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Best Neighborhoods in Albuquerque
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Best Neighborhoods in Albuquerque 😍 | Find the Right Albuquerque Neighborhood for You

Last Updated on: 27th March 2023, 05:45 pm

ABQ is calling for you! Between 2019 and 2020, the median household income in Albuquerque New Mexico grew by 1.9% while the poverty rate fell by 5.4%. A major reason for these strong neighborhoods is Albuquerque neighborhoods.

Albuquerque NM has dozens of great neighborhoods, many of them with thriving businesses, high-quality schools, and beautiful landscapes. But the sheer number of neighborhoods in Albuquerque can make it hard to know how to start moving to Albuquerque. You can break things down by reading our detailed guide to Albuquerque’s best neighborhoods.

Nob Hill | A Trendy Albuquerque Neighborhood for Students and Young Professionals

  • Population: 4,767
  • Average rent: $1,161
  • Median home price: $238,000
  • Nob Hill crime: 39% lower than the Albuquerque average

Nob Hill Albuquerque is adjacent to the University of New Mexico and is close to the geographic center of Albuquerque. It contains locally owned shops, restaurants, and clubs, as well as a number of family-friendly attractions.

The community’s most famous attraction is its Old Route 66 neon signs, which you can find at both ends of the neighborhood. The Aux Dog Theatre hosts local plays and stand-up comics, while the Guild Cinema screens independent films and classic movies all year round.

Nob Hill is one of the safest neighborhoods in Albuquerque, even at night. The neighborhood contains the Triangle Substation, which is part of the Albuquerque Police Department. The streets are well-lit and walkable, though you should still practice basic safety measures with your valuables.

Nob Hill Albuquerque apartments are cheap, especially if you find one close to the University of New Mexico. Two-bedroom apartments of more than 800 square feet are available for less than $2,000 a month.

Downtown | Accessible and Unique Neighborhood in Albuquerque

  • Population: 3,524
  • Average rent: $1,007
  • Median home price: $313,000
  • Downtown Albuquerque crime: 1% lower than the Albuquerque average

Downtown Albuquerque is well-known for being a commercial hub. You can find art galleries, shops, and restaurants all throughout the neighborhood. Many hotels are in or near the community, making it a good place for guests to stay. Some of Albuquerque’s most popular attractions, including the Albuquerque Convention Center and ABQ BioPark Zoo and Aquarium, are within walking distance of the neighborhood.

But Downtown Albuquerque New Mexico is also good for people looking for great housing. If you’re moving to Albuquerque by yourself or with one other person, you can find two-bedroom homes with more than 2,000 square feet for less than $300,000. If you have more money and a big family, four-bedroom homes are up for sale for as low as $420,000.

Routes 25 and 40 are within five minutes of the neighborhood. If you prefer to use public transportation, you can use the Alvarado Transportation Center to access trains, buses, and shuttles, including lines that take you to Santa Fe and Albuquerque suburbs. The neighborhood contains or is adjacent to more than one dozen bus stops.

West Old Town | A Historic Neighborhood in Albuquerque

  • Population: 2,210
  • Average rent: $1,140
  • Median home price: $730,000
  • West Old Town crime: 12% lower than the Albuquerque average

Old Town Albuquerque was founded in 1706, making it one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Albuquerque. As the neighborhood expanded, it broke up into several other neighborhoods, including West Old Town.

West Old Town is quieter and more residential than Old Town Albuquerque. You can find a wide range of properties, including studio apartments and three and four-bedroom homes. Most properties were built in 2000 or more recently, giving them modern amenities and features like private balconies and carport parking. Buying your own property can be expensive, so try to look for homes to rent. You can rent a three-bedroom home with an open floor plan for $2,500 a month.

The Coronado Freeway borders the neighborhood to the north. The freeway runs east and west out of the city, so West Old Town is a good place to live for people who work in the suburbs of Albuquerque.

The West Old Town Neighborhood Association organizes community events and public safety initiatives. The association has a partnership with the Albuquerque Police Department, and officers regularly visit the area. This makes West Old Town one of the safest communities in Albuquerque.

Barelas | An Affordable Neighborhood in Albuquerque and a Hub for Hispanic Culture

  • Population: 3,388
  • Average rent: $985
  • Median home price: $210,000
  • Barelas crime: 135% higher than the Albuquerque average

Barelas Albuquerque is south of Downtown, but it is a predominantly residential area. You can find some of the cheapest homes and apartments in Albuquerque here. Four-bedroom homes with full laundry rooms and utilities are up for sale for less than $200,000. If you prefer to rent your residence, you can live in an apartment building or a home.

