Packing your grandfather’s clock for your Santa Fe move

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    We have all seen those old big noisy clocks that just add up to the atmosphere. No matter whether you would want to have it or not, it is pretty nice to look at. But, it is not all that great when we talk about these big clocks. If you have to move them, everything can turn upside down. Why? Because they are usually very heavy. On the other hand, it becomes easier if you have the right movers Taos NM by your side. Well, let’s see how to properly handle packing your grandfather’s clock for your Santa Fe move!

    Should you worry about packing your grandfather’s clock for your Santa Fe move?

    Most people do not know what it takes to move an old clock. Even though it may seem easy, it can be quite heavy. That means that there is a potential for problems. You should be very careful when doing this because you could even injure yourself. You should dedicate more time to it and handle the packing and moving adequately. Time is what will help you finish everything properly. Rushing will not get you any good. It will just create more mess and you should make a lot of mistakes that will certainly come back for you!

    Obtain moving supplies for the packing process

    In order to pack your grandfather’s clock in the proper way, you will have to get moving supplies for the job. They will have multiple purposes during the move. The most important is to protect the clock from any damages that could happen. Some of the moving supplies that you will need are:

    Of course, you can improvise and use whatever fits in the current situation. But, you should not over improvise. It usually brings chaos and you do things in the wrong way.

    plastic wrap used for Packing your grandfather's clock for your Santa Fe move
    Protect fragile parts with plastic wrap

    Remove the weights

    Before you get to the packing part, there are some things that you should do. You need to remove the weights from the inside of the clock. They can be pretty heavy and you do not want them standing over you. Back injuries are one of the most common moving injuries and they can be so severe that you have to postpone the move. You certainly do not want this to happen. Also, the weights can damage the glass and injure you this way. There should be no risking when moving so be sure to remember that!

    Remove the pendulum

    A pendulum is cute to look at but it can cause you a lot of trouble during the move. It should be detached from the clock. But, it can be a problem to do for someone that does not know the clock itself. The pendulum will be attached to the pendulum guide at the top. You should unhook it and put it down. Of course, you need to be careful when doing this. You do not want it to slip out of your hands.

    a clock
    Never leave pendulum inside the clock

    Now comes the harder part – packing

    Even though we said harder, it does not mean that something is too complicated to understand. The key here is to think of your moves and be delicate when doing them. When it comes to the weights, they can be packed in the regular moving blanket. On the other hand, when dealing with a pendulum or the clock itself, you should use plastic wrap to cover them. The transport to your destination can be bumpy and that means that fragile belongings could get damaged or broken. Well, in order to avoid that, use plastic wrap because the bubbles will prevent something like this from happening!

    Help is always welcome

    Dealing with heavy and delicate items is always a struggle if you choose to do it alone. You are increasing the chances that something bad will happen. Even though it may seem like can handle everything on your own, it is always wise to slow down and think. There is no need for you to force yourself when you can have help. The best choice is always a moving company. There Santa Fe packers and movers that offer services you can use. On the other hand, many people choose to ask their friends. If you choose this idea when you pack your grandfather’s clock for your Santa Fe move, then you should know something. We do not say that it is apriori a bad choice, the statistics show that there are more injuries when friends help you. It is all due to inexperience with moving delicate and fragile items. 

    Find the best movers to help you out!

    As we have mentioned, it is much wiser to have professionals than amateurs by your side. They have everything that they need in order to relocate you without any problems. Many people think that they will have to overpay in order to get the proper service. Well, some of the best companies, like Pro-Move Logistics are quite affordable and you will not have to think twice before you call.

    Of course, the process of finding movers is long and it is wise if you have enough time to do it. You will most likely see a lot of potential candidates, but not all are good. Your job is to search thoroughly and find a company that fits. 

    a man
    Movers will make the move easier even when packing your grandfather’s clock for your Santa Fe move

    In conclusion

    Packing your grandfather’s clock for your Santa Fe move should be taken seriously. Some clocks could be pretty expensive because they have gone vintage. We bet that you do not want something bad happening to it while moving. If that is the case, you should use the tips above to your advantage. They should be enough for you not to have any problems during the relocation. Of course, if you want to be completely safe, you can contact movers to help you out and relocate your clock. Take your time with this because you do not want to make any mistakes that could ruin your entire move!

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