Places worth visiting in New Mexico

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    New Mexico might not be among the most popular states in the country, but it is definitely interesting enough to visit. Most people know either Santa Fe or Albuquerque since these two are the most popular cities in the state. However, New Mexico has plenty of places that deserve your attention. If you are looking to move here with Santa Fe movers, then it would be smart to learn more about your new state. The best way to do it would be to actually go and explore all the best cities and towns around you. For this reason, here are all the places worth visiting in New Mexico. This would be a perfect chance to learn more about your new state and also to relax after a hard period of moving. 

    One of the first places worth visiting in New Mexico would be Albuquerque 

    As mentioned before, probably one of the most popular cities in New Mexico would be Albuquerque. The reason is quite simple. It is the largest city in New Mexico. Therefore, it attracts a lot of people hence its popularity. Usually, when people visit Albuquerque, they easily fall in love and want to live here. You can also do that if you hire Albuquerque moving and storage company. Apart from all the usual benefits of living in this city, the best thing to see in Albuquerque would be the world’s largest hot air balloon festival. Do you want to see more than 500 balloons in the air? Then, you should visit Albuquerque during the fall. This nine-day festival starts with the most breathtaking Mass Ascension. Apart from balloons, the festival offers other things to do, such as live performances, plenty of vendors, kid’s activities, and so on. 

    balloons in the air
    When in Albuquerque, you should visit the nine-day long balloon festival.

    You should also visit Belen 

    Sometimes, it is more comfortable to visit a small town or even a village where you can relax and get to know the local community and culture. First of all, you can visit the Berlin Harvey House Museum. Many visitors have said that they had the most wonderful time exploring this museum with helpful and friendly staff. Then, Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area is also quite popular. Here you can observe birds, wildlife, and flora in their natural habitat. In addition to this, you can also visit Jaramillo Vineyards where you can relax and taste delicious wines after your relocation here with movers Belen NM. It can be very challenging to organize a relocation to a new city. You will have to dedicate your time and energy to pack your entire household. For this reason, it is important to have a plan after your relocation. 

    Bernalillo should be your next stop 

    Another small town on the list, Bernalillo definitely deserves your attention. First of all, you can see Coronado Historic Site where you can visit ancient ruins. If you don’t want to wander off alone, you can also get a guided tour. then, you can also visit the Pueblo of Santa Ana. Most tourists would stay at the Santa Ana Resort Casino. Unlike its name, it is actually equipped for all age groups, from the youngest to the oldest. In addition to this, if you are adventurous, then you can try Quiet Waters Paddling Adventures. Most locals and people that visited this place would say that you should try a kayak trip through this program.  After your relocation with movers Bernalillo NM  this would certainly be an interesting activity that you can try

    big stones
    There are many ancient sites that you should visit.

    More places worth visiting in New Mexico 

    There are many more places that you should visit when in New Mexico. They would include the following. 

    • Corrales – is also a small town with plenty of exciting activities. Additionally, many people hire Corrales NM movers for their relocation to this charming town. 
    • Taos – this city has the most impressive art scene. Because of it, the town earned its “Soul of the Southwest” nickname.  
    • Carlsbad Caverns National Park – it’s not a city but an interesting place where you can explore more than 100 caves. you can choose between self-guided trails or exploring other areas while on a guided tour. 
    • White Sands National Park – this park has more than 73,000 acres of white gypsum sand which is certainly worth seeing at least once in life. 
    • Silver City – the center of Silver City, the Historic District, features many Victorian or Queen Anne-style buildings. 

    Santa Fe as the last place to visit 

    The last city would definitely have to be Santa Fe. As mentioned before, Albuquerque and Santa Fe are probably the two most popular cities in New Mexico. What is so special about Santa Fe? This city is a colorful, diverse, and artistic place filled with rich history and plenty of festivals. First of all, you can visit gothic cathedrals, try Chile-infused cuisine, and take a walk around this beautiful city. You will notice that Santa Fe has a lot of historical places where you can feel the atmosphere of the old city. Additionally, you can easily notice the Spanish influence on architecture and buildings that are built all the way back in the 16th century. However, the main reason why many people visit this city would be because of its art. You can see the works of artists such as Peter Hurd, Miro Kenarov, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Gustave Baumann. 

    the church in Santa Fe is one of the places worth visiting in New Mexico
    Santa Fe has an interesting mixture of different styles which makes it one of the places worth visiting in New Mexico.

    Which city should you visit first? 

    As you can see, there are many places worth visiting in New Mexico. Now, it is time to decide where to start. Most people first visit all the big cities, such as Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Then, you can continue exploring some smaller towns mentioned on this list. Every single city has a lot of things to offer. You will probably need more than just one day to properly see everything. Do not forget to try local food and visit festivals. You can meet new people, and experience the authentic life of New Mexico here. 


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