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Hiring Santa Fe Moving Help & Moving Labor

Labor only services can take some of the burdens off your shoulders and allow you to focus better on the journey ahead. Labor-only services are ideal for those who plan to relocate independently but may need additional assistance lifting heavy objects, packing, organizing, and performing any other necessary tasks.

When you choose labor-only services, you will receive assistance with everything except transportation. Although we are happy to supply moving trucks as well, this would be considered a standard move and feature separate pricing. We proudly serve Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County.

Benefits of Sante Fe Moving Help

There are countless benefits to Santa Fe moving labor. Even if you’re in shape, you probably are not prepared to spend several hours lifting heavy furniture and loading it into a truck. Santa Fe local moving help can make this process far more manageable and convenient by taking care of all the difficult labor, so you don’t risk hurting yourself or damaging your prized possessions.

Sante Fe moving help is affordable because you aren’t paying for a truck or transportation to your final destination. Plus, it will save you time and energy, reducing the overall cost of the relocation. Moving is often more complicated than you might think, so it often helps to enlist a team of trained professionals.

What Professional Moving Helpers Do

Santa Fe moving labor encompasses many different tasks common in every relocation. Our crew of professionals can provide help moving, packing and unpacking, assembly and disassembly of furniture, and loading and unloading the truck or container. Our Santa Fe moving helpers will also bring any supplies needed to complete the job, such as packing material, boxes, furniture blankets, tools and protective gear. Plus, they will bring their knowledge, training, and expertise to ensure the project is efficient and organized.

Reasons for Hiring Moving Help in Santa Fe

There are countless reasons that you may consider professional Sante Fe moving help. Here are some of the most common.

Load or Unload a Moving Container

You may need help loading or unloading a moving container such as a Pod, Pack Rat, Reloc Cube, Smart Cube, or U-pack container. Many clients choose moving containers because they give you more time to load belongings than renting a truck.

Containers are typically delivered to your door and transported to the final destination a few days later, giving you more time to organize everything. But you must be careful with loading and unloading the container to ensure everything is neatly stacked and easily organized when the time comes. So rather than hiring a full-service moving crew, you may order a container and purchase Santa Fe moving labor services.

Truck Rental Loading/Unloading

We can also provide help loading a moving truck, such as a U-haul, Budget, Penske, or Enterprise truck. When you rent a truck from one of these companies, it doesn't come with a crew to help you load and unload, so you are all on your own in organizing the boxes and doing the heavy lifting. Our Santa Fe U-haul movers can make loading everything into the truck more manageable and ensure everything is safe and secure.

Freight Trailer Loading

Freight trailer loading can be a complex undertaking and typically requires the experience of professionals. You want to be sure whatever goods you're loading into the truck are properly stored and organized to prevent damage and dislocation during the moving process. Sante Fe moving labor can ensure that the truck is packed by professionals who know how to handle delicate business freight and have all the tools and equipment needed to complete the job.

Self-Storage Move In-Move Out

You may not be ready to relocate to your new residence and need to put your belongings in storage. Sante Fe moving labor is perfect for helping you pack, organize and transfer all your possessions into the truck or directly into the storage unit (depending on how far away it is). You'll want to be sure everything is well organized and easy to locate, especially if you plan on accessing the unit before moving everything out. Professional Sante Fe moving help is the perfect thing to help you get ready to go or get everything out quickly when you're ready to occupy your new residence.


Packing can often be the most challenging aspect of the entire relocation. Speed things up by hiring professionals to help you sort, organize and transport your belongings into your truck, pod, or storage facility. Our crew will even supply boxes, tape, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, and anything else needed.

Remodeling a Home

Perhaps you aren't transitioning to a new residence but need help relocating your furniture while remodeling your home. Santa Fe moving labor is the perfect solution. Our Santa Fe furniture moving services can help you transfer your belongings to a storage unit or other location while the work is being done. We will handle all the heavy lifting while keeping an eye on your expensive furniture. We will also help you bring everything back once the renovations are complete.

Cost of Hiring Santa Fe Moving Helpers

The exact cost of hiring professionals for Santa Fe moving help by the hour will vary based on various factors, including:
The easiest way to determine how much your relocation will cost is to contact any business you’re considering hiring to discuss the specifics of your project. They will take down your information and provide you with an affordable estimate.

Hire Pro Move Logistics for Santa Fe Moving Help

Although moving help can be very beneficial in various ways, it’s crucial to hire a dependable company. Here are a few things to do when searching for Santa Fe moving help.
Pro Move Logistics offers 15+ years of experience in the industry with a claims rate of less than 1% and service Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County. Our team is 100% background checked and has the proper training and tools to offer Santa Fe moving help at the highest level.

Tips & Resources for Santa Fe DIY Moving

Here are some useful resources if you’re planning a DIY move:
When searching for the best Santa Fe moving assistance, look no further than Pro Move Logistics. Fill out the form on our website or call us directly at 505-471-3434 to request a free quote.