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Moving can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. If you plan to bring many items to your new address, you’ll want your belongings to be properly packed to ensure secure transport. Pro-Move Logistics understands the pressure you’re under and is happy to extend our years of experience to help make your transition easy and stress free. We offer comprehensive Santa Fe moving and packing services to Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County.  Below is a detailed guide to our professional Santa Fe packing and moving services. 

Why Hire Pro-Move Logistics for Santa Fe Packing Services

While packing household belongings may seem simple enough, it’s a tedious task that requires efficiency, many supplies, and impeccable organizational skills.

When deciding between hiring professionals versus completing the packing yourself, there are a few things to consider. Working with a trusted Santa Fe packing company has many benefits that can result in a timely, enjoyable relocation process.
Our packers will assist while you sort through your items, helping you choose what to keep and what to give away. They also label each box, ensuring your items are organized and easy to find.

When you utilize the experience and expertise that a trusted Santa Fe moving and packing company provides, your relocation will be more organized, efficient, and affordable.

Santa Fe Packing & Moving Services

No two moves are the same; relocating requires flexibility and understanding. This is why we work with our customers, providing custom packing services to fit their unique needs/requests. 

Our full packing services include the entire house; we will pack every item in your home and will provide free boxes and supplies. 

However, we understand some people prefer packing select items/rooms themselves, which is why we have a partial packing option. Partial packing is ideal if there are certain rooms or items you want to pack yourself while our Santa packers and movers handle the rest of the house. Partial packing is common in rooms like the kitchen or closet or for specialty items like family heirlooms, artwork, etc. We always work with our DIY packers, meaning we provide free used boxes (supply-willing) or sell you new boxes and drop them off at your home.

We stick with you throughout the entire relocation. Upon arrival at your new address, we will unpack all your belongings and place them in your desired location. Our movers are very communicative and will work closely with you, placing your items in their designated areas. We also provide furniture reassembly and electrical plug-in services. After you’re all moved in, we will remove the waste and ensure your new location is clean and organized. 

Our employees have years of experience handling fragile items like glass mirrors, dishes, and lamps; we carefully prep each specialty piece with premium packing materials. All glass items are wrapped in shrink wrap and are carefully boxed on a bed of packing peanuts; family heirlooms, artwork, and other prized possessions are treated with the same care and respect. 

Santa Fe packers and movers work diligently, ensuring your items are carefully packed and transported despite the service you choose. Whether you’re ready to commit to a full service packing job or you prefer handling most of the packing yourself, a reliable company will work with you, lending a hand when needed. 

Santa Fe Movers & Packers Cost

Many variables affect the final cost of professional Santa Fe packing services. For example, full packing is the most expensive service, but you’ll receive the most amenities. Santa Fe movers and packers will handle everything, which is ideal for an overwhelmed or busy relocator. Partial packing is the second most affordable option, but it will entail some packing, organizing, and scheduling on your end. DIY packing is the most cost-effective, but it requires the most work and the least amount of amenities. 

The size of your move and the distance you’re traveling will affect the cost; more items mean more materials, which will result in a higher price. Items in need of special prep, like television sets, family heirlooms, antiques, or artwork, are considered “specialty items” which cost more to pack than basic household goods. Lastly, the number of crew members needed will also increase the price. The more special requests you have and the larger your move, the more you will pay. 

Regardless of your needs, the only way to get an accurate estimate is by contacting our team of pro packers to assess your property and parameters. However, when you choose a dependable Santa Fe packing company, you will receive an affordable rate despite any specialty request or unique needs. 
Pro-Move Logistics has some of the most affordable Santa Fe packing rates and proudly provides top packing services to Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County. Call us at 505-471-3434 to receive a free estimate.