The Barelas Community Coalition is a group of residents and businesses that advocates for affordable housing in the neighborhood. The coalition helps keep housing prices down and encourages local businesses to reduce their costs.

Barelas is also known for being one of the centers of Hispanic culture in Albuquerque. 70% of residents identify as being Hispanic or Latino, and the National Hispanic Cultural Center is headquartered in the neighborhood.

Though most Barelas residents never experience crime, the rates in the neighborhood are higher than they are in other neighborhoods. The overwhelming majority of crimes are property crimes, mainly minor thefts, and break-ins. If you lock your doors and store your valuables out of sight, you can live a safe life in Barelas.

Uptown | The Best Albuquerque Neighborhood for Shopping

  • Population: 2,176
  • Average rent: $944
  • Median home price: $245,000
  • Uptown crime: 14% higher than the Albuquerque average

Residents consider Uptown to be the best place to live in Albuquerque for shopping. Albuquerque’s biggest shopping centers are located right next to each other in Uptown. The Coronado Center is the biggest one, with more than 130 stores, including Macy’s and Forever 21. ABQ Uptown contains more than 50 stores, including New Mexico’s only Apple store.

Winrock Town Center is an open-air mall also in Uptown Albuquerque. In addition to stores, you can visit several restaurants and entertainment venues, including Regal Cinemas. For grocery and everyday shopping, you can go to Trader Joe’s and locally owned stores.

Expo New Mexico is the leading event venue in Uptown. It is home to the New Mexico State Fair, which offers opportunities to buy from vendors from all over the state.

Route 40 cuts through Uptown, creating an easy commute. The neighborhood also contains many bus stops, including ones in front of the major shopping centers. If you want a quieter place to live, try living south of Route 40, as that area contains fewer stores and tourist attractions. You can find split-level, Pueblo, and ranch homes for single families in the area for less than $100,000.

Bear Canyon | Quiet Neighborhood Perfect for Families

  • Population: 2,014
  • Average rent: $1,187
  • Median home price: $330,000
  • Bear Canyon crime: 60% lower than the Albuquerque average

Bear Canyon is located in northeast Albuquerque away from the city center. It is close to Route 25, so you can still drive to the downtown area if you want. But living in Bear Canyon gives you access to safe streets and friendly neighbors, making it one of the best places to live in Albuquerque.

Albuquerque Academy borders Bear Canyon to the east. It is a private school between grades 6 and 12, and it has a 100% graduation rate with a student to teacher ratio of 7:1. Students participate in a number of hands-on programs, including trips to wilderness areas.

If you want to send your child to public school, they can go to Arroyo Del Oso Elementary, which is adjacent to the neighborhood. Nearly 80% of students at Arroyo Del Oso identify as being in a minority group, making the school one of the most diverse elementary schools in the country.

Bear Canyon is just north of Arroyo del Oso Park. The park contains short walking paths that are perfect for people learning to hike, as well as soccer fields. If you prefer more of a challenge, you can drive to Sandia Peak and hike around the mountain. You can also take a tram up the mountain and enjoy scenic views of the countryside.

Spruce Park | Best Albuquerque Neighborhood for Young Professionals

  • Population: 759
  • Average rent: $1,269
  • Median home price: $580,000
  • Spruce Park crime: 81% higher than the Albuquerque average

Spruce Park is at the heart of Albuquerque’s medical and bioscience industries. It is east of the Lovelace Medical Center, one of Albuquerque’s largest employers, with more than 1,000 workers. It is north of Presbyterian Hospital, which US News and World Report considers the best hospital in New Mexico. If you prefer to work for a small business, you can find doctor’s offices and private clinics in and around Spruce Park.

The University of New Mexico is east of Spruce Park. This makes the neighborhood popular with a lot of students and millennials, but young singles can also enjoy living in the community. You can take continuing education classes from the university and attend free lectures, panel discussions, and shows.

The neighborhood contains several apartment complexes. Rental prices in Spruce Park are 23% lower than the city average, and two-bedroom apartments are available for $1,200 a month. A few off-campus apartments are available for students in Spruce Park, including buildings that are directly across the street from the UNM campus. Seniors can also find a few places to live in the community, including assisted living facilities.

Albuquerque Neighborhoods Map

You can find family-friendly, affordable Albuquerque neighborhoods with this simple map of Albuquerque!

Is Albuquerque a good place to live? Yes! Albuquerque neighborhoods are affordable, vibrant, and kid-friendly. Whether you want to live in an eclectic neighborhood with great attractions or settle down in a community near beautiful green areas, you can start living in Albuquerque and thriving today.

But make sure you talk to experts about moving to Albuquerque. Pro-Move Logistics has a 100% background-checked team of Albuquerque Movers. Get your free quote by calling 505-471-3434.


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