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    Every family relocation is hard. It is usually much harder than when you are moving alone. It is all because you have many more things to think about. Having small children usually mean a lot of toys just lying around your home. But, now you have to relocate them. Packing toys for transportation is a time-consuming task, especially if your kids have a ton of them. So, before you start making arrangements with movers Taos NM, be sure to learn how to properly prepare toys for relocation!

    Is packing toys for transportation hard?

    As we have mentioned, preparing your kids’ toys for the move can be overwhelming. The toughest thing here is the number of things that you have to move. It is wise to keep some of them out of the moving process. In order to make everything easier, you should definitely include your children in the process. They can be fussy and it can make the move a lot harder. So, be sure to include your kids in the whole process since they will have the feeling of control. Never start this process without your children!

    Obtain the packing supplies

    Having the right packing materials for the move is crucial. You just can’t go without them, even when moving things that are not that fragile, like toys. You want to be as prepared as possible because you want to prevent something unpredicted from happening. Some of the most common things you will need are:

    • cardboard moving boxes
    • plastic bags
    • plastic wraps
    • markers for labeling

    Consult with your children about what toys to pack

    If your kids have a lot of toys, it is not advisable to move all of them. They will create more mess and there will be more things you think about. Also, the weight of your belongings will be much higher and that means that you will pay more for the move, even if you opt for local movers NM. It may seem that local moves are easy but think again. There are a lot of dangers just lying around and waiting for you to make a mistake like this.

    Remove all the water before packing

    When dealing with water guns and other things, you should be careful. It is vital for you to remove all the water because it can spill during transport. The spilled water can create a lot of problems, especially for electronic toys. Also, it can spill over some other electronic devices in the load and you may end up losing some precious equipment.

    Clean toys before packing them for transportation

    When moving, you should do everything that you can for it to go smoothly. That means that you must not procrastinate, not even for the easiest job. One of those jobs is cleaning. If you procrastinate a bit and avoid this before you pack, you will end up with dirt in your new home. Sooner or later, you will have to clean it. It is much better than you do all of these before the move since you are already in the ‘work’ phase!

    a cleaning product - packing toys for transportation
    Remove the dust beforeĀ  packing toys for transportation

    Protect fragile toys

    Fragile toys are the worst for packing because you have to give them special care. You have to make sure that they survive the transport. But, how to do it? We have mentioned that you should get plastic wrap when packing toys for transportation. It is on the list so that you could protect fragile toys. In order to do this, you should wrap the toys several times until you are sure it is enough. Even though it may not seem like it, but it is everything that you should do to protect fragile toys. Nothing more is required.

    Fill the moving boxes

    You should not just put everything in the moving boxes and seal. Since toys are usually from plastic and they are most fragile, doing this will just make things worse. Even a small bump on the road can wreck the toys. Put some crumbles newspaper on the bottom so that you could elevate the toys from the bottom of the box. After that, you can start placing the toys inside. But, be sure to place heavier and bigger toys on the bottom. It is the best way to prevent something bad from happening.

    Always label your boxes before moving

    Before your boxes go to the truck, you need to label your boxes properly. The reason is not regular things that will not break even if you shake them. Most toys are fragile and you do not want something to happen to them. In order to prevent this and let professional movers, like Pro-Move Logistics, that they should pay extra care to these boxes. When you write ‘fragile’ on the boxes, they will not that these boxes need to have a special place in the truck. As you can see, this is a pretty important task so be sure not to avoid it!

    markers in various colors
    Labels moving boxes once you pack the toys

    Not sure about how to pack toys for transportation? Think about hiring professionals

    It is understandable that you do not feel confident in your abilities to prepare toys for transportation. Not too many people move them around. Many professionals like Santa Fe packers and movers offer packing services whose main goal is to prepare you for the road. They will handle everything regarding packing and you will not have to worry about a thing. We understand if you are concerned about the price. But, that is not something that should be of concern. The best moving companies are affordable and you will not have too many problems coming up with a plan.

    a man in the white t-shirt
    Professionals will certainly know how to pack the toys for moving


    Even though packing toys for transportation seems like a pretty easy job, you should slow down and think again. You have to be careful because some toys are fragile and can be pretty expensive. Our goal was to give you an insight on how to handle packing toys for the move. It is not too complicated but you have to do all the tasks so that you could be sure. If you use them all, you can relax knowing that the toys will survive!


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