That makes this a long-distance move so you will need better movers than regular ones. Finding them will be a tough job that will require a ton of time. You will need that time to compare the companies, see what each one has to offer, and much more.

    When talking about what they have to offer, you should also think about storage. Long-distance relocations are much harder and the good thing is that you can use storage units to store items that you do not need at the moment. It will make everything much easier and you will pay a much lower price. However, if you choose storage, make sure you look for temperature controlled storage Santa Fe NM. The temperatures in New Mexico can be so hot that it can damage some items if you do not store them properly!


    To sum up, we have to say that Los Alamos is one great place. There is something for everybody and it is definitely worth moving from Rio Rancho to Los Alamos. You should give yourself the chance to enjoy everything from this list. Make sure you live your life to the fullest and Los Alamos is definitely the place to do just that!


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