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A move to Santa Fe shouldn’t be tricky! Yet even a move down the street can be a hassle. You must pack your boxes, haul them into a truck, and transport everything to your new house.

Apartment moves can be even trickier than home moves. Many people live in apartments on upper floors, so they must haul moving boxes up long flights of stairs. Garages and storage spaces may be inconvenient, requiring teams of Santa Fe apartment movers to help you.

We at Pro-Move Logistics understand that an apartment move can be tricky. That’s why we train our movers to provide affordable, professional, and safe Santa Fe apartment moving services. We perform local moves anywhere in New Mexico. We serve all of Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County, and we’re ready to help you with your moving day. Here’s what you should know about our Santa Fe apartment moving company.

Hiring Professional Santa Fe Apartment Movers - Top Reasons

You may think that do it yourself moving to Santa Fe will save money and time. In reality, moving by yourself can create a stressful, expensive, and even dangerous moving process. Here are the benefits of hiring professional movers for apartments in Santa Fe.

A Santa Fe Apartment Moving Company Will Save You Time

The moving process can take hours, even if your new apartment is right down the street. Packing is the longest step, as you need to find the right packing materials, sort through your belongings, and place them into moving boxes. Unpacking can also take hours, especially if you need to reassemble furniture and appliances.

Our team of Santa Fe apartment movers have over 15 years of experience in the moving industry. We train our Santa Fe local apartment movers to pack, transport, and haul an entire home efficiently. While your Santa Fe local apartment movers are providing crucial and excellent service, you can spend your free time on your job, friends, and family.

Santa Fe Apartment Movers Will Create a Stress Free Moving Process

The moving process can be extremely stressful. You have to keep track of numerous details, including where items are and what you’ve packed already. Many people injure themselves or damage an item during the packing process, which can cause delays.

A Santa Fe moving company for apartments can provide a full service experience. We’ll take care of everything so you can relax during your next move. We’ll remain in contact with you and give you a complete inventory of your items so you know everything is being packed for your new apartment.

Santa Fe Apartment Moving Services Are Comprehensive

When you hire Santa Fe apartment movers, you are hiring professionals with training and expertise in each step of the moving process. We can assist with planning, including creating a customized checklist to keep track of your belongings. We can assemble and disassemble furniture. We can perform heavy lifting, including of bulky items like pianos and safes. When we get to your apartment, we can unpack items and place them in any room of your unit, including a bathroom, balcony, or living room.

We always use the best materials and moving equipment available to Santa Fe small movers. Our employees can use furniture pads, shrink wrap, and wrapping paper to protect your fragile items. We can also speed up the moving process by using carts and dollies to transport your items. Our Santa Fe movers for apartments can protect your floors, doors, and walls using pads and moving paper.

Santa Fe Apartment Movers Understand Apartment Moves

Some people have moved between homes, and they assume that an apartment move is similar. In reality, apartment moves and home moves have many differences.

Apartments have common areas that people can damage, like landscapes, staircases, and meeting areas. Most apartment complexes have large parking garages that can be hard to walk through, especially when you’re carrying boxes and furniture. Many complexes have long staircases and uneven walking surfaces as well. We can help you move to a studio apartment, 1-bedroom apartment, or 2-bedroom apartment. We’ve moved thousands of customers to apartments in communities like North Valley and Los Alamos.

Our team of Santa Fe local apartment movers understand the intricacies of apartment moving. We can follow any special move in and move out rules of your apartment complex. You can contact your landlord or apartment manager and give us a call on how to follow rules and regulations for your residence.

Santa Fe Apartment Moving Requires Specialized Equipment and Training

Special equipment is always required to move properly. Here are the special pieces of equipment we use to help all our customers with a stress free relocation to their new apartment.


Our Santa Fe local apartment movers always use a spacious, modern, and fully equipped truck to perform apartment moves. Our trucks are over 20 feet long, providing plenty of space for your items and furniture.

Each truck contains a toolbox of equipment to create a more efficient move. The toolbox contains furniture blankets, wardrobe boxes, shrink wrap, and tape to pack and protect your items. It also contains box and furniture dollies to assist with hauling and transporting your belongings.


Our crew has a less than 1% insurance claims rate because we train our Santa Fe apartment movers to perform every step of the moving process carefully. Our Santa Fe small movers can disassemble, pack, transport, and reassemble your items without breaking or misplacing them. We conduct full background checks on each employee so you know they are trustworthy and experienced.


Our Santa Fe moving company for apartments use the latest technology to keep track of our trucks and deliver your belongings on time. We have GPSes in our trucks and we use truck tracking software so you always know where your items are. We can save time during the transportation process by finding roads with less traffic on them.

How Much Does a Santa Fe Apartment Move Cost?

Many people ask, “What is the cost of moving a 1-bedroom apartment?” and “What is the cost of moving a 2-bedroom apartment?” These questions may seem simple, but moving costs can be hard to determine in advance.

The type of apartment move you need can significantly affect your estimate. In general, people who are moving to a large apartment can expect to pay more. People who have a lot of items to move can also expect higher rates.

However, the weight and bulk of your items can also impact your cost. Some Santa Fe movers for apartments charge more for moving bulky items like pianos or safes. You may also pay more if your apartment is hard to access or if there are long distances between our trucks and your unit.

Special services from a Santa Fe moving company for apartments cost extra. If you’re ordering storage or packing services, you can expect to pay higher rates. You should also expect to pay higher costs if your items need special preparations, like disconnecting or assembly.

No matter what Santa Fe apartment moving services you need, you will get a team of diligent and reliable apartment movers to help you. We make all our Santa Fe apartment services as affordable as possible so you can keep a low budget and maintain your safety and peace of mind. Just give us a call, and we’ll give you a free estimate for any moving service with transparent pricing.

How to Choose the Best Santa Fe Apartment Moving Company in the Moving Industry

You don’t have to select a Santa Fe apartment moving company right away. Ask your friends and family for any small movers they recommend. If you don’t get any suggestions, go online and check the Yelp and Google reviews of several different Santa Fe apartment movers.

Always select an apartment moving company with a license and insurance. You should also find a mover that has the proper equipment for moving and great customer service.

Once you’ve researched Santa Fe apartment movers, you’ll find that Pro-Move Logistics is the best Santa Fe apartment moving company. We have over 15 years of experience in performing fast apartment moves. We have over 40 positive Google reviews with an average star rating of 4.7, one of the highest amongst Santa Fe movers for apartments. We are a fully bonded, insured, and licensed apartment moving company. We can move to the best neighborhoods in Santa Fe, as well as suburbs like South Valley.

Don’t let an apartment move pull you apart! Pro-Move Logistics is the best Santa Fe moving company for apartments because we take care of our customers from start to finish. We serve all of Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County. Call 505-471-3434 for a free quote for Santa Fe apartment movers.