Top ways to spend a weekend in Santa Fe

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    Not too many people think of Santa Fe when thinking about the perfect weekend. But, the great thing is that there are many things that you can do and have fun. It is not the biggest place in New Mexico, but it has a lot to offer for people that are eager to try new things. So, if you are already looking for the best New Mexico moving companies that will relocate you this week, be sure to learn about the city even before the move. Here are a few things that you can do and spend a weekend in Santa Fe!

    Are there good places for you to stay if you are not moving to Santa Fe?

    Even though this is not the biggest place in the USA, that does not mean that there are no good places for you to stay when visiting this city. Relais & Chateaux is one of the most visited places when people come to see this place. It is an excellent place, especially if you like diversity. Santa Fe is one of a kind place and diversity is really strong here. When it comes to rooms within the hotel, you will have the chance to enjoy Southern and Central Asia decor. You will have to chance to live like that for a couple of days. Of course, if you are already moving to Santa Fe, you will not have to deal with this problem but it is still good to know!

    What are some of the best places in Santa Fe to have dinner?

    As we have mentioned, Santa Fe is all about diversity. That means that you will have the chance to try and enjoy different things. So, this is our choice that you should try out.

    • Dolina
    • Sazon
    • Sassella


    It is not all about fast food, right? Well, you will have the chance to enjoy your weekend in Santa Fe in a much more different fashion. If you like different things, you will also like Dolina. It is a place where you can enjoy the best Eastern European cuisine that you can find. Creamy paprikash or garlic butter, it does not matter. Everything is fresh, everything is delicious and it is a great way to start your weekend in Santa Fe!


    New Mexico is called like this for a reason. There is a big influence of Mexican culture here. Naturally, it also applies to food. As we all know, Mexican food is great and we have all wanted to try it out. Well, if you are up for this, you should pack your bags, get movers Taos NM and come straight to Sazon. It is certainly one of the best Mexican restaurants that you can find, not just in New Mexico. You will be amazed by their taste!

    mexican food on the place - spend a weekend in Santa Fe
    Want traditional Mexican food? It is a good choice if you want to  spend a weekend in Santa Fe


    A newer place but it does not mean that it is not good. We have placed it on this list for one reason. You have the chance to try some of the weirdest things that you can think of. Have you ever thought about a rattlesnake sausage? Well, you have the chance to try it here. No matter whether you are just passing through or you want to move to Santa Fe, do not miss this chance. You will regret it!

    Visit New Mexico History Museum for a better understanding!

    It would be a shame to move to City of Santa Fe without visiting New Mexico History Museum. Why? Well, because Santa Fe has a unique history and you will need some understanding of why some things are like that. It is not easy to move from the northern part of the US to New Mexico. You will experience a culture shock and it is better if you know where you are moving to.

    a building
    Visiting museums are a great way to learn about the place you are in

    Go to Santa Fe galleries to see the unique art

    It is not all about partying. Even though Santa Fe is a great city for this, it does not mean that it has nothing else to offer. Santa Fe has many galleries where you can go on weekends and learn all about its art. One of the best is the Longworth Gallery. It consists of many pretty old pieces of art that you can look at.

    Of course, not all people will be up for this, we understand. But, people that own tasteful and expensive art certainly know how to appreciate this. They know how valuable it is and they understand its worth. That is the reason why you should be pretty careful if you even want to move some of your art with you to Santa Fe. Make sure you use art delivery service Santa Fe and protect your art in the best way possible.

    a gallery
    Some of the best galleries in New Mexico are in Santa Fe

    Be careful when moving to Santa Fe!

    Even though all of these things sound good, making it come true is much harder. Moving to another place, Santa Fe included, can be very hard if you do not know what to do. The great thing is that there are many Rio Rancho movers that you can call and ask for help. They have all the necessary knowledge that you need in order to move easily. Get reliable and working people, pay for their services and think about what to do during the weekend once you actually move.

    Have you decided how you want to spend a weekend in Santa Fe?

    Naturally, we did not put everything on this list. This is just a small reminder that Santa Fe has a lot of things to offer. But, we understand that you want to be prepared because not everybody likes to improvise. So, be sure to check this list. Decide on how you want to spend a weekend in Santa Fe. Once you are there, you can even change things a bit. No matter what way you choose, we hope that you will have a great weekend!


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