Transportation and Storage Services for Interior Designers

Provide your clients with a white-glove service by collaborating with our team on handling all their transportation and storage needs in New Mexico.

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    The ability to go that extra mile for your clients and exceed their expectations is what can take you from just another company to a well-established brand name. And most of the time, a little collaboration with other local businesses can make a lot of difference. Professionals interior design companies have a range of services that they can provide customers with. However, having a clear space to work inside is an essential part of that process. And going out of your way to arrange transportation and storage services for your clients will really leave a lasting impression of a white-glove interior design company. Pro-Move Logistics is a company that is always willing to help out others and build partnerships.

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    Our company offers professional transportation and storage services for interior designers.

    Give your clients the full treatment – from start to end

    As an interior design company, your goal is to provide customers with that dream home that they always wanted. And getting there can not only be a complex process, but it can also be a logistical nightmare. That is why interior design companies need to be able to rely on the expertise of other businesses to help them. As a professional Santa Fe moving and storage company, we can relate to this. After all, moving by itself can invite other services such as cleaning, junk removal, remodeling, realtors, etc.

    With our company to handle the inbound, storage, assembly, and transportation of household items or business inventory as well as the construction materials that an interior designer uses, you can focus solely on the work ahead of you. Let our team handle the grunt work and heavy lifting while you commit to the creative process that is interior design.

    What Pro-Move Logistics can offer you:

    • Coordinating all the furniture, artwork, etc. Interior design companies often deal with multiple manufacturers to put together the perfect mixture of different elements inside a living or office area. And if having to coordinate multiple deliveries wasn’t hard enough, you also need to receive and handle all those deliveries. This is something that our team can do for you. We will receive all deliveries, inspect them, store them, and then deliver them when you need them.
    • Storage. You won’t always have the time to install the new interior design elements on the day of their arrival. And you might not always have the space to put them aside while you prepare the work are for them. With our temperature-controlled storage Santa Fe NM, you will always have that extra room to safeguard different items before installing them into the homes of your clients.
    • Moving. Why would you go through the hardship of hauling furniture, a piano, or artwork from one place to the next by yourself? Our team has years of experience and the skillset to handle all this for you, with the utmost care. With our art delivery service Santa Fe, we can ensure the proper handling of all valuable or sensitive items from one destination to the other as well as inside the property itself.
    • Assembly. Let us take care of the disassembly and reassembly of all those complex and heavy pieces of furniture while you coordinate where what goes and how.

    Lighten your workload as an interior designer with our transportation and storage services

    Regardless of the size or type of the project you are handling, our team can help you lighten the load of the work you have ahead of you. Pro-Move Logistics is a company that has the experience, manpower, and resources to make your job simpler and more efficient. Give us a call today and start building a reputation for your interior design company as a white-glove service provider. We look forward to working side-by-side with you!

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