The ultimate guide to unpacking like a pro

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    With moving comes unpacking. Therefore, after Santa Fe packers and movers ship your furniture, it’s time to unpack. However, it can be exhausting if you do not have a guide or a plan. Therefore, we have prepared for you the ultimate guide to unpacking like a pro. Whether you are unpacking alone or with your family/friends, you will unpack in no time!

    What is the ultimate guide to unpacking like a pro?

    The guide to unpacking like a pro depends on the number of people you are moving in with. If you are moving with your family, they can help you during the unpacking process. However, if you are moving to a college dorm, you will probably need to work more. However, the universal unpacking tips are:

    • Divide the most important boxes
    • Unpack room after room
    • Store other boxes in one room
    A girl carrying boxes after reading the guide to unpacking like a pro
    It’s easier to unpack if you move with your family.

    Divide the most important boxes before unpacking

    When Santa Fe movers ship your boxes, start dividing important boxes from the rest of the furniture. It’s easier to unpack like a pro if you start with the most important pieces of furniture. For example- your bed sheets, towels, and dishes ( spoons, forks, plates, and glasses) are more important than a TV, vacuum, and paintings. The things you use the most should be “the more important” ones. Also, when unpacking you will see whether something is damaged or if you need more of the specific furniture. If you live alone, you will probably do the dividing alone. However, if you live with your family, you can employ your family members.

    Unpack room after room to unpack like a pro

    After you bring your furniture from the temperature controlled storage Santa Fe, you can start unpacking room after room. It’s best to start with the kitchen. The kitchen usually has many electrical devices. For example- fridge, cooler, dishwasher, blender, electrical stove… The bathroom also has many electrical devices, from the washing machine to a dryer and a boiler. Therefore, it’s best to unpack these rooms first. Unpack one room completely, and then pass to the other one. You can unpack the bedrooms, living room, and storage room a bit later since you will not use them immediately. You can even make a checklist and check out everything you’ve unpacked. It will help you if you forget which items you’ve already placed and which haven’t. If you move with your family, you can designate rooms for family members.

    A person cutting open a box
    To unpack as fast as possible, you will need a guide to unpacking like a pro.

    Designate a room for other stuff during unpacking

    You can unpack in one day, but it can be exhausting. It’s crucial to unpack the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. When you unpack these rooms, take a rest. It will help you distress and regain energy. However, if you managed to unpack only these rooms and feel too tired, leave the rest of the unpacking for another day. Even the best workers of moving services Santa Fe NM need rest after a long day of moving furniture. Store the furniture in one specific room to save space and time. For example- store it in a living room. The living room connects to almost every room in a house. It’s also the room you won’t be using the most.

    The ultimate guide to unpacking like a pro

    To sum it up, the ultimate guide to unpacking like a pro suggests that you divide the most crucial stuff, unpack room after room and store other boxes in one room. Taking breaks and relaxing for a while should also be parts of your unpacking journey. In conclusion, with our unpacking tips, you will unpack like a pro in no time!





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