Tips for storing antique furniture

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    Antique furniture is valuable, sensitive and usually made from wood and leather. Materials that require perfect conditions and good protection if you want them to stay intact while in storage. So, you cannot store it inadequately in a dump basement and hope that it will stay in good condition for very long. For this, you will need to find proper storage space, prepare and pack your furniture the right way, and acquire help from professional Santa Fe movers.  Let’s take a closer look at some tips for storing antique furniture.

    Plan your steps before you start

    So you are planning to store your furniture and you are wondering how to do that properly? To avoid their mistakes start by preparing a plan. Here is how you plan should look like:

    • Go through your items and get rid of the things you do not need.
    • Take measurements and calculate the required storage space size.
    • Find an appropriate facility and rent a storage unit.
    • Prepare packing materials, cleaning and maintenance products, and tools.
    • Prepare your furniture.
    • Disassemble everything that you can.
    • Pack your antique furniture.
    • Call New Mexico long distance movers and have them transport your items to your storage.

    Well, this sounds like a simple task. And it usually is. But it happens more than it should that people do not do this simple task right. Mostly because they didn’t think things through before they started the process.

    A man writing a plan
    You should start with some kind of plan.

    Get rid of the junk

    When people decide to store their antique furniture, most of the time there are a few items that do not belong there. Storing items that are in bad condition, for example, means that you will need to rent a larger self-storage in New Mexico, which means higher cost. Therefore, your first task is to get rid of items that you do not need anymore. Depending on the items you have and their numbers you will have a few available options on how to get rid of them. You could organize a garage sale, sell them to a used furniture retailer or online, you could donate them, or throw them into the trash.

    Calculate the required storage space

    Now that you got rid of the junk you can start working with items that you are planning to preserve. Of course, your first step is to take their measurements and somehow calculate the size of the unit that you will need to rent. Naturally, this can be difficult for someone who is doing this for the first time. So is you have trouble with this you can consult with facility management and ask them to estimate this for you.

    Find an appropriate storage facility for your antique furniture

    Naturally, to be able to consult storage management you need to have a storage facility ready and waiting. Unfortunately, finding an appropriate storage facility could be the biggest challenge that you will face during this process. Especially because, when you are storing antique furniture you need to make absolutely sure that this space has adequate conditions. This means that you will need to visit a storage facility and see conditions with your own eyes before you decide to rent.  You need to pay attention to the overall hygiene of the facility, look for signs of moisture, make sure that they are treating pests properly, and, since you are storing valuable items, make sure that they have proper security. Temperature controlled storage Santa Fe NM is one of the rare facilities that can offer such conditions. So make sure that you check them out before you look further.

    green storage units
    Finding appropriate storage is the most difficult task you will have.

    Prepare packing materials tools and cleaning products

    Now that you have found your storage, it is time to prepare packing materials that will keep your items safe during transport and storage. Of course, what packing supplies you will get depends on the items you have, their size, and whether they can be taken apart or not. If you have larger pieces that cannot be disassembled, then you will need to get moving blankets, a few rolls of bubble plastic, packing tapes. For smaller pieces, you will not need moving blankets and the bubble plastic and packing tape should be enough. Finally, if you have pieces that you will dismantle make sure that you prepare suitable tools, and cleaning products.

    Dismantle your furniture and clean it thoroughly

    Naturally, before you start packing your antique furniture you need to clean it and prepare it for storage. If you can dismantle your furniture pieces do it. That way you will be able to clean it much better. Of course, use the appropriate cleaning product and a microfiber cloth to clean every crevice and corner. Remove the dirt that can affect your furniture’s condition in the long run and use appropriate conditioners to give your items some freshness. Just remember to use appropriate products for every material that you are treating.

    Packing antique furniture

    Now that everything is clean and ready, you can start with packing, Naturally, your goal is to wrap and protect every part of every furniture piece that you have. Do not leave anything unpacked. Wrap your pieces with a few layers of bubble plastic and secure it with packing tape. If the pieces are large use moving blankets to cover them and protect them during transport.

    bubble plastic and scissors
    Bubble plastic and packing tape will be your main packing materials

    Call professional movers for transport

    Finally, when everything is packed, find professional movers, and hire them to transport your items to storage. Of course, you can do this on your own, But then you will need to deal with renting a truck, driving it, and most importantly load and unload everything on your own.  Moreover, you will need to know how to properly load a moving truck. Avoid this by hiring professional movers.

    Storing antique furniture is not a complicated task

    As you can see, storing antique furniture is not a complicated thing but there are a few steps that you need to do to ensure its safety. Hopefully, this article sheds some light on how to do it.

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