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Tips on how to prevent mold in your storage unit

Last Updated on: 30th October 2023, 12:47 pm

Renting a storage unit is a great solution for moving. It can save you space and your time as well. The good thing about it nowadays is that you can rent one without having to pay too much. All you need is to find affordable New Mexico moving companies you can rent units from. But, once you rent it, you need to maintain it and prevent unwanted outcomes like mold. Mold can be a disaster when storing items and you should know how to manage it properly. Learn how to prevent mold in your storage unit and save your items from a disaster!

Prevent mold in your storage unit by following some basic tips

Mold can be pretty persistent once it happens and that is the reason why it is much better to prevent mold at your storage than to have to eradicate it. So, be sure to use these tips!

  • Pack your items adequately
  • Make sure that your items are dry
  • Check for any leaks
  • Absorb moisture
  • Use vapor barrier
  • Rent a proper storage unit

Remember that mold, sometimes, is not even visible at first glance nor are the problems that cause it.

Cracks are perfect for leaks.

Pack your items adequately

One of two things for preventing mold in your storage unit is to prepare your items for storage properly. This does not mean just putting your things in the box but doing everything that you can to avoid mold. You need to pack them in a way that will minimize the risks of attracting mold. One of the main things that increase the chances of attracting mold is humidity. That is why you should never leave your items on the floor. Use some wooden pallets that will elevate your things and protect them. Also, you should consider using plastic boxes because they are much easier to handle.

Make sure that your items are dry

As we have said, humidity is your worst enemy, especially if you want to store long term. Before storing your items, you should make sure that they are completely dry. Of course, most of your things will be but if you have washed something prior to storing, be sure that there is not a drop of water on the item. It could be a big mistake even though it seems like nothing!

Check for any leaks

Before renting a storage unit, you need to make sure that there are not any leaks. Storage units that are located in special facilities usually do not have this kind of problem. On the other hand, if you are renting a different kind of storage unit, you should always check for this. The problem is that the humidity can come from the outside. If you let this happen, you risk mold ruining everything stored. Even though the crack can seem irrelevant, you need to make sure that they are closed. Never let the size of the crack make you believe that you are on the safe side if it is small. Everything is a risk and you should treat it like that!

Absorb moisture and prevent mold in your storage unit

By making sure that you do not have moisture in your storage unit, you are avoiding mold. But, how to do this properly? There are many moisture absorbers that are pretty good for what you need them. One of the best ones that you can use is silica gel. The great thing is that you can find this in almost any hardware store and it is not expensive. Also, it is very good because it can absorb almost 40% of its weight. You can hang this in your storage unit and wait for it to do its job. The only thing that you need to have in mind is that you will need to change it once it does its job with another one. If you avoid this, it would be like you have not done anything at all!

Moisture is your worst enemy

Use vapor barrier

You can avoid mold in your storage unit by using a vapor barrier. Or at least minimizing the risk of it. This is a membrane that should be placed on the warm part of your unit. It practically prevents moisture from coming from the outside. It traps it from the external side and you should be okay. Also, you should place it on the floor since we all know that most moisture actually comes from there. Even though there are other ways to avoid mold, you should still do everything that you can to be completely safe!

Rent a proper storage unit

In order to prevent mold in your storage unit, you need to have a proper one. What we mean by this is that you can do everything else but if your storage unit is not good and does not have good conditions, you are doomed. You should always look for temperature-controlled storage Santa Fe NM because it is a good way to make sure that the conditions will be stable. Of course, you should also look for one where the humidity is not too high.

On the other hand, you may even HAVE to get a climate-controlled storage unit. Most items can be stored in regular storage where you can leave them even for a longer period of time. But some items need climate-controlled storage because they can be completely ruined if you avoid doing this. For example, wooden furniture requires stable conditions because the high humidity can damage and ruin it. Always make sure that you have the right conditions for certain items!

Climate controlled storage unit is a solution for mold!

Of course, even when you decide to opt for renting storage, you will still need to make preparations. If you want your items to remain intact while kept in storage units, you will need to take precautions to make them so. Packing items for storage is a delicate process that requires a very well-thought-out approach. But it is an effort well worth your time and energy, as it will give you peace of mind while your items remain in storage.


Having mold in your storage unit is a disaster! It is something that can damage your thing to the condition where you have to throw them away. You need to prevent mold in your storage unit so that you could use those items again. Even though all this advice is pretty good and practically guarantees that you will be okay, it is still best to find reliable Rio Rancho movers and get a climate-controlled storage unit. It is still the best way to avoid and prevent mold. We hope that it is much clearer what you need to do in order to protect your items from the mold.


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