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Senior Relocation Services in Santa Fe with Pro-Move Logistics

Moving is never easy. But when the customer is also an elderly resident, it makes the project even more challenging. Senior citizens require extra care and delicacy during the moving process.

Everyone has a unique definition of what constitutes a senior citizen. Typically, it’s someone who is at retirement age or 65 or older, although you can begin collecting social security at 62. But regardless of their exact age, all seniors have unique wants, needs and desires that add a layer of complexity to a relocation.

For that reason, it’s usually wise to hire a professional Santa Fe senior moving company that has the expertise and experience needed to ensure your loved one receives the appropriate care.

At Pro-Move Logistics, we have a team of award-winning Santa Fe movers who will make sure the journey is smooth and professional. We serve Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County, New Mexico. Contact us today if you need any moving help for senior citizens in Santa Fe, NM.

Why Are Seniors Using Santa Fe Senior Moving Services?

Seniors move for all different kinds of reasons. In most cases, they are relocating to be closer to their friends and family. However, the circumstances are often unique for each resident. They may be moving for health reasons or downsizing to a smaller space.

They could be searching for a higher quality of life and a community where they can play golf or spend time around other seniors their own age. In some cases, they may be relocating for work to take advantage of senior sector employment or searching for a lower cost of living. 

Seniors are often moving into smaller homes. They could be relocating to a senior apartment or moving in with family. They could also be moving into a retirement community, whether it be a 55+ neighborhood or an assisted living home. They may even be moving into a nursing home or continuing care facility if their health is declining and they need a higher level of care.

Regardless of the reason and dentition, Santa Fe moving and storage services will make the process far more manageable. Our skilled crew will help make the transition smooth so your loved one is comfortable and relaxed from start to finish.

Considerations for Using Santa Fe Senior Movers

Santa Fe moves for seniors have additional complications that require careful preparation and execution. Any move can be difficult. But senior moves often have an emotional element that makes them even more challenging. A Santa Fe senior moving specialist can help you with the logistics and emotional support needed to ensure the moving day is as easy as possible.

You should consider a few important things before moving a senior in Santa Fe. Elderly people are often relocating from a larger home to a smaller space. In many instances, they may be leaving a home they’ve lived in for many years, perhaps the majority of their adult life.

Older adults may be experiencing health problems and require Santa Fe senior moving assistance because they’re physically unable to complete the project on their own. In some cases, the move is not entirely their decision if their health is declining and they can no longer live independently.

All of these factors make senior moving stressful and emotionally-draining. However, Santa Fe senior relocation services can make the task far more manageable with support and assistance from trained experts.

Top Reasons to Hire a Santa Fe Area Senior Relocation Services

Customers require Santa Fe senior moving help for a variety of different reasons. The most obvious are the ones that motivate anyone to hire a moving company. Movers reduce stress and save time that can be better spent on more important concerns. They will carefully load all your belongings into the truck and safely transport the cargo to the final destination.

However, Santa Fe senior moving services also include additional tasks that are helpful for dealing with elderly residents. If they’ve lived in the same home for many years, they may need help with decluttering and organization. They may need experienced senior moving managers who can help with downsizing assistance and a crew that can handle tasks like donating items and removing junk.

A full service Santa Fe senior moving company will also offer additional services that seniors may need, such as packing, furniture disassembly, and storage. If you need help finding quality senior moving management, the National Association of Senior Moving Managers has a list of qualified candidates. Senior moving managers will typically assist with higher-level tasks such as planning, decluttering, organization, and communication. Meanwhile, the Santa Fe senior moving crew will handle all the heavy lifting and labor-related tasks.

Cost of Hiring a Santa Fe Senior Moving Company

The cost of quality Santa Fe senior relocation services can vary depending on a variety of different factors. Are you staying local or will you need long distance services? Do you require packing supplies or a storage facility? Movers set their rates based on the difficulty of the job and the amount of resources and effort required to ensure it’s done right.

However, there are a few things you can count on when hiring a Santa Fe moving company:

  • Most senior moves are local, which means the rates will be hourly (typically about $25 – $50 per hour) with materials sold separately.
  • The final price will depend on the distance traveled, the number of crew members required, the time and date of the move, and how much cargo needs transportation.
  • Any storage, packing, and other services are an additional cost.
  • We are happy to discuss our rates with you.
  • No matter what you need, the price will be transparent and affordable.

The best way to get an accurate assessment of how much it will cost to hire an experienced Santa Fe senior moving company is to reach out and request a free quote. We will gladly consider all your needs and provide you with a free, written estimate.

Santa Fe Senior Moving Companies - How to Choose the Best One

Before you hire any Santa Fe senior moving companies, evaluate their background to confirm they are the right team for the job. Not all moving companies have the expertise and training needed to handle a senior move successfully, so vet any potential candidates carefully to avoid potential problems.

Here are a few ways to identify a trustworthy Santa Fe senior moving company:

  • Read any reviews on Google and Yelp.
  • Make sure the company is appropriately licensed and insured.
  • Look to see if they have a professional website.
  • Keep an eye on key stats like how many years they’ve been in business and how many senior moves they’ve performed.
  • Do they offer all the services that you need?
  • Is their customer service team easy-going and responsive?

Don’t be afraid to keep looking if the first option you come across doesn’t suit your needs. At Pro-Move Logistics, we’ve been in the moving industry for over 15 years, and in that time, we’ve helped countless seniors settle into a new home. Our crew is 100% background-checked and equipped with the tools and training needed to move elderly customers with ease. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has earned us dozens of positive reviews, and our claims rate is under 2%. Get in touch to start planning your senior move today.

Ready for Your Santa Fe Senior Move

So, if you need moving help for senior citizens in Santa Fe, trust Pro-Move Logistics to make it easy and affordable. We offer comprehensive services designed to make your loved one feel at ease. We serve Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County. Call (505) 471-3434 for a free, custom moving quote.