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Relocating any distance can be challenging and stressful, but when you’re heading to another state or all the way across the country, the challenges can seem overwhelming, compounding your stress. There is so much to do and plan for in a long distance move that you don’t have to worry about when relocating locally. At Pro-Move Logistics, we understand how hard it is to do everything yourself when it comes to a long distance move. Our trained, professional long distance movers in Santa Fe can help you plan and implement your address change, saving you a lot of stress and anxiety. We are committed to making your move as smooth and worry-free as possible. 

Pro-Move Logistics can take care of every step of your move, ensuring that nothing is missed and your belongings arrive safely at your new location. We have over 15 years of long distance moving experience in Santa Fe. With our experience and top-notch customer care, we are the #1 choice in Santa Fe to help you with your long distance move. 

Pro-Move Logistics serves a wide area throughout Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County.

What Is a Santa Fe Long Distance Move?

What defines a long distance move may vary slightly from one mover to the next, but a typical long distance move is one that is over 100 miles away from the starting location. Moves of fewer than 100 miles are generally considered local moves. A long distance move can be intrastate, interstate, cross-country, and even international. While local moves are almost always completed in one day, long distance moves usually take multiple days. 

There is an array of reasons why people move long distances. Some of the most common are taking a new job or a job transfer, moving closer to family, moving where the cost of living is lower, seeking a better climate, and wanting a change of scenery. Whatever the reason for moving long distance, most people hire one of the professional Santa Fe long distance moving companies to help them with their long distance move. Attempting such a big, challenging project on your own without the know-how, special equipment, and the right truck can be frustrating and costly. 

Moving Cross Country with Pro-Move Logistics

A Santa Fe cross-country move requires special planning, precision, care, and experience. It can be hard to trust all your belongings to a team of long distance movers you just met, but you can rest assured that hiring Pro-Move Logistics for your full-service long distance move is the best, safest, and easiest way to move cross country. 

If you’re wondering how a Santa Fe state-to-state move works, Pro-Move Logistics takes care of packing, moving furniture, loading, unloading, and any other service needed for your move. We supply all the materials necessary for the job, and you can trust that our team is highly-skilled, reliable, and experienced. 

Here is a list of other services proper Santa Fe moving companies will offer you:
Why settle for anything but the best? Call Pro-Move Logistics for the smoothest long distance move in Santa Fe!

How Much Do Santa Fe Interstate Movers Cost?

According to the moving cost calculator on Thumbtack, the national average for a long distance move is $4,300. With Pro-Move Logistics, you always get reasonable, affordable rates. Every move is unique, so the cost of your move will depend on a number of factors, including whether you’re relocating interstate or intrastate. 

Here are some of the factors that may influence the cost of cross country movers:
Although some factors of your long distance move you can control, such as additional services, many you can’t, like the distance, time of year, weight of your items, etc. The best way to determine how much your long distance move will cost is to call Santa Fe long distance moving companies for a free estimate. You can contact Pro-Move Logistics by phone or on our website for your free, personalized moving quote!

Choosing the Best Santa Fe State-to-State Movers

When searching for the right Santa Fe long distance moving company, you want to make sure you choose cross country movers that are reputable, reliable, and experienced. You don’t want to trust a difficult move that requires expert planning and a trained crew to just anyone. So, how do you find qualified out of state moving companies? Here’s how:
We have impressive Google reviews, over 15 years in the industry, and we are fully licensed and insured. We have specialized equipment, our team is fully trained, and our trucks are new and fully stocked. Hands down, Pro-Move Logistics is the #1 among Santa Fe interstate moving companies

We offer a wide range of services to help make your long distance relocation as easy as possible:
We serve all of Santa Fe County and the entire Santa Fe Metropolitan area.
Out of state relocations can be difficult, demanding, and feel overwhelming. Pro-Move Logistics is dedicated to alleviating your stress by helping you with your move from start to finish. Give us a call today at 505-471-3434 for your free, personalized long distance moving estimate.