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    Whether you are an avid camper living out of your mobile home every weekend or just someone who likes to take to the road for a comfortable summer vacation, you need your RV to always be in peak condition. That includes a lot of regular maintenance when you’re using it regularly. But when you’re not driving it out regularly, taking care of your RV means storing it properly. You shouldn’t just leave your RV lying in your back yard. Instead, keep it safe and protected in specialized RV storage Santa Fe NM that storage experts like Pro-Move Logistics can provide you with. We know the right way to treat your RV!

    RV parked in RV storage Santa Fe NM.
    Find the perfect spot to park your RV with us.

    The benefits of choosing RV storage Santa Fe NM

    No matter how much you love taking your RV out for a ride, doing comfortable road trips with your second home right there with you or camping every few days, there will be times when you don’t need your RV for weeks or even months on end. Perhaps you’re busy or the bad weather season is about to start. Either way, your RV will be parked for a while. The question then becomes where you will park it. Some people park their RVs in their own garages or on the street in front of your home. But there are many reasons why you’d want to rent RV storage instead:

    • your neighborhood may have rules against keeping RVs parked for long periods of time
    • a storage unit is a safe place to keep your RV
    • your RV will be kept clean and protected in a storage unit
    • you will still have easy access to your RV if you need it

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    So when you’re looking for the perfect RV storage Santa Fe NM for your RV, rest assured that we have it. You can’t go wrong when you choose our storage services.

    Choose the right type of RV storage Santa Fe NM

    There are several different types of RV storage to choose from:

    • outdoor RV storage: keep your RV at a designated spot in a safe lot, out of the way of your residential home and neighbors; the perfect solution when you’re looking for storage on a budget and aren’t overly concerned with the weather conditions in the area
    • covered RV storage: protect your RV from the elements by parking it in a covered outside lot; ideal for protection from moderately bad weather without being too expensive
    • indoor RV storage: park your RV in a unit for complete protection from the weather and maximum security; a more expensive option that is well worth it for the benefits, especially in areas where bad weather is your main concern

    No option is inherently better than others – you should always choose the type of RV storage you use according to your own needs and priorities.

    RVs parked outside.
    Whether outdoor or indoor storage is right for you depends on what you’re looking for.

    Choose the right size of RV storage Santa Fe NM

    RV storage is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Since RVs come in a variety of sizes, it’s only logical that RV storage does too. RVs tend to fall into three categories by size – classes A, B, and C where class A RVs are the largest. However, even class C RVs can be as much as 30 feet long. So when storing them, you’ll need storage that can comfortably accommodate the type of RV you have without restricting your own movement in and out of the unit. This is usually not a problem with outdoor storage. However, if you’re looking to store your RV indoors, you’ll want to find a company like us – one that offers specialized RV storage. Regular storage units are not normally large enough to accommodate a motorhome.

    Preparing your RV for storage

    Before you can store your RV, especially for longer periods of time, you must first prepare it. The first step will be to thoroughly wash and clean your RV. Then make sure that the motor stays in good condition by lubricating moving parts, changing the oil, topping up the tank, and charging the battery. Don’t forget, however, to disconnect the propane tanks – leaving them connected is a safety hazard. Clean out the inside of the RV too, removing the perishables and pest-proofing it. Finally, cover the entire vehicle with a breathable tarp. Now, your RV is ready to stay in one of our storage units for as long as you need it to.

    Car engine.
    Prepare the engine of your RV for long-term storage.

    Get an estimate for your RV storage Santa Fe NM

    The price of RV storage depends on a number of factors including the size of the unit you need and the type of storage you want. Large indoor units are the most expensive type. You can also pay extra to have them heated or cooled in case you are worried about the temperature. Smaller units will cost you less as will outdoor storage with less protection. So how much should you budget for your RV storage? The best way to find out is to get a free estimate for the specific type of storage you are considering.

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    If you’re ready to park your RV for the season and are looking for the perfect RV storage Santa Fe NM for it, then it’s time to contact us. Our representatives will then help you decide on the best type of storage for your RV and guide you through the process of renting it. Remember: many people like to have a safe space for their RVs in the offseason. So don’t hesitate to get in touch now before someone takes your spot!

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