New Mexico destinations for nature lovers

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    New Mexico is becoming more and more popular in recent years. It is all because there are so many New Mexico destinations for nature lovers that you can visit and enjoy. Of course, thinking about moving here and actually moving are two separate things. In order to move, you need movers Santa Fe NM that will lend you a hand, durable packing supplies, other items, etc. But, after you move, you will have a ton of exploring to do. We will give you a list of some of the greatest destinations in NM that you should visit and explore!

    The Capulin Volcano

    One of the biggest attractions in New Mexico for nature lovers is the Capulin Volcano. However, this is more for people that are in the right body shape. Cycling on the side of the volcano is certainly something that you did not expect to do in your life. However, you can do it here. The craziest thing here is that you can go to the mouth of the volcano and explore it a bit. Do not be afraid, you are safe. Just be careful on your trail and avoid injuries!

    the Capulin volcano
    Experience the volcano on your own terms.

    Tent Rocks

    Nature is full of things that may seem unexplainable at first. Tent Rocks are formed due to the volcanic eruptions that have happened in the past. They are formed from core rock, ash, and other elements. But, that is not why Tent Rocks are special. They are special due to their height. You have to step back in order to look at the whole thing with your eyes. The great thing is if you are planning on moving to Agua Fria, Tent Rocks are pretty close to it and your movers Agua Fria NM should not have too much trouble handling your move. Just be patient and you will move there in no time!

    White Mountain Wilderness

    Located in the Lincoln National Forest and this place represents one of the best New Mexico destinations for nature lovers. The best thing about it is that you will be able to access some of the best views in the whole of NM, especially at the bigger heights. There are hike, saddle, and pack trails that you can use for exploring. However, be aware that some parts of it will require special vehicles so do not try them out if you do not have a proper vehicle.

    Sandia Crest

    Definitely one of the best nature destinations in New Mexico for newcomers and for a good reason. This is the mountain ridge with a peak of 10.679 feet. It is certainly a great place for people that want some adrenaline in their lives. However, there is a great spot where you can get with your car and enjoy the view most people would envy. This is certainly a great thing for people that are considering relocating to North Valley. It is just outside of it and you do not need a lot of time to access it. Of course, just make sure that your movers North Valley NM have a ton of experience because it is not always easy to handle a move near or in Alberquerque!

    aerial view of Albuquerque
    Sandia Crest is one of the New Mexico destinations for nature lovers.

    Carlsbad Caverns

    Visiting a cave is exciting for most people. There is something strange about it and you always get an exciting feeling. Most caves are formed by water erosion. On the other hand, Carlsbad Caverns are carved with sulfuric acid. It is a strange thing that almost never happens. When we talk about the cave itself, we have to mention Carlsbad Caverns is a 119-cave system that is big enough to fit several football fields! However, you have to prepare and cover several miles on your feet in order to come to some places of it. Once you are there, nothing will disappoint you, you should believe that!

    White Sands

    Deserts are not good for people, we all know that. There are few chances that you could actually survive one. But, would you be interested in visiting a white sand desert? You would probably have a different answer. This is a big tourist attraction, especially for people that are living near Alamogordo.

    What is so special about it is that it is fully white and you can walk or hike on it. One of the things that allow you to do all of this is that the sand is always cool, even in summer. That means that you do not have to worry about your feet burning from the hotness of the sand. It is all due to the fact that the sand is gypsum. You have to use this and visit this place if you are thinking about relocating here. Mark it on your checklist and make sure you visit this great nature place when you are close.

    white sands are among the best New Mexico destinations for nature lovers
    Do not worry about the heat, sand is always cool here!

    Relocate to NM and visit New Mexico destinations for nature lovers

    In order to enjoy everything from this list, you need to move first. It is a task that will be your biggest obstacle. Why? Because the temperatures in New Mexico can be a big problem, especially if you are moving alone. You should always look for the help of reliable movers La Cienega NM because they are better equipped and have more experience than you. But, how to find suitable movers for you?

    • look for their license and check it
    • get in touch with them and get a moving estimate so you could compare
    • read moving reviews where you will get a ton of useful information
    • ask for referrals and their previous experience

    These NM places for nature lovers will make you fall in love with New Mexico

    Our only regret is that we can’t place all New Mexico destinations for nature lovers in one article. However, we are hoping that these will be enough to make you more interested in exploring this great place. Explore the world around you and you will learn a lot!


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