Reasons you should avoid amateur movers

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    The moving industry has grown a lot in the past few years. More people move every year and that means that there is more work. The problem is that not all people will try to become the best. They will just see to have some work that will be enough for them. Amateurism in moving business is dangerous because you can end up with a lot of consequences. That is the reason why you need to avoid amateur movers. Of course, we are going to explain the exact reasons why you should do it. You should only look for reliable New Mexico moving companies that you can trust. After that, everything should be much smoother!

    Why should you avoid amateur movers? Is it because of the lack of experience?

    • Lack of experience
    • No insurance
    • Bad communication
    • Hidden fees
    • Delays

    Experience is probably the most important thing in moving business. If you have it more, you are going to have more customers. But, how to know whether the company has experience or not? The best way to know this is to read moving reviews. They are written by previous customers of the company you are thinking about hiring. You will have the chance to find out every good and bad side from the angle of the customers. If there are bad reviews, you should start thinking about other choices. You can now see the importance of reviewing moving companies, to avoid making a mistake!

    man signing papers - avoid amateur movers
    Professional movers always offer insurance.

    No insurance

    Having no insurance during the move is a bad thing. Moving insurance keeps you protected in case something bad happens. All professional companies offer insurances to their clients. But, when you go with amateurs, you do not have this protection. You will have to rely on their competence. And it is not that big to start with. You can always go to third parties for insurances but that is not the point. Every reliable moving company wants to offer everything to their customers so that they could build a good reputation!

    Bad communication

    It is very important to have adequate communication during the move. Since you are the one paying for services, you have the full right to ask anything that you want. After all, this may be your first move and you may feel anxious about it. Amateur moving companies usually do not offer a great experience when we talk about communication. Their goal is to get the money, do the job how they know it and that is it. This is all due to the lack of ambition. Ambitious professional moving companies will always do everything so that you could be content. Avoid amateur moving companies and you should not have this kind of experience.

    a woman talking on the phone
    Bad communication is a big no when moving.

    Hidden fees

    We all want to know how much we have to pay for something. Even though you can’t know the precise number when it comes to moving, you will still know the approximate amount. When we talk about amateur movers, there is a higher chance that you will have to pay more than you have anticipated. No one wants this, especially when moving. You should always go with your local movers Santa Fe NM that you can trust. There can always be some fluctuation in price, but it will not be because the company wants to rip you off.

    Beware of low-ball moving quotes

    This is a reason why many people fall into the hands of amateur movers. Besides having to pay some hidden fees, there is one more thing that you should be careful about. Before you hire movers, you will get a moving quote. It will contain the approximate amount of money that you will have to pay. The problem with most amateur movers is that they will try to lure you into doing business with them. This is done by giving you a low price for the move. We would all love to get the best service and pay less. But, that is not the case in the moving business. A much lower price most likely means problems so be sure to avoid amateur movers!


    This can be another problem that you might face if you go with amateur movers. When we talk about professionals, you will get the service you have requested. But, when you have someone that does not have the same principles, you will most likely have a problem. Of course, it does not means that you will actually have a problem with delays. This just means that there is a greater chance that you will face this. Even though you may not have a delay, it is still much better to go with professionals movers that you can trust.

    a stopwatch
    If you go with amateurs, be ready for some delays.

    Professional movers are the best choice for any move!

    The best course of action when moving is to have someone reliable by your side. There are many professional movers Los Alamos NM that are more than good to move you. The most important thing that you get when choosing professionals is peace. You can relax knowing that your belongings will be in the right hands. You know that you are protected in any scenario so you do not have to lose your mind worrying about the move. Even though you will most likely pay more, it is still nothing compared to what could happen to your things in the hands of amateurs!


    As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should avoid amateur movers. Everything will be on the lower level than with any professional, even the inexperienced one. Of course, you should not go just with any professional. There are still big variations in experience a moving company has. The experience will not be the same with any professional moving company so you will have to find the one that will suit your needs. It is not always easy but once you do it, you can relax and let them take care of everything else.

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