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    Taos Society of Artists began over 100 years ago, as an art colony. Thanks to art dealers, Richard Lampert and Mark Zaplin, who were organizing Taos works’ exhibitions, it become known. So, from the modest beginning, this northern New Mexico village became a strong “artists’ colony”. The colony was steadily growing over the years. Today, many renowned and emerging artists are still moving in. If you are one of them, with the help of moving companies Santa Fe NM, you will easily reach Taos. There, you will find a welcoming and open society. You will be free to work, exhibit and exchange your ideas with many colleagues. And here is a quick guide for artists moving to Taos. It will help you to learn about your new town.

    Guide for artists moving to Taos - Taos market with bench under trees.
    Before you move here make sure to check our guide for artists moving to Taos.

    What kind of art you can find in Taos?

    Although it was started by painters, in the meanwhile many other artists have joined. So, at today’s exhibitions, you can see various works. From the original paintings made by the Taos art society to traditional New Mexican furniture and tapestry. And from the sculptures to classic historical art of the American West. The exhibition examples are different, but they all carry a distinctive stamp of New Mexico style.

    And, besides a vital and ever-growing artists’ milieu, Taos is also a fascinating marketable art world. So, coming to Taos as a tourist, you will not only see various artisan products. You can also purchase some of them.

    Guide for artists moving to Taos

    Taos is an excellent milieu for artists. So, it is a good reason to move to this inspiring place in New Mexico. However, before moving to Taos, you should inform yourself about it. Firstly, you will enjoy Taos if you’re a fan of desert living. Also, the place has a mystical reputation among the locals. So, despite stunning sunsets, you will have to adjust to the spiritual vibrations of this part of the world. Well, maybe that is exactly what makes people in this place so creative.

    Although many are calling it a city, it is a small town with hardly 5,000 residents. And, it has a very diverse population. In general, residents are friendly, the food is great, and you will enjoy a lot of festivities. And this is one of the dog-friendly towns, too. So, in case you decide to try your luck, you can count on affordable services of movers Taos NM.

    What else should you know about Taos before moving?

    Despite some advantages, people still love living in Taos. Its charm is somehow overcoming all the difficulties. The main problem in Taos is the poor economy. There are no major companies in the town. That has resulted in an unemployment rate of 10.50%. And the household median income of $29,300 is much lower than the national average. At the same time, the median home price is around $260,000.

    All this is resulting in a high crime rate. Although, it is not so high as in some other areas. And in Taos, there are no shootings or serious crimes. Mostly, it is about property crime. So, despite the high crime percentage, you will be pretty safe in this small town.

    Artist painting on canvas.
    There is an atmosphere of creativity in Taos.

    Buying and renting a house in Taos

    Most of the houses in Taos are actually winter homes for people living in other parts of the US. Also, some of the houses are owned by people who are operating via Airbnb. Via the platform, they are renting the houses to tourists.

    On the other side, renting in Taos is affordable. It will cost you only about $700 a month. And, that is a much better option for the beginning. Renting, you will have time to get to know the place. And in case you truly like it, you can consider staying there permanently. Or at least for some longer period. In that case, and if you are doing well with your art, you can consider purchasing a home.

    Weekend events that you will love

    One of the Taos attractions is the farmers’ market. You can enjoy them almost every week. Besides, you will often witness various art events. So, when you are ready, you can easily join with your artwork. You should also know that besides tourists, there will be some talented hunters. So, don’t be surprised if they approach you with an offer. They might invite you to exhibit your work in some gallery. But don’t worry about transportation. The skillful art delivery service Santa Fe will safely transport your works. If necessary, they can also help you to safely pack them.

    Transportation possibilities in Taos

    Since the town is very small, there was never a need for any kind of public transportation. So, if you are moving in, you should get a car. As an artist, you will probably have to travel to neighboring cities. There, you will be able to purchase materials needed for your work. So, without a car, it will be very difficult.

    People standing and watching exhibition in an art gallery.
    Artists from Taos exhibit their works in various galleries.

    Also, you might need occasionally to bring your art to the galleries in the neighboring cities.  So, without a car, you will be helpless. To complete some other errands, you may call the Grubhib. But, if you need to visit various places more often, getting a cab is not the right solution.

    What if you decide to move permanently to Taos?

    After some period of living in Taos, you may realize it is the right place for you. So, the next step would be buying a house. And, having a permanent residence, you will be able to move all your possessions to your new home. Maybe you were having your possessions stored for some time in one of the convenient storage facilities. So, they will be all well preserved. And they will match nicely in your new home in Taos. However, you might also have a piano stored, or left temporarily with some friends.

    In case you want to transport something so valuable, piano movers Santa Fe NM might be the right solution for you. They have knowledge, experience, and the right tools for moving such kinds of items. And you can be sure that your precious piano will be brought safely to your new Taos home.

    Settling down in Taos

    Most of the people who made a successful career in Taos have opened their own companies in this hot art spot. And, mostly, they are producing and selling arts and jewelry. Since Taos is a tourist hot spot, it gives a lot of opportunities to make a decent living. And opening your own art company will grant you financial stability. So, if you have such plans, Taos will be an excellent place for you. And this guide for artists moving to Taos can also help you. You will learn what to expect once you come there. One thing is for sure. You will have a wonderful place for living. You will be in the middle of the creative community. And most importantly, you will be able to ensure not only your wellbeing but to open some workplaces for Taos’s residents.


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