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Santa Fe White Glove Delivery


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If your company owns valuable or fragile items, you should order white glove delivery. White glove delivery at Pro-Move Logistics is a more careful and diligent process than standard delivery. Our team of experienced and trained white glove professionals uses premium materials like wooden crates, styrofoam, and wrapping paper to insulate your valuables and keep them safe during transport. We use safe, clean, and spacious trucks to carry items and deliver them to your warehouse or office. 

We know how important your company’s items are, so we tailor our Santa Fe white glove delivery services to meet your needs. We serve all of Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County, but we can handle deliveries from any location. We’re ready to help you during every step of the white glove delivery process, including logistics. Here’s what you should know about our Santa Fe designer delivery company. 

White Glove and Designer Delivery Services in Santa Fe

We offer comprehensive Santa Fe furniture delivery services to take care of all your needs, including customized service options to meet your delivery needs. Here’s what you should know about each Santa Fe designer delivery service. 


If your business is storing items in your office or warehouse, our crew can stop by and pick them up. We can go into your building and get your belongings, or you can leave them on the curb, and we’ll pick them up. We’ll then bring it to our storage facility.


If you want to speed up the Santa Fe white glove delivery and storage process, you can send your items directly to our facility. We’ll then store and consolidate the items for delivery to their destination.


Our Santa Fe white glove delivery company will conduct a top-to-bottom inspection of all your company’s items once they arrive at our warehouse, making sure they haven’t been damaged. We will let you know what the condition of your items is, and we can send you photographs or written descriptions so you know if they’ve been damaged.

Warehousing and Storage

Our Santa Fe designer furniture delivery company can maintain your items in our 49,000-square-foot receiving warehouse until we’ve received your entire order. Our warehouse contains wooden vaults, steel storage vaults, pallets, and racks, so all of your items can stay at our facility and remain protected before transportation.

Inventory Management

Our Santa Fe white glove movers will notify you once we’ve received some of your items and inform you of when we make shipments, helping you avoid delays.


Our Santa Fe white glove transportation team uses professional moving trucks stocked with specialized tools to remove your items from their current location, load them into our trucks, and haul them to your destination.


Once we’re at your destination, our team of Santa Fe white glove movers can place your furniture and other items wherever you want them to be. We use straps, pads, and other tools to protect your office space, floors, walls, and belongings.


If your items need to be disassembled, we can disassemble them before delivery. Our experienced team can then reassemble them using special tools and careful assembly processes. We have experience in assembling construction equipment, bulky furniture, and high-value artwork.

Rubbish Removal

Our Santa Fe furniture delivery professionals can take away any rubbish, including cardboard boxes, plastic, and tape. We can also clean and repair any damaged items, making them seem as good as new.

Facilitating Repairs and Returns

If any of your belongings have been damaged, we will take care of the repair process. We can hire expert third-party professionals to fix your items, or we can return your belongings back to their original source.

Special Projects

If you need a specialized or customized project, contact us, and we’ll provide you with the services you need for affordable and efficient furniture delivery.

Industries Served with Santa Fe White Glove Delivery Services

Our Santa Fe designer furniture delivery team can provide services to a wide range of industries. We have experience with each of these industries, and we understand the unique needs of all of them. Here are just a few of the industries in which our Santa Fe designer delivery service crew has helped. 

Interior Designers

Many interior designers use high-value items like artwork, custom-made pieces, and furniture. Our Santa Fe white glove transportation team can use sturdy crates and boxes to enclose your valuable items and deliver them to your destination safely and efficiently.

Furniture Manufacturers

Some manufacturers need raw materials and parts sent to warehouses or office spaces, while others need finished goods shipped. Whatever you need delivered, you can use our Santa Fe white glove delivery services for an efficient and secure moving process.

Retailers and Showrooms

Our Santa Fe white glove service can help retailers and showrooms maintain and transport bulky furniture, including couches and tables with multiple parts. We can help you arrange items to make them easier to sell and display.


We can deliver raw materials for architects to design scale models and full-size buildings. We can also transport equipment and tools between locations, including expensive items like electronics and drawing tablets.


Our white glove delivery company can work with international partners to ship in manufactured goods and raw materials from other countries. We can also ship items to and from Alaska and Hawaii and inspect them to make sure they were not damaged during the long-distance delivery process.

Construction Companies and Builders

If you’re moving construction equipment between locations, you can hire our white glove delivery and storage professionals for a convenient move. We can also relocate manufactured goods you’ve made using premium crates and boxes.

Real Estate Staging

We can drop off furniture, artwork, carpets, and household goods to any home or apartment you’re staging. Our Santa Fe white glove furniture delivery team can help you set up the interior space to make the property you’re selling appealing and accessible for all potential clients.

Airbnb and VRBO Owners

If you’re an Airbnb or VRBO owner, you need your home, apartment, or condo to look good and be comfortable for your guests. Our Santa Fe designer delivery service can help you stage and fill your properties with the latest furniture, kitchen equipment, and other essential items.

Why Choose Pro-Move Logistics for Your Santa Fe White Glove Delivery Needs?

You shouldn’t rush the process of finding the right Santa Fe white glove delivery and storage service. Look at a few white glove delivery companies and read Google reviews of their services. Try to see what equipment they use and if they have access to trucks, furniture, blankets, and dollies. Make sure their crews have specialized training and experience in designer delivery, gallery services, and last mile dropoffs. You should also make sure that the service you hire has a license and insurance for white glove delivery. 

Once you examine a few different Santa Fe white glove delivery services, you’ll find that Pro-Move Logistics is the top white glove furniture delivery company. We’re the trusted delivery service of numerous Santa Fe interior designers and interior design warehouses. We own and maintain a state-of-the-art warehouse with storage vaults, palletized storage units, and oversized racks. We have over 15 years of experience and a less than 1% insurance claims rate. Our crew of 15 professionally trained Santa Fe furniture delivery employees is fully background checked, so you know you’re hiring trusted professionals. 
Pro-Move Logistics is ready to give you the Santa Fe designer delivery service you deserve. We serve all businesses in Santa Fe and all of Santa Fe County. Wherever you need your items delivered, give us a call at 505-471-3434, and we’ll give you a free estimate.