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Ryan Goodman

Ryan Goodman

Tips for packing toys and stuffed animals for your NM move

Last Updated on: 30th October 2023, 12:46 pm

Moving with children is usually pretty hard for most people. Besides having to deal with the move itself, you have to deal with your kids and make them feel safe. It is hard to do. Of course, moving with kids is not all about handling their thought but moving some items of their own. Most kids love toys and stuffed animals and they get quite attached to them. That means that you have to deal with packing toys and stuffed animals for your NM move in the correct way. The easiest solution is to get professional help from movers Taos NM. But, besides having help, there are things that you can and should do when relocating your children’s toys!

Packing toys and stuffed animals for your NM move does not have to be a problem!

This is true if you know what to do. It is very important for you to learn a few tips on how to do this the proper way!

  • Sort everything out
  • Use proper moving boxes
  • Fill the empty spaces
  • Move soft stuffed animals in bags
  • Tape moving boxes firmly
  • Label moving boxes

It is fairly simple and can even be fun.

Use medium-sized moving boxes for packing toys

Sort everything out

Before you go packing, you should sort everything out. There is no point in moving everything because some of the toys are not exciting for your kids anymore. That means that you would just have more work than you would have. The best choice here is to sort everything out and get rid of the toys that your kids are not playing with anymore. You can give them to your friends or even donate them to some children’s hospitals. Also, if you would like to preserve them, or you do not have enough space for storing them at your new place, you can store your children’s toys and use them when the time is right. It is up to you!

Use proper moving boxes

Now that you have selected the toys and stuffed animals that you are going to pack and move, you need to pick the right boxes. People usually fill several boxes ad toys and finish with them. But, there are various toys that have parts that could get damaged during the transport. If you want to avoid your kids crying over this, you should make sure that you preserve them.

You want several medium-sized boxes. You can get them from almost all reliable moving companies. If your children have toys with fragile parts, you want to use plastic wraps to protect them from damage. It should be enough to make your children’s toys protected!

Fill the empty spaces

It is a good thing to wrap toys and protect them this way. But, it may not be enough. There is usually a lot of empty space when packing boxes and you need to fill it. You will fixate the toys in one place and they will not move during the transport. Use whatever you can to do this. You can use towels, old newspapers, plastic wrap, etcPlastic wrap is still the best solution because there are various bubbles filled with air that should compensate for any blow during the move.

Move soft stuffed animals in bags

When packing toys and stuffed animals for your NM move, you do not have to use the same supplies for every toy. That means that there are toys that require special care but some do not. For example, stuffed animals do not require special care and you could pretty much move it however you want. The easiest solution is to use regular bags that you can fill up and be done with it. But, be sure not to place something fragile here because the chances are that it will get damaged or broken.

Tape the boxes properly

Tape moving boxes firmly

If you want to pack stuffed animals and toys for your NM move, you have to seal moving boxes. It is kind of an obvious thing but some people do not do it correctly. It usually results in damages even though they have protected the toys. That is why you should make sure that boxes can’t open during the transport and damage all the toys.

Label the moving boxes

The last thing that you need to do is label moving boxes properly. All moving companies Santa Fe NM will move your thing according to the labels on the boxes. If you have fragile items, fragile toys that require special care, then you should make sure to write it on the boxes. Also, you need to write the content and the room on the box. It is mainly for you so that you could know where to unpack and make the whole process a lot easier!

Label the boxes properly

Hire a moving company to handle the job

Packing toys and stuffed animals for your NM move can be even easier if you let the professionals handle everything. Your job would be to make sure that you have the right people helping you out. Many people make mistakes but that should not be the case. When it comes to moving big and bulky items like pianos, you need someone that specializes in this area. You would need piano movers Santa Fe to handle your relocation. But, when we talk about moving regular things and toys and stuffed animals, you just need movers with the experience that will relocate you without any problems along the way!


Relocation can be problematic when moving with kids. You are required to handle everything and it is not always easy. Your kids will most likely demand you to move all their toys and you will have to oblige. That is why we have presented a couple of great tips on packing toys and stuffed animals for your NM move. They should be enough for you to understand how to do these things and to move toys in the safest way possible. We wish you a nice relocation and no problems with the transport.


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