Renting storage in Santa Fe during COVID-19 – how to do it?

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    The ongoing pandemic has affected the moving industry as well. Additional measures of precaution are much-needed when moving whether to another city district or across the country. That’s why topics like renting storage in Santa Fe during COVID-19 needs special attention. Your belongings are to be stored until you decide to move them out. Therefore, it’s important to choose one of the best New Mexico moving companies that can provide you with sparkling clean, and disinfected storage. Our team at Santa Fe Moving and Storage makes sure that all storage units are well-maintained and safe for you and your belongings. If you want to know more about our offer, wait no more and give us a call today.

    Be extra careful when renting storage in Santa Fe during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Storage rental during Covid-19 is possible to do safely. However, it’s not a good idea to rush with it. The last you need in the middle of your relocation is to worry about the safety of your belongings. Plus, you will want to avoid irresponsible staff that doesn’t care about your best interest.

    a person wearing protective gloves while cleaning
    Storage units must be sanitized and well-maintained.

    Take your time to research moving services Santa Fe NM companies provide:

    • Write down several local movers Santa Fe NM has on offer or storage providers that have good reviews.
    • Check if they hold all necessary licenses.
    • Make sure the information about the companies can be easily confirmed in online databases.
    • Make a few phone calls and ask about the storage conditions.
    • Schedule in-person meetings. It’s important for you to see the storage before you make a final decision.
    • Ask the company staff about storage maintenance.

    The company you rent storage at should keep their units clean at all times

    Storage hygiene has to be at the highest level. Only professional companies that commit to their work will do their best to ensure their units are squeaky clean and maintained. Such companies, like ours, will regularly clean and disinfect the storage to keep it virus-free. However, it’s better to confirm that the units are disinfected even up to multiple times a day. Also, don’t skip on asking about common touching points like doorknobs. Furthermore, ensure the company’s staff wears protective gloves all the time while working around the storage units.

    a man reading about the companies before Renting storage in Santa Fe during COVID-19
    Make sure to thoroughly research the companies before renting storage in Santa Fe during COVID-19.

    Decide what storage type you need before signing any deal

    Depending on the type of your move, you will need either a short-term or long-term storage lease. If renting short-term, then portable on-site units are perfect and cost-effective. On the other hand, temperature controlled storage Santa Fe NM is most optimal for long-distance relocations.

    If you opt for a portable container then know you’ll have to regularly clean and sanitize the storage space. You should do it before you stuff it with boxes, and afterward. Keep the locks and entrance disinfected as much as necessary.

    Any company that doesn’t fulfill the highest level of storage hygiene during COVID-19 isn’t worth your time

    Keep in mind it’s the company’s responsibility to ensure you and your belongings are safe as much as possible. Therefore, regular storage maintenance is essential and you shouldn’t settle for any less. Therefore, skip on movers and storage providers that don’t care about the sanitation of their units during the ongoing pandemic. Such companies are most likely one of those suspicious schemes that leave you financially drained. Don’t forget that top-notch hygiene is the company’s duty and not the luxury you have to pay for even more than planned.

    Make a plan before renting Santa Fe storage in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic

    Schedule a precise date and time with your chosen moving company or storage provider. Remind them just in case to wear protective gloves and masks at all times. Also, ensure you (and your family) have enough masks and gloves as well. Although the moving crew is prepared ahead, it’s better to remind them of all measures of precaution for you to have peace of mind. In times like these, every detail counts.

    Prepare before the moving crew arrives

    Ensure the stairs, exit, and entrance routes are free of clutter, clean, and sanitized. Keep the doorknobs and other touching points sanitized even multiple times a day. Let your movers know ahead the routes are safe and sanitized.  Next, decide what to wear for your moving day. Sweatpants or other comfortable clothing pieces that are already worn out a bit are an excellent solution. Relocations are messy, therefore it’s best to wear the clothes you aren’t sorry to rip or dispose of later.

    Once the crew comes, open the door and show them where are the boxes. Minimize physical contact and wear a protective mask and gloves all the time.

    Organize your boxes and containers before renting storage in Santa Fe during Covid-19

    After you pack all boxes and containers, make sure to label them with permanent markers. Write specifically what’s inside each box. Use special colors for boxes that contain breakable items. That way the crew will easily recognize the boxes they have to be more careful with. In addition, use benzalkonium chloride disinfectants (Asepsol, for example) to spray the boxes and containers.

    two guys carrying the boxes
    Make sure to label the boxes and spray them with a sanitizer before the movers come.

    Try not to excessively touch stored boxes until you move them out

    Remember that once you put the boxes in storage, it’s not a good idea to unpack them until the move is over. It’s best if you minimize the contact with everybody, including staff. In addition, unpacking the towers of boxes is quite messy. Before renting storage in Santa Fe during COVID-19, make the list of items you will need at some point. Pack them in a designated essentials bag, then deal with the rest of your belongings later. Also, don’t forget to pack a laptop and other gadgets you are using on a daily basis.

